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Airbnb Paris Hosting Information


What Are the Regulations for AirBnB Paris?

Nearly 90,000 accommodations are listed for Paris intramural on AirBnb. Furnished accommodation only corresponds to the rental of a private room. The objective is to ensure that the owner respects the legal limit of 120 days when it comes to renting a complete accommodation as a main residence. The duration of the rental cannot exceed 120 days per year. A number must appear on your ad when you use the AirBnb platform.

The income generated is taxable and therefore it is imperative to declare it to the tax authorities. Tax obligations are an additional constraint to consider. With AirBnb, you do not need to declare a change of use, the slightest permit or request for authorization. But beware, there are still rules to follow when renting out your main residence short-term via the platform in certain cities and microcities. AirBnB has developed a control system to provide the Paris City Hall with the number of nights for each rented accommodation. AirBnb risks a fine of €12,500 in the event of the absence of registration number and €50,000 if the count of the night counts are not transmitted.


The Guidelines for Short-Term Rentals in Paris

Thousands of Paris homes are still unregistered despite City regulations. The registration allows the authorities to monitor property usage, and when owners and investors break the short-term regulations. It's a simple process designed to keep things nice and easy for those who are playing by the rules. In October 2017, the authorities in Paris put this registration system in place on short-term rentals of entire houses and apartments. It was intended to keep a track on tourism accommodation that was outside of the typical hotel and bed and breakfast business models.

Owners will have to register each property individually. A compensation rule has come into effect for owners converting commercial premises to residential use. Exceptions to the Paris 120-night limit include "bail mobilité" and "temporary work assignments". Use a professional company to let your properties in Paris, such as UpperKey. Let UpperKey take care of every last, little, detail for you. We'll keep a steady flow of guests and tenants, and keep your apartment looking stunning.


The Parisian Market for an Airbnb Concierge Service

An Airbnb concierge service can help you manage your property. Professionals will manage the different aspects of your accommodation. Travelers benefit from a privileged communication in order to be reassured about the future accommodation, but also to be welcomed as it should be when they arrive. If your goal is to completely unload your vacation rental on, opt for a concierge service that provides you with a complete service. It's a great way to free your mind, because you don't have to manage anything - the management will be done remotely and easily.

AirBnB concierge service acts in a similar way to a property management company that will adjust the price of a night's stay according to supply and demand. UpperKey Concierge takes care of cleaning, key delivery, contact management or maintenance.


How to Create a Successful Airbnb in Paris

There are limitations specifically for French Airbnb owners that will affect how much you can make. With laws limiting rental periods, it is important to select the corrrect season to rent out your property. The amount you must pay to the French government will be capped at €23,000. The first thing you need to look at is how much Airbnbs in your category are being rented for,not only in Paris but in your neighbourhood and arrondissement as well. Studying your market will allow you to do more than just compare prices.

Paris property managers can help you become a super host. They understand exactly what users want to see when they get to an Airbnb Paris property. They could even help you with setting up your property to make it more attractive. Hire a professional photographer or rent-a-host to take your photos. Successful hosts are those who are ready to go above and beyond for their guests.

They will offer additional perks such as a complimentary bottle of wine or coffee, board games, movies, video games, and more. Be flexible with check-ins so guests can get to your property when you want.


How Should I Declare My Taxable Airbnb Income?

AirBnB explains everything you need to know with regard to the tax regime applicable on Airbnb. Includes taxable Airbnb income and how to report your Airbnb income based on your profile. Also explains how to maximize your profits and avoid unpleasant surprises from the FISC. The vast majority of profiles on Airbnb are those of owners with less than two properties, and not companies to the large real estate portfolio developed especially for rental on Airbnb. The French tax regime remains the same for both types of profiles, as long as the annual earnings do not exceed 23,000 euros.

Airbnb hosts are required to declare their taxable income from Airbnb rentals. Exclusions for episodic rentals concerning an entire accommodation are slightly different. Income will not be subject to any taxation and is not eligible for social security contributions as long as it does not exceed 305 euros per year. The Micro-BIC regime is the majority in France and replaces the real regime when your taxable Airbnb income exceeds 72,500 euros per year. A law still awaiting a decree proposes the obligation to go through a professional status (affiliation to the RSI) when the income of an owner renting on Airbnb is greater than 23,000 euros.


Everything You Should Know About Paris Airbnb Cleaning

There are very specific rules in this area and it is not strictly speaking the tenant's responsibility to clean. However, the tenant will have to commit to making the house or apartment clean. Cleaning fees can be applied at the time of booking an Airbnb property. If you do the cleaning yourself, you will have to pay about 15 € per booking. If you use a concierge service, you'll be relieving yourself of all the tasks involved in renting a property.

Airbnb cleaning fees are essential to providing an excellent experience for your renters. If you estimate the base price of a night's stay to be €100, you can incorporate the cleaning fee. A guest will not see this until they have determined the check-in and check-out dates. Yet, this will have a significant influence on the final pricing.


A substitute for AirBnb France. Who Are the Rivals to AirBnb?

AirBnB is one of the most popular rental sites in France, but it is not alone. Airbnb has succeeded in shaking up the seasonal rental market. But for some reason unique to you, you may not want to use the platform and so you are looking for a competing Airbnb. is an Airbnb competitor specializing in hotel reservations. Platform is not as intuitive as on Airbnb if you want to focus on seasonal rentals.