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Estimate your rent with UpperKey

Unlock Your Property's Earning Potential: Enjoy Up to 50% Higher Returns with Upperkey as Your Tenant

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Determine your property's rental value

Property Location

What is the average rental income by city?

Discover the average rental income by country, as well as the difference between classic rental and Airbnb income.

Which factors influence your rental income?

Maximizing your rental income hinges on several key factors. From your property's location and size to its amenities and recent renovations, each detail can significantly influence the price you can command on the short-term rental market.

Property Location

A prime location close to popular attractions, restaurants, and transport links can command higher short-term rental rates.

# of Bathrooms

Multiple bathrooms can add convenience for larger groups, potentially allowing for higher rental rates.

Year of Construction

Historic properties have a special appear, while newer ones often have modern amenities and designs that renters find appealing, leading to higher rental rates.

Size of Property

Larger properties can accommodate more guests, potentially increasing the nightly rate for short-term rentals.


Well-furnished properties are more appealing to renters who desire a ready-to-live-in space that feels like home.

Floor Level

Properties on higher floors can offer better views and less noise, which can be a selling point for short-term renters, especially if an elevator is present.

# of Bedrooms

More bedrooms allow for larger groups or families to stay, or offer a home office, which can increase the rental price per night.

Special Amenities

Unique features like a balcony or monument view can enhance a guest's experience, allowing you to charge a premium.

Recent Renovations

Properties that have been recently updated or renovated can command higher prices due to their fresh appeal and modern conveniences for guests.

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