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UpperKey Investment Fund

Invest through the UpperKey Investment Fund and become co-owner of residential properties.

UpperKey offers a simple solution for accessing prime real estate markets that are typically hard to reach, from 80K$ upward.

An UpperKey property consultant will contact you to discuss your property investment goals.

UpperKey provides secure and high-return property investment opportunities

We not only aim to make property investments more secure and less intensive with

rent guarantee insurance, we’ve also simplified the letting and rental processes as much as possible.

Seamless process

UpperKey takes care of the entire process: from property sourcing to Airbnb rental

Guaranteed income

Co-owners receive a direct stream of revenue from reccurring rental income as well as capital gains upon the property sale

Prioritized access

Owners have privileged rights to stay in the properties as well as acquisition rights when the property is divested 


Co-owners have full access to a detailed profile of their properties as well as the performance review of their investments

Generation of Superior Value

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Specific properties:

UpperKey focuses on investments with high rental yield and liquidity

Property sourcing channels:

UpperKey has access to the best exclusive opportunities for investment worldwide


Tenancy management:

Multiple logistic partners and various distribution channels like Airbnb and

Property optimization:

UpperKey takes care of design of comfortable living spaces that are attractive to tenants

Phases of investment:

Our Asset Managers have created a seamless process at each investment stage to ensure guaranteed income and a stress-free investing experience profitable for owners.

UpperKey Investment Fund acquires top-quality properties in Paris, London and other key cities

UpperKey manages the property, handles tenancy, maintenance and collects rent

UpperKey sells properties to earn appreciation in value generated

Investment & Asset Acquisition

Asset Operations & Distribution

Divestment & Capital Return

You invest through UpperKey Investment Fund and become co-owner of residential properties

You receive income from the revenue generated by the rentals

You receive capital gains from the property sales

Have a specific city in mind?

Learn more about the investment process in a city of your choice.


Find your next investment opportunity with the help of UpperKey's Asset Managers

An UpperKey property consultant will contact you to discuss your potential property investment.

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