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Concierge Service For Airbnb and seasonal rentals in Nice: How Does It Work?

Do you own a property in the heart of Paris or in Nice and want to rent it out for a few months a year, maybe during Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix? Why not use an Airbnb concierge service? Find out what the law says about this kind of benefit, how it works and what benefits you can get with short term rentals in the French riviera with the bautiful Promenade des Anglais and the famous Côte d'Azur.

Common apartment types offered to tourists in the city of Paris
Regulations and advantages of concierge service for Airbnb should be considered when planning to start a real estate business.

What is a Concierge?

It is a company that supports the short-term rental management of real estate belonging to other owners. Here, we are talking exclusively about seasonal rentals.

Depending on the needs of the owner, the company can:

- take full care of the rental: it offers a complete service

- take care of part of the rental management: it offers an à la carte service

The management fees charged by the best concierge vary between 20 and 40% of rental income. Their amount depends on the living area, because a property of several square meters is rented more expensive than a small studio. There are also rental costs, which are more expensive in tight markets like Paris. The condition, level of comfort and additional exclusive services offered by the property also influence concierge fees.

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Airbnb Paris concierge services: what does the law say?

This type of seasonal rental is so popular that an Airbnb law has been introduced. It is aimed at all seasonal rentals in general.

As for the Airbnb in Paris, the regulations stipulate that:

- the rental period must not exceed 120 days per year when the rented property is the main residence of the owner.

- If it is an apartment, the co-owner must first see if the co-ownership regulations mention a framework for short-term rental.

- The owner must register the accommodation put up for seasonal rental at the town hall to declare this activity. This text is valid in cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, so Paris is concerned. You will then be provided with a registration number.

- If you are the tenant of your main residence, you cannot rent the accommodation without the written consent of your lessor under penalty of having your lease terminated and, in certain cases, of having damages to pay if the owner complaint.

- If it is a second home, a simple declaration of furnished tourist accommodation with the town hall is sufficient. A registration number can be provided to you if the property is located in a large city like Paris. This type of transaction may be prohibited in certain condominiums, so check with the syndicate of co-owners beforehand.

- A change of use authorization request must be made before entrusting the property to an concierge service in Paris. Note that permission may be granted subject to compensation.

A nice view of a restaurant near an Airbnb rental
Just like in any city, the law supports the concierge services on Airbnb industry to maintain good relationship with business owners and clients.

Concierge service in Paris: how does it work for property owners?

When talking about Airbnb concierge services in Paris, the opinions are often positive. The majority of tenants passing through the capital often use this service because it is simple, practical and remains affordable.

But how does it actually work? For landlords, you should go to a company specializing in rental management, mainly in property management services like Upperkey. You explain your expectations to him, the professional visits your home and then makes you an offer. The latter is established according to the amount of rent in the Parisian district where your property is located and according to the legislation in force. If his offer suits you, a collaboration is concluded.

Through this collaboration, you entrust your property to him so that the service provider can manage the seasonal rental. You can entrust him with the entire project, which relieves you of heavy and time-consuming work.

Thanks to a complete service by UpperKey, you will be able to see the occupancy rate increase over the 120 days of the year which makes you earn more interesting income. If you want to take care of certain tasks, just discuss it with the rental manager and find a compromise.

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In general, a concierge service takes care of:

- The administrative procedure in accordance with the requirements of the Airbnb law

- Check-ins and check-outs

- The search for tenants and especially the selection of the most solvent tenants

- The cleanliness of the premises and the follow-up of the house staff

- Collection of rents and payment of taxes

And of course he makes sure that the accommodation is always occupied (during the 120 days a year), because a maximum occupancy rate is also in his interests. In Paris, this shouldn't be a problem, because the rental market there is tight, especially during the holidays.

Planning of advertising the rental space through online platforms
Appropriate measures should be considered in developing and of course promoting your rental business.

Concierge services in Paris: how does it work for renters?

If you are looking for short-term accommodation to rent in Paris, note that on Upperkey, the opinions on Airbnb apartments are very positive. Thanks to this concierge service, you will quickly find an apartment to rent in a city where the real estate rental market is very tight.

The procedures are also simplified since you book online and you can move in the next day. The accommodations are obviously furnished and you don't have to worry about cleaning in an Airbnb in Paris, as the concierge can offer a housekeeping and laundry service.

It is nevertheless advisable to inquire beforehand, because the additional property management services can change according to the contracts made with the owners. With an Airbnb rental, tenants have more freedom. They have the right to complete and equipped housing. They can shop and cook for themselves so as not to ruin themselves in restaurants.

It is therefore also a way to reduce expenses during a vacation in Paris or a short professional stay in the French capital. We invite you to consult the reviews on Upperkey to discover our customer feedback and let us take care of everything with an excellent service. The comments left also give you good tips so that the rental goes smoothly.


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