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Investment Fund The UpperKey

Sell your property with the help of UpperKey

Our real estate sales experts will be in touch to discuss the next steps to get your property on the market.
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UpperKey provides high-quality support in property sales

We not only aim to make property transcations more secure and less intensive with our experts, we’ve also simplified the sale process as much as possible.

You property sale will be managed by an UpperKey Area Expert 

A dedicated expert

A complete offer

UpperKey takes care of the whole process, from visits to the final offer

Seamless experience

UpperKey provides the highest quality experience with high customer satisfaction

Transparent process

UpperKey's services and fees are transparent and available to the owner at any point of the project

Success Factors for Selling Your Property

Why Professional Property Portfolio Services are a Must for Real Estate Investors

The real estate agency you need

UpperKey's experts facilitate the sale of your property to sell under the best conditions, at the right price.

With our focus on customer satisfaction, we deliver the best services to all our clients

A Relaxed Selling Experience the UpperKey

A relaxed selling experience

UpperKey takes care of the entire process: from handling visits to unexpected situations, allowing you to enjoy your free time.

An expert property sales team the UpperKey

An expert property sales team

From day 1 your assigned agent will work with a team of UpperKey experts to eliminate time consuming tasks and deliver information in real time

We aim to create a satisfying experience for each customer.

UpperKey Rent Estimator FAQ
  • Why use an Airbnb concierge?
    Using an Airbnb concierge provides local and professional support to manage the practical aspects of the rental, offering a hassle-free experience for hosts and guests.
  • What is an Airbnb manager?
    The principle of a manager is to provide a full management service to owners for short-term rental accommodation on Airbnb and other rental platforms. This includes communication with guests, booking management, check-in, housekeeping, prices management, and assistance.
  • What are the disadvantages of using an Airbnb manager?
    The disadvantages of using a manager may include a commission on generated revenue and a loss of control over the management of the type of property that is rented out. However, the benefits of delegating these tasks to professionals may outweigh these disadvantages.
  • Why use an Airbnb manager?
    If you do not have the time or experience to manage your short-term rental property, or if you want to maximize your rental income by optimizing the quality of services offered to your guests. Using a rental concierge service allows short-term owners to benefit from a complete property management service and maximize revenue through high-quality services.
  • How much does an Airbnb manager cost?
    The cost of managing your seasonal rentals depends on the services you choose, and the rates charged by the professional you engage. It is important to carefully research several managers to compare the rates and services.
  • Which Airbnb manager should I choose?
    The choice of a rental concierge expert depends on your needs and preferences. However, it is essential to carefully review the terms of payment before selecting a partner.

Trust UpperKey with your property sales journey. Our expert real estate agents are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and profitable selling experience.

An UpperKey property consultant will contact you to discuss your property needs.

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