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Airbnb Management Malta by UpperKey

Malta Airbnb property management services for Airbnb hosts, making your vacation rental more profitable without hosting responsibilities thanks to guaranteed monthly rent.
Services de Conciergerie Airbnb à Malte

Partner with the best Airbnb management company in Malta!

Our property experts will contact you to explain how we can help you with managing your Airbnb rental in Malta.

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Services de gestion Airbnb à Malte

Airbnb Hosting Services Malta

UpperKey's Airbnb management for hosts provides a range of services to help make hosting more lucrative and enjoyable for Airbnb hosts, including:

Malta Airbnb Listing Management

Curation and marketing of Airbnb listings, local market studies for pricing optimisation and high rent yields, Airbnb registration numbers.

Airbnb Malta Guest Management

Guest vetting, key management, guest communications and 24/7 support, Airbnb SuperHost status with 5-star Airbnb reviews, enforcement of house rules.

Airbnb Property Management Malta

Interior design and staging, equipping property for guest comfort, routine maintenance, professional cleaning and linens, vacation rental property insurance and payment of water, electricity and Internet bills. 

UpperKey can manage your Airbnb rental in Malta on your behalf

UpperKey Airbnb Furnishing Guide

Download UpperKey's Airbnb Malta furnishing guide for free!

 Click here to download the guide 

What is the best furniture for Airbnb in Malta?

Elevate your Airbnb space into a guest favorite by paying attention to the finer details. Our Airbnb furniture guide explores these insights and more:

  • Essential Furnishings: Discover must-have pieces and the best places to procure them.

  • Unified Design: Select and execute a theme that captures travelers' hearts.

  • Smart Space Planning: Optimize space without skimping on style.

  • Function Meets Fashion: Harmonizing durability with elegant design.

  • Local Essence: Integrate touches that offer guests an authentic local experience.

  • Economical Elegance: Achieve a luxurious ambiance without breaking the bank.

Airbnb Management Cleaning Costs

Hosting an Airbnb includes a variety of different costs and fees, such as maintenance, cleaning and management services, which will depend on a variety of factors like location or size of the property. Here is an example of what typical cleaning fees would look like on Airbnb:

0-1 Bedroom apartment

25 €

2-3 Bedroom apartment

45 €

4+ Bedroom apartments

55+ €

Simplify your life as a Malta Airbnb host by using UpperKey's Airbnb management services in Malta

Maximize your Airbnb's profitability

Property Location

One of our property experts will reach out to you to discuss how we can assist you with your Airbnb rental needs.

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