How UpperKey Guaranteed Rent Works

Contact UpperKey to see how much guaranteed monthly rent your property could generate.

In an ever-changing property market,
we provide stability for property owners.

We not only aim to make property investments more secure and less intensive with

rent guarantee insurance, we’ve also simplified the letting and rental processes as much as possible.



Let’s talk

Tell us about your property or portfolio and, if it meets our initial criteria, we can arrange a time to view the property for inspection and a rent estimation.



We make an offer

Once we’ve viewed your property, we’ll make you an offer for up to 3 years of tenancy and full Property Management Services. This is something you won't find with other property companies!



We take care of everything

If you accept our offer and agree terms, we’ll take over the property and manage everything from routine maintenance and cleaning to electricity and gas contracts and more.



You relax

If opting for Guaranteed Rent, after paying you up to 6 months rent upfront, you can look forward to enjoying 100% occupancy while we take care of the property management.


Lease your property to us and let us take care of everything

Property Management London:

+ 44 7782 502628

Property Management Paris:

+ 33 1 87 66 24 32