UpperKey Hotel Management Services

The all-in-one solution for hotel management 

Upperkey signs multi-year fixed leases, as sole tenant in your current properties and development projects, accelerating lease-ups and helping de-risk cash flow.

Owning & operating hotels is complicated. UpperKey is here to help.

Upperkey will sign a multi-year fixed lease as sole tenant, in your current properties and development projects, driving higher profitability and making your life as an owner much easier.


Our Clientèle

  • Solo travelers

  • ​Couples

  • Families

  • Remote workers

  • Long-term renters

  • Business travelers

Our Portfolio

Our Partners

  • Hotel owners

  • Boutique and family office firms

  • Entrepreneurial developers

  • Investors

What makes us different


Full-service hotel management

We are a one-stop shop for all your needs, so you need only one firm to manage your entire investment. We make your life as an owner easier and give you time to focus on what matters – growing your portfolio.


Leasing Agreements

Management mandates

With 100+ properties under management in 2022, Upperkey offers its expertise to hotel property owners through leasing agreements.


Hotel & Guest Operations

Our powerful tools automate middle management and decision making – so early check-in requests & housekeeping schedules are a breeze. The result: low payroll, empowered staff, and happy guests.


Fast & seamless transitions

We can transition the management of any hotel with ease and only a few days’ notice, thanks to our software and efficient operational systems.

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