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Rent your property to UpperKey and forget about rent control.

With UpperKey in Paris, rent control is a non-issue. Avail our free service to estimate your property's ideal rental value.

UpperKey Encadrement des loyers Paris I 2_edited_edited.png

Our real estate agency will contact you to discuss more.

Are you a property owner in Paris in Arrondissements 1-8?

Rent your apartment to us at an uncapped rental price. You'll sign with us a company lease,

not subject to the Paris rent controls, receiving rent every month, even if the apartment is empty.

With more than 12 years of experience in property management in Paris,

we become your corporate tenant and then we rent your property to our clients.

Paris Rent Caps: How Do They Work?

UpperKey has prepared articles to better guide landlords on reference rents in Paris.

Contact UpperKey to estimate your rent in Paris and learn more about rent control in Paris.

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