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Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb Cleaning in Paris

That's it, you've taken the plunge by registering on the Airbnb website. However, you still have many questions about cleaning. You have received seasonal tenants in your home and you may be wondering about cleaning. Indeed, is it a service included by the platform, is it an additional service at your expense or do the tenants have to take care of it?

Cleaning is an important part of renting an apartment.

What are the rules regarding Airbnb cleaning?

Airbnb cleaning is to be checked before the renter makes the reservation. Everything must be clarified from the start to avoid unpleasant surprises.

There are very specific rules in this area and it is not strictly speaking the tenant's responsibility to clean. However, the tenant will have to commit to making the house or apartment clean, which implies a brief cleaning.

But a more thorough Airbnb cleaning will have to be done by an outside service or by you.

If you rent regularly, Airbnb cleaning can become a real chore. It can be a race against time and you need to be vigilant about cleaning the entire property starting with picking up the trash, vacuuming, deep cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

But that's not all, you also have to manage the change of linens and make sure that all the stuff is in order.

Thus, housework is time consuming and it is necessary to hire a housekeeper.

How to apply an Airbnb cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee can perfectly be applied at the time of booking in Paris. This way, guests can be sure that their accommodation will be clean and this is an essential criterion for a regular rental.

To add these fees, simply log into your account and go to the appropriate ad. Then go to the "pricing and availability" section to access the "fees" section. All you have to do is define the amount of the cleaning fees and of course save your changes.

Please note that the fees apply to future reservations and not to those that have already been confirmed or pending.

Why choose a cleaning lady to clean an Airbnb property ?

It is always better to delegate this work to a professional agency, because in this way you will benefit from a smooth organization. But that's not all, you are in full control of your budget, because even if you have to spend money for a service, you will receive in return a huge comfort. You know that your rental will be clean and this is a guarantee of quality for a long term profitability.

This way, you offer the best possible experience to your tenants and of course this will be directly reflected in the bookings.

How much does Airbnb cleaning staff cost?

If you do the cleaning yourself, you will have to pay about 15 € per booking. Be careful, if you have a large property, this rate can double.

If, on the other hand, you entrust the cleaning of an Airbnb property in Paris, it will cost you on average between 30 and 45 euros for a 25 m² studio. The rate climbs to €75 for a 50 m² property and up to €180 for a 120 m² apartment. If you have a house of more than 200 m², the cost of a cleaning service will be between 250 and 300 €.

You can choose to do the cleaning yourself or to pay a cleaning company.

Why use a concierge?

As you can see, Airbnb cleaning fees are not insignificant. However, they are absolutely essential to providing an excellent experience for your renters. Instead of doing the cleaning yourself or looking for a cleaning service, you have the option of getting a turnkey service.

To do this, don't hesitate to consider working with a concierge service like UpperKey. This is a particularly convenient service, as you'll be relieving yourself of all the tasks involved in renting a property. In other words, you don't have to worry about creating listings, making reservations, taking care of the front desk or cleaning up. Every month, you receive income from the performance of your property and you have no worries.

Is it possible to include the Airbnb cleaning fee in the base rate?

To be honest, this is a matter of discretion. It's perfectly fine to separate the cleaning fee from the price of the reservation. But some people don't hesitate to confuse the two. If you estimate the base price of a night's stay to be €100, you can incorporate the cleaning fee and in that case the potential guest will not have to add any additional fees.

For an Airbnb user, this is an incentive to make the reservation. For others, the cleaning fee may seem like a strange practice, because when they book a hotel room, the fee is automatically included in the base rate.

Users may react differently to cleaning costs.

That's why it's a concept to integrate immediately and don't hesitate to consult the Airbnb host guide to learn more.

Vigilance on booking prices in relation to cleaning fees

Be aware that the prices shown in search results systematically incorporate cleaning fees in relation to the base pricing. However, a guest will not see this until they have determined the check-in and check-out dates. Yet, this will have a significant influence on the final pricing. If you adopt a low-price strategy, but with a higher housekeeping fee, you get more views. But the booking rate may drop drastically.

So for true peace of mind, don't hesitate to consider working with a concierge who will take care of all the technical and administrative steps.