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All About Airbnb Regulations in Paris

There are recommendations specific to the city of Pairs regarding tourist rental through Airbnb. Find out today everything you need to know before you can make your property available on the market! There are different scenarios that we will detail so that you can know everything about Airbnb legislation in the city of Paris.

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UpperKey explains the ins and outs of Airbnb rules in Paris for hosts and guests.

Rent your main residence while you are away from home in Paris

Before starting to rent any property on Airbnb, it will be important to understand how to set up the first parameters on the platform. So, in order to get started, you can find out how to rent your first apartment on Airbnb .

Airbnb Regulations in Paris for Property Owners

If you have a main residence in one of the arrondissements of these arrondissements, Airbnb legislation in Paris requires you to meet certain conditions.

Initially, the rented property must remain available for you at least 2/3 of the year. In fact, the full rental over 1 year must be a maximum of 120 days. There are no difficulties in implementing it since the laws implemented this measure in 2019. The Airbnb platform is alert to this legislation and will block your schedule after 120 days.

In order to be able to control this measure at the level of the municipality or the district, you will also have to register your accommodation at the town hall. This is an essential step in the rules put in place by Airbnb accommodation in Paris, because it makes it possible to follow the inventory of fixtures of this count. The process is not very difficult to carry out and can be done online in a few steps.

Airbnb Paris Regulations for Tenants

If you are renting your property, you can sublet your apartment during periods when you are not. Thus, you must first have the agreement of your landlord, but also check that he has done all the steps upstream. Once again, there are rules to respect which are important to take into account. For example, you should not offer the good at a higher price than what you usually pay. It is also important to understand that the Airbnb legislation in Paris regarding subletting only applies to certain social housing. In fact, these situations can happen, but are subject to the regulations on seasonal rentals in the capital. Once again, the 120-day period applies: it is not possible for you to sublet a property for a full year. This situation can however prove to be a good alternative for the owner who has his accommodation rented during periods when his tenant is not there. Moreover, he does not have to do the necessary research to find a person since it is up to the current tenant to find him. Moreover, this can allow him to earn a little money to help him amortize the price of the rent to come: everyone is a winner. You may discover that it is more interesting to buy an Airbnb before renting it out. Discover all the benefits here .

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Before renting out your Parisian home on Airbnb, you should first understand the implications.

Renting out a second home on Airbnb in Paris

The Airbnb regulations in Paris concerning a property that is not your main residence are different in the case of a secondary residence. It is limited by the town halls which try to maintain a constant number of year-round inhabitants. Thus, any property is considered as secondary rental if its main owner lives there less than 8 months in the year. It is therefore possible to understand that a person with several assets can only have one main property. UpperKey experts help you understand everything about the steps to take.

Important steps to follow to Respect Airbnb Rules in Paris

Unlike a primary residence, the Airbnb rules in Paris regarding second home rentals are more complex. You will therefore need to have access to different authorizations such as the change of use with compensation. The city of Paris is seeking to compensate for the loss of the main residence in its municipalities by “buying back” part of the value of the property.

This means that if you choose to rent your property as a seasonal rental, the mayor asks you to pay an amount equivalent to the surface of your property. You will also have to change the destination of your house. Indeed, you will be able to rent it for longer with Airbnb since the property will no longer be considered as a private dwelling, but rather as hotel accommodation. Once again, it will be necessary to register with the town hall of the municipality so that they can follow the changes of people in your house. This registration number is easily to be obtained on the Internet by filling out a form. Although the overall process is longer and more expensive. This accommodation will be subject to the legislation for a seasonal rental in Paris and therefore requires more attention. The properties that you can rent out via Airbnb can bring you more or less significant additional income. There are many other advantages to renting your properties with this platform which you can discover here .

Make available a property that has no residential use

The Airbnb platform is not only designed to rent accommodation, it is also possible to make other properties available, such as commercial premises for example. This is an unusual situation and turns out to be quite complex. However, it remains simpler than if you had a second home in Paris. This is a perfect opportunity to improve the commercial value of your property.

However, this requires large investments since it is generally necessary to transform several parts of the building. Indeed, it must become livable and must for example contain a bathroom and a kitchen. It is therefore difficult to sometimes transform these spaces which could, for example, be used as offices. In fact, you have already obtained the marketability of the property, once it has been transformed, you can therefore rent it all year round without restriction and thus circumvent many of the problems that are found in the rental of a home.

In fact, you will only need to change the destination of the premises and register this accommodation on the town hall's website. This alternative allows you to target another audience on Airbnb: professionals. Thus, there are many advantages to trusting companies for your next rental, discover them here .

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Using an Airbnb concierge service in Paris like UpperKey can make hosting easier.

A point on the money in connection with the provision

It is an investment that you will have to make in order to see if you become a beneficiary. To find out more about the sums to be mobilized, discover this article by following this link . You will be able to find advice written by our UpperKey experts to help you make the right choices in your investments. You can then find the best property to buy or sublet for your next acquisition. Whatever property you may be able to rent, it is important to declare everything you earn through the platform. You must therefore pay social contributions if what you earn exceeds 23,000 euros per year. The rules imposed by Paris are taken into account on Airbnb and the platform manages this taxation and takes what is necessary directly. If you have one or more properties that become profitable, you may also have to pay income tax. In most cases, accommodation that does not exceed 760 euros in earnings per year may be exempt from these charges. Failure to comply with the rules or inability to prove that you have the necessary documents may expose you to penalties. It is a fine that can go up to 10,000 euros depending on the problem. Generally speaking, Airbnb will also tend to monitor your actions to avoid any problems.

Thus, it is possible to notice that the legislation of Paris concerning Airbnb rentals remains simple to understand. Despite this, it is important to look into it before you even make your first investments. Indeed, in order to be able to fully benefit from the property you will have, you will still have to make requests and obtain legal authorizations. These measures can therefore take time and can very quickly inflate your expense report. So remember to seek advice from professionals and learn more before you start!

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