Property Management

Renting a property is quite complex and time consuming. UpperKey simplifies the process for landlords by offering zero cost of property management and high monthly rents guaranteed.

Guaranteed Rent Schemes in Malta
Valletta | Saint Julian's

How Guaranteed Rent in Malta Works



Property Evaluation &
Rent Calculation

We will determine the rental value of your property or portfolio, we will make an offer for up to 3 years of tenancy with 1 year of rent paid upfront.



Our Company Becomes Your Main Tenant in Malta

UpperKey becomes your sole tenant while you get high guarnateed rent. We can then discuss if you prefer a long term rental vs a short term rental.



UpperKey Handles Everything

We offer full Airbnb concierge services without Airbnb property management fees and manage all of the administration for Airbnb regulations in Malta.



Landlords Earn More

While Doing Less

With UpperKey, your property will be in good hands,rented exclusiviely to our vetted clientele of international business travellers and expatriates in Malta.

Ready to earn more rental income for your property in Malta?

We are looking to expand our portfolio in the Maltese islands, looking for new properties in Valletta and San Giljan.

Would you like to learn more about guaranteed rent in Valletta and Airbnb property management in Saint Julian's? Visit our blog and find out everything you need to know how to find a trustworthy tenant in Malta.

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