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Top Alternative to Airbnb in France: Explore Competing Rental Platforms

Airbnb is now a key player across the planet. Vacation rental or business travelers - all people know what Airbnb is about. But for some reason unique to you, you may not want to use the platform and so you are looking for a competing Airbnb. Know that there are many alternatives, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is up to you to make your own choice in relation to your objectives. So what alternative Airbnb France can you find?

Alternative accommodation options to Airbnb highlighted
Explore Alternatives: Discover Competing Airbnb Options in France.

Why Airbnb remains the leader in the vacation rental market?

Before looking at the possible alternatives, it is important to understand what made the Airbnb platform so successful . Over the past 10 years, this has certainly been one of the most important economic phenomena. Airbnb has succeeded in shaking up the seasonal rental market and many individuals and professionals do not hesitate to move towards this market to rent an apartment or a house.

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But the economic model also remains very advantageous for people having problems making ends meet or for travel addicts.

Illustration showcasing cost-effective lodging choices for travelers on a budget in France
Economically Friendly: Alternatives Benefiting Travel Enthusiasts and Budget-Conscious Individuals in France.

Apatment rental with airbnb | Vacation rental properties

Airbnb - main economic model

Today, Airbnb is a historic player in the market with an economic model that appeals to both owners and renters. With its particularly attractive pricing policy and its seniority, Airbnb quite simply remains the leading platform on the market. Moreover, the name of the company is invited into everyday language.

Symbolizing its leading position in the market and widespread recognition
Airbnb: A Historic Market Leader with an Irresistible Economic Model.

Planning next trip? Check all airbnb alternatives

Airbnb reassures its customers

Beyond its not inconsiderable notoriety, Airbnb was entirely designed for the well-being of its users. That's why a pleasant and efficient design has been developed for both travelers and owners. Even if you are not a computer savvy person, it will be very easy for you to reserve or rent out your property.

Illustration showcasing a user-friendly interface for both travelers and property owners on Airbnb
User-Centric Design: Airbnb's Effortless Experience for Travelers and Property Owners.

Best option for budget travelers? | Airbnb alternatives

Always available

Moreover, if you have the slightest problem, customer service is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, if you have the slightest concern, you know exactly who to turn to. It is therefore a reference economic model for owners and rental companies.

But it happens in some cases that you do not want to use this platform and therefore you are looking for a similar Airbnb.

Don't worry, it's still perfectly possible and we'll explain everything to you.

Emphasizing Airbnb's round-the-clock support
24/7 Support: Airbnb's Reliable Customer Service for a Smooth Experience. a major competitor

It is an Airbnb competitor specializing in hotel reservations. In this regard, Booking .com is a real reference, because hotel reservations are its main offer. But faced with the success of seasonal rentals, the company decided to tackle it by using its notoriety.

The least we can say is that the success remains there, because has real know-how in the matter.

Representing its expertise in hotel and seasonal rental bookings Your Trusted Competitor to Airbnb for Hotel and Seasonal Rentals.

Airbnb alternative | vaction rental with

Platform progress

For the moment, the platform is not as intuitive as on Airbnb if you want to focus on seasonal rentals. But a lot of progress has been made in order to improve the ergonomics of the site. The objective is to facilitate navigation and make it much more fluid, as on the model of its direct competitor Airbnb.

It is true that the customer experience of the Dutch company is not yet at the level of its competitor. But rest assured, this is gradually changing and is learning from its mistakes.

Enhance site ergonomics for a smoother user experience
Enhancing User Experience:'s Journey to Improve Seasonal Rentals Navigation.

Vacation rental | airbnb alternative

Money and commisions

In terms of commissions, it amounts to 13% for a privileged referencing. A price obviously much higher compared to Airbnb which only posts a commission of 3%.

Even if the offer of the platform is not yet up to par with its competitor, the gaps are gradually being reduced and the seasonal rental offer will evolve positively in the coming months and years. This is why it is wise to take a very close look at this platform.

Illustration showing the percentage comparison of commissions between and Airbnb for seasonal rentals
Commission Comparison: Understanding's Advantages for Seasonal Rentals.

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Abritel: a French-style Airbnb

If you're looking for competitors to Airbnb, you might take a closer look at the HomeAway platform. Moreover, the site is regularly compared to Airbnb. Its existence is not new, because the company was founded in 2002. Its notoriety gradually developed to the point of being bought by the HomeAway network.

Highlighting its long-standing presence as an Airbnb competitor
HomeAway vs. Airbnb: A Regularly Compared Vacation Rental Platform.

Local alternatives to airbnb | Local host

Better customer experience

In comparison with the American giant, the platform remains particularly intuitive and definitely oriented towards the customer experience. Such a result is then possible thanks to the implementation of an ergonomic design. Once again, if you are not familiar with online booking or property rental, you will discover an extremely easy turnkey service. Efficiency is there, but you should know that the remuneration system remains very different from its competitor Airbnb.

Emphasizing its focus on customer experience
Hassle-Free Turnkey Service: HomeAway Simplifies Online Booking and Property Rental.

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Arbitel`s commision offer

Although there is a commission-based offer similar to the American giant, the fees are higher because they are around 8% on a simple reservation. Nevertheless, Abritel has decided to play the difference card by setting up a second offer. This works like a subscription with a variable duration.

Illustration featuring the Abritel logo and two different offers, showcasing its unique approach
Playing the Difference Card: Abritel's Unique Offerings for Property Owners.

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Subscription model

If you are interested in renting your accommodation throughout the year, it is sometimes wise to opt for this subscription for €249 each year.

This is a perfectly reasonable price, especially if you have a property that is particularly in demand. This is why Abritel is a solid and credible alternative to Airbnb. Subscriptions remain much more profitable for long-term rental.

Illustration featuring long-term rental benefits through Abritel's subscription option
Maximize Profits: Abritel's Yearly Subscription Offers for Long-Term Rentals.

Why not choose the UpperKey Concierge?

Is your goal to rent out your main residence or your secondary residence? So rather than hesitating between different online platforms like Airbnb or its competitors, you can directly trust a concierge . Indeed, UpperKey offers turnkey management and will take care of absolutely everything for you.

Symbolizing stress-free rental management
Stress-Free Rental Management with UpperKey Concierge Service.

Best rental companies | alternatives to airbnb

Do not waste your time

For you, it's a concern at least, because not only do you not have to choose one or more platforms, but you also don't have time to waste on writing your ad and on the production of professional photos.

The selection of travelers is done directly via the UpperKey concierge service with an assistance service seven days a week. This is an absolutely complete offer that will bring you many benefits with a team dedicated to your well-being.

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Comprehensive service and simplicity - UpperKey

If owners love UpperKey, it's because they go directly to property management professionals. All tenants are checked with great care and the concierge makes sure to avoid any damage to your property. You are thus much more serene and you are certain to benefit from a guaranteed rent . Working with UpperKey means avoiding stressful situations and freeing up time to focus on your favorite activities.

So do not hesitate to form your own opinion by consulting a competitor to Airbnb.

Mentioning UpperKey as an Airbnb competitor
Rigorous Tenant Screening: UpperKey's Commitment to Property Protection.

Best search engine around the world | UpperKey

Discover Morning Croissant

Morning Croissant is a start-up that was created in 2011. Audacity is already required in order to tackle a very competitive market. But the least we can say is that the company's idea has been rewarded, because today more than 20,000 housing units are listed in France.

The seasonal rental platform is a real success and today we can say that it is a real competitor to Airbnb.

Symbolizing its success in the seasonal rental market
Morning Croissant: A Rising Star in the Competitive Market of Seasonal Rentals.

Short term rentals | sites like airbnb

Development of services. More is better

However, its emergence is explained by a different niche compared to other seasonal rental players. It is not only a question of offering properties for tourist rental, but also of making furnished properties available all year round.

It must be said that the sector is currently changing and it will be possible for you as the owner to rent your property for a year or just one night on the platform. You therefore have no risk and no particular constraint.

Illustration displaying furnished properties available year-round on Morning Croissant
Morning Croissant: A Unique Niche in the Evolving Seasonal Rental Market.

How to find airbnb alternative for apartment rentals?

Another advantage and not the least, a particularly interesting commission. This is also one of Morning Croissant's main arguments. The percentage will be 15% with a maximum ceiling of €479. Although it may seem high at first glance, the price remains very attractive compared to real estate agencies for a medium or long term rental search.

Risks and challanges

But as a landlord, you have some questions about the risk of unpaid rent and some damage that can unfortunately be done to your apartment.

Don't worry either, because Morning Croissant has its own insurance. This is why it was important to mention it, because it is an innovative player, but an Airbnb competitor that you must obviously consider if you have a property to rent on French territory.

How to choose the best competitor Airbnb?

As you can see, there are many alternatives to Airbnb. You could sometimes be confused by the diversity of the offer and not know which platform to choose.

So take the time to compare and clearly define your objective. But what is certain is that a concierge remains unquestionably the choice of reliability and security, especially since the various administrative and technical procedures will be directly managed by the professional. In this regard, do not hesitate to visit the UpperKey site to find out more.

Property listings and guest rewievs

If we are talking about portals and sites like airbnb we should also mention rewiev portals. You can find there opinion of many places posted on airbnb and other sites. The best example here would be a TripAdvisor vacation rentals.

Image showcasing the TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals logo and positive reviews from travelers
Discover TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals: A Trusted Review Portal for Travelers.

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