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How to Market Your Vacation Rental Property & Improve the List Appeal

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The first crucial action a vacation rentals host must take is to create a property listing. Since vacation rental owners have gained the trust (build trust has an important role) of countless tourists over the years and continue to be some of the most popular platforms like Booking for those wishing to rent an ideal place to stay on vacation, a vacation rental website can be one or two of the finest methods to do this if you own property. In fact, iRenting, one of the most well-liked models, receives over 90% of bookings made through vacation rental properties sites.

Here are some recommendations from UpperKey to bear in mind if you want to establish your first listing or are seeking for new methods to enhance your existing listing and obtain a large number of more bookings and direct bookings.

Illustration of a handshake symbolizing trust with guests.
Build Trust with Guests: Gain trust by providing accurate information, high-quality photos, and responsive communication.

Illustration of a vacation rental listing with beautiful images
Create a Stunning Listing: Craft a compelling listing with captivating descriptions and eye-catching images of your vacation rental property.

First things to Put in Your Listing and how to market your vacation rental property

Your listing's contents will provide prospective visitors a better idea of what to expect during their stay with you.

Whether you provide long-term leases, short-term leases, or both should be made clear. You could also wish to give prospective customers further clarification on what a long-term lease entails. If you are renting out a single room or the complete house, be sure to describe what kind of property you are offering. Additionally, you should put a geographical pin so that potential visitors can quickly see what amenities, attractions, board games, best restaurants that accept also credit card, and other points of interest are nearby and make sure it is apparent how many people may comfortably be accommodated in the home at one time. Describe any extras your vacation rentals offers, such self-check-in, free parking, and anything else. Finish out your ad by giving a thorough listing description of the property.

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Don't stop with the essentials; get inventive and give your visitors more details about the kind of experience they may anticipate when they stay at your vacation rental.

Illustration of a beach scene and local market to represent the vacation experience
Paint a Picture of the Experience: Describe the unique experiences and attractions nearby, from stunning beaches to charming local markets.

Take and post excellent pictures and videos

It's crucial for potential guests and past guests (some from gen z) to be able to visualise their stay in the house, regardless of how well your short-term rental is described. And frequently, another way, a better way for them to achieve this is by viewing some fantastic property images.

Taking appealing images with a vacation rental brand for your vacation rental listing in the different listing sites is not difficult to do yourself, and many property owners even use their smartphones to post them. Services like an Airbnb property manager Paris may assist with this. Any pictures you take of the great place have to reflect the personality and design of the house.

Many vacation rental managers also use automated and dynamic pricing tools that leverage algorithms to help you maximize profitability, but it is not everything. Like vacation rental marketers, marketing your vacation with a great tool hand in hand with the ideal guests and targeted audience is when you make contast contact for the relevant keywords taking advantage of a free guide and other websites gaining a wider audience who want to find accomodation and leaving positive reviews.

Consider adding a few finishing touches before shooting images to emphasise the cosy and homey atmosphere of your vacation rental, such as scatter cushions and throw blankets on the sofa or fluffy robes hung in the bathroom. Adding flowers to your vacation rental can also offer a splash of colour and improve the high quality photos, in fact if you hire a professional photographer taking photos is the secret ingredient for the ultimate vacation rental advertising. It should go without saying that the pictures you shoot ought to be of a good calibre and adhere to a consistent aesthetic.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video tours speak volumes. Making a virtual tour of your property might be a great way and maybe the best way to increase bookings and repeat bookings.

Illustration of a laptop with targeted marketing and relevant keywords
Capture the Essence of Your Vacation Rental: Stunning images of the property create a lasting impression for potential guests.

Clarify the house rules

The majority of visitors anticipate that they will have to accept certain laws or rules before renting a vacation home. This is particularly true in the Proptech sector, where a lot of reliance is placed on visitors to check themselves in and take care of the vacation rental while they are there. It's a good idea to include your policies and rules in property listings so that visitors will be aware of what is expected of them before deciding to make a reservation.

You might wish to specify things like if you allow dogs, whether a deposit is needed, whether visitors are permitted while a guest is staying with you, and your check-in and check-out times.

Vacation rental listing with clear policies and rules for guests
Clear Policies for a Smooth Stay: Outline your rules and expectations in the vacation rental listing to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests.

Image of a vacation rental with a pet-friendly policy and a happy dog
Pet-Friendly Getaway: Let guests know if you welcome furry friends and if there's a deposit required for their stay.

Highlighting Features

When searching for the ideal rental property on a search engine optimization or other search engines like Holidu (Europe), the majority of travellers have specific criteria in mind; therefore, it's important to use your digital marketing, vacation rental marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, other marketing stragies, find relevant content marketing and use social media marketing with other online marketing talents when constructing your eye catching listing and gain more visibility with your online presence.

The first step is to decide who your ideal target customer and potential customers are. Create your unique selling propositions (USPs) that will likely entice these visitors to make a reservation once you have a better understanding of the kind of individual who might like to visit and stay at your hotel.

If your market share is successful business travellers, for instance, these visitors would probably want a location to stay that includes a relaxing workspace and a dependable Wi-Fi connection. Families, on the other hand, will look for accommodations that are kid-friendly, while staycationers who arrive by car will value free parking.

The major selling qualities that are most likely to appeal to your target guest should be highlighted in your vacation rental description, titles, and images once you have identified who they are.

Be Up Front About the Drawbacks

The last thing you want is for visitors to arrive and be disappointed because they haven't got all the important information or feel that some aspects have been misrepresented. It can be tempting to solely concentrate on all the advantages of your vacation rental property to make it stand out from the competition.

As vacation rental hosts, it's critical to be open and honest about any drawbacks that can affect more guests at the property, such as its location in a popular tourist area or the fact that it's an older building. Being honest might help you effectively attract the correct visitors for the vacation rental, but keep in mind that what can be negatives to many guests may be positives for others loyal followers.

For instance, most people may intentionally seek out lodging in a bustling tourist area because they enjoy nightlife and want to take advantage of the area's busiest areas, while others may prefer a more tranquil setting with the help of a vacation rental software.

Vintage vacation rental with unique architectural details
Embrace Uniqueness: Some guests value older buildings with character and charm. Be open about your vacation rental's distinctive features.

Keep your prices current.

It's a good idea to adjust your pricing to take into account a variety of circumstances, such as seasonality, market swings, or local events, to maximise the value of your home. By optimising your price approach, this will assist you in generating the most income possible.

Excellent marketing strategies that can be a game changer to get more initial online bookings from your listing is to add special discounts or special offers for your first prospective guests in the hospitality industry. Discounted rental listings will frequently appear higher in search results on many booking platforms, which can help you get off to a better start and get more traction. Additionally, you might provide weekly or monthly discounts to entice visitors to remain at your establishment longer.

It is crucial to be open and honest about your nightly rate, any early or late booking discounts like Airbnb, and the length of your stay. You should also regularly update these prices to reflect changes in the market, the right time of year, and other important factors.

Set Your Own Rules

Once your listing is complete, it's time to add the pertinent policies.

Your cancellation policy is one of the most crucial things to provide. A good cancellation policy will ensure that you are not missing out by guests cancelling at the last-minute. A flexible cancellation policy is a tempting choice to guests but will also protect you.

For example, you may wish to indicate that guests can cancel for free up until a specific time, after which they will need to pay per click or pay all of the cost of the booking to guarantee that you do not lose out. It’s also important to add policies for any extra charges or fees that your loyal guests should be aware of. You may charge an additional fee for any extra guests, or a security deposit that is taken when guests begin their stay at the property and refunded upon checkout providing that there is no damage or additional cleaning required. A security deposit shouldn’t be any more than twenty percent of the cost of the booking, as any higher could put potential guests off from booking your vacation rental.

Cancellation policy sign with clear terms and conditions
Cancellation Peace of Mind: A well-defined cancellation policy protects both hosts and guests, ensuring a fair and worry-free booking experience.

Guests reading a vacation rental cancellation policy
Flexibility and Security: Strike a balance with a cancellation policy that offers guest flexibility while safeguarding your rental income.

Promoting Your Rental Listing

Once your listing sites are complete, you can make it more appealing by listing it on social media platform and asking for feedback. Along with getting feedback, sharing your listing on first social media platforms and multiple platforms in order to reach faster the target audience with beautiful images and hight quality photos from a professional photographer or google ads with paid advertising instead of traditional media with great pictures gives you the chance to get it out to a wider target audience.

Many rental property owners who are just starting out with short- or long-term holiday lets will often have their friends and family as their first customers, and with this you can get started as they will be able to recommend your listing to others. Along with posting your listing on your personal profile, you might also want to consider setting up a business page and social media pages for your property and successfull business. You can then use this to link to your listing on the various holiday rental sites like Airbnb that you use, and to connect with potential guests, answer questions, and build relationships.

With more and more people using social media and holiday rental sites to email list a property available for guests to stay in short- or long-term, it’s important for best results to know how you can make your rental listing more appealing in order for guests and previous guests to have a great time. By being transparent with information, adding professional photos, offering discounts, and more, you can attract more of your target guests to book.


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