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PropTech Will Ensure Property Owners a Successful Rental

There are many opportunities ahead for individuals who are willing to embrace these upheavals in the property management and hospitality sectors, which have experienced considerable operational changes in recent years. Every area of our life has transformed as a result of technology in ways we could never have predicted. Property owners would greatly benefit from embracing this digital transformation by putting new, efficient procedures in place and earning bigger incentives for working smarter—not longer or harder. In order to have a successful year, UpperKey outlines how property owners can adopt PropTech solutions.

person holding smart phone with property technology applications looking at a house
Property technology is the key to a successful vacation rental according to UpperKey

Hospitality and property management PropTech

Describe PropTech. Property technology describes how the real estate sector has been altered by digital technology. The system is no longer plagued by time-consuming, difficult processes. The way we rent our properties and manage their conditions is being continuously streamlined by a variety of modern technologies, including virtual home tours, smart contracts, online property guides, automated services and maintenance, and so much more.

Property owners are conserving critical resources, like time and money, while increasing earnings with a totally new level of efficiency by implementing iRenting and prop tech processes. Hearing about artificial intelligence can be disconcerting for people who are hesitant to accept these changes and are accustomed to doing things the traditional way. Homeowners can have their cake and eat it too if they follow the necessary procedures and collaborate with the appropriate parties!

While you unwind and enjoy the benefits, your iRental companion handles all the work.

For most landlords, success entails finding a long-term renter for a property and reaping the benefits of passive rental income. Today, especially in highly sought-after places, there are many options to take advantage of higher by utilizing short and mid-term stays. The maintenance of each property to draw the best visitors, as well as a constant requirement for service, handovers, marketing, contracts, and reaching the occupancy rates that allow for such earnings, are all necessary for maximizing revenues.

cell phone with a key coming out of it next to a laptop and notebook
With UpperKey's concierge services, you'll have an iRenting companion giving guaranteed rent, stress-free

The PropTech solution to issues facing property owners is iRenting.

A new kind of cooperation between the property owner and the property management company is created by the iRenting model. Traditional property management companies operated on a share of the revenue and frequently forced owners to participate in maintenance and upkeep. There was no guarantee that the managers would meet the goals they set in order to generate the potential profit they predicted.

Because of this, iRenting is a gift that keeps on giving for landlords.

Rent that is assured for the duration of each leasing agreement

Property managers don't merely advertise rental properties and find renters for them in iRenting. They take on the role of the landlord's tenant, depositing a certain rent each month directly into your account. Property managers then have to strategically situate renters within in order to turn a profit. By using iRenting property management, almost all landlords earn more money than they would under a normal long-term lease while avoiding the hassle of finding and overseeing renters.

One of many benefits is a consistent income.

iRentals wants to maximize a rental property's profit, therefore it provides guests with a pleasant stay in a tidy flat. No detail is overlooked. Each home is tastefully decorated and built to accommodate its high-caliber occupants. For the duration of the contract, the property receives a total makeover and ongoing maintenance to keep it looking and functioning like new.

Then, to sell the property in its best light and draw the greatest visitors, apartments are expertly photographed and virtual tours are produced. All properties receive routine maintenance and cleaning. These are only a few of the advantages in addition to a fixed monthly rent that applies regardless of the number of occupants in the building.

How can short-term rentals be successful if they require a lot of work?

In addition to having a sizable network of qualified clients available for placement, UpperKey also has a well-organized system that minimizes work hours. The technology really shines in this situation. iRental functions because of its extraordinarily effective, efficient processes. If every work were carried out manually, there wouldn't be enough time in the day to do everything that needed to be done, especially if there were multiple short-term rental properties under management.

The system may be made efficient enough to provide superior service for all parties involved, including the visitors, homeowners, and property managers, as well as a profit to cover all expenses, by automating every process and employing artificial intelligence to manage transactions, bookings, and more.

Person drawing a city on a screen with a city scape in lights in the background
Property technology will continue to develop and simplify the property management world in the years to come.

The benefits of iRenting for your visitors

Efficiency has increased as a result of recent automations and advances in the property management industry. They run on sophisticated digital platforms that hasten the booking process and quickly arrange visitors in apartments:

· To ensure the quality of visitors and their suitability for the property, prospective tenants are checked.

· Digital reservation management enables safe and quick transactions.

· Automated and contactless check-ins are available, and digital key codes are provided within an hour.

· Online automatic cleaning and maintenance routines

· Tenants can view virtual property tours to get a better idea of what to expect when they arrive.

· Personalized digital guides gather all pertinent data in one location, including Wi-Fi passwords and streaming account information, as well as instruction manuals and movies for each appliance in the home.

Additionally, visitors have the option of accessing information about the neighborhood to find the top eateries, stores, entertainment options, nearby pharmacies, and pet or childcare services.

In terms of administration, clients can also download invoices, schedule extra cleanings, report problems, ask for maintenance interventions, and look at other houses in nearby neighborhoods if they want to extend their stay in a different location.