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The Rise and Rise of Proptech

They say that change is inevitable. Well, it’s not just inevitable—it’s already happening. We live in a world where the impact of information technology adoption has disrupted all manner of other industries, and at breakneck speeds. It’s happening all around us, changing the way every one of us lives our lives, whether we can see it happening, and feel its impact directly, or not.

If you’re running a business or a company, and you’re one of those people with your head in the sand, then sadly, you’re going to get left behind. And, if your business is part of the real estate industry, it could be sooner than you think.

Within the property and real estate industry, change is rife—and the name of that change is Proptech. Property owners - forget about traditional real estate, new uk proptech companies are paving the way in proptech industry.

Embracing technological advancements in the real estate sector
Shaping the future of the property and real estate industry.

Commercial real estate is changing. Property managers get ready

Property Tech industries

Proptech, it doesn’t take a genius to work out, is an acronym of property and technology. This fast-growing trend is the result of a digital generation streamlining, advancing, and in many cases, outright replacing existing soon-to-be out-dated existing systems. Entrepreneurs are seeing profitability in the creation of new startups, where they can offer services to help their community. The diversity of these real estate companies and their ability to rethink property is giving a new energy to the financial sector.

Revolutionizing real estate with the power of technology and entrepreneurship
From outdated to cutting-edge Proptech's transformation of the real estate industry.

Property tech | real estate industry

What is Proptech?

Most simply put, it’s the wider digital transformation of the property industry and whole residential real estate markets. Yet what does that mean for us? Well, with new information technology introduced to replace old systems in the central place using mobile applications which connect directly and save time, the industry is more efficient. That efficiency makes life better for consumers on every level.

Transforming real estate to digitalization benefits consumers
Enhancing consumer experience through digital innovation.

Artificial intelligence for Real Estate Industry

For everyone in the industry—builders, developers, property owners, renters, real estate agents, and more—they can expect everything to be bigger, better, faster, and cheaper; wherever they turn, and in just about everything they do. On top of that, consumers want everything at their fingertips; it’s almost expected in the current climate, and with the least amount of fuss and stress possible. The property industry is no exception.

For these changes to become a virtual reality, the only thing that’s going to make them happen is technology. And changing it is.

However, it’s not just the tech that matters. It’s the people behind it. Too many existing players are buried in their old ways. It’s the new wave of excited and energetic forward-thinkers that have all the skills and knowledge for the job. They’re ready to prove what they can do, to mentality change the face of not just this industry, but also of the world we live in.

Proptech also defines the businesses that are making the biggest waves.

Proptech Startups

Proptech is also the phrase to define the multitude of new business startups addressing the areas of the industry they know they can advance.

These new businesses, their products and models, are the new wave of tech industries providing the change in each sector directly impacting property and real estate. There are several sectors impacting the umbrella of Proptech industries:

Proptech covers all of the real estate startups.

Contech is the wave of new smart businesses impacting construction management.

Fintech startups are changing the way each of those operations moves money around—safer, faster and more efficiently than ever.

Then there’s all the Smart Real Estate—tech-laden developments creating intelligent buildings and cities.

Safe, swift, and efficient for startups revolutionizing money movement operations
A multisectoral disruption in property and real estate.

New technologies | Real estate businesses invest

If you aren’t sure how much faith and hope the financers have in these new businesses, just take a look at the massive interest they’ve shown so far. At the beginning of the previous decade, property investment in real estate technology was relatively low. By 2016 the figures had grown from $221M to £2,666M.

And today? Billions of dollars are invested in hundreds of startups. It wouldn’t be happening if those real estate investors didn’t believe in the projected returns they plan to scoop from these growing opportunities.

As this new real estate sector of the industry finds its feet, more of its key players will become household names. Over time, they’ll become part of everyday life, proptech companies and real estate software will get bigger and so far, these are a few of the more outstanding operations to impact the industry and to have significantly changed the way it operates.

  • Compass – a network of real estate professionals

  • Homelink – a Chinese real estate portal

  • SMS Assist – a property management and repairs service tool

  • Opendoor – developed an algorithm to people buy and sell homes online

  • Zillow – rental property management

  • The Guarantors – rental property management

  • TenX – real estate sales

  • Purplebricks – real estate sales

  • VTS – commercial real estate

  • Habiteo – real estate development

It’s the US real estate market that has seen the most funding over the past decade, with 57% of the total global investment. Not so hot on their heels are Spain and the UK with 12.4% and 10.8% respectively. Whatever and wherever the figures are highest, the growth over the past 10 years isn’t merely a fad—it’s a sign of how the world is changing, and what we can expect more of in the future. These new integrated platforms offer automated services for properties, for everyone from the buyer to property owners, the real estate agent to the notary. They are helping to solve problems like buy-to-let mortgages, commercial property valuation, mortgage payment, data sharing and more.

The rise of integrated platforms in real estate and property services
Real estate investment growth as a reflection of a changing world.

Real estate market is changing | Prop tech industry

Proptech set to streamline every point of the process

Which businesses should be worried? Well, the ones that think they’re safe to keep operating as they are.

There isn’t a single point in the construction to real estate chain that couldn’t benefit from streamlining and improvement. Most of the functions in key areas are considered dinosaurs, waiting to be improved by the new tech-wizards with all the answers in a computing platform.

  • Construction (Contech)

  • Development

  • Buying

  • Selling

  • Renting

  • Leasing

  • Financing (Fintech)

  • Moving

In any of these areas, there’s room for creativity and property technology to address the way they work, rebuilding the worst of them from the ground up.

Innovating across the real estate spectrum with Proptech
Rebuilding from the ground up. Embracing property technology to transform the industry.

Real estate companies are ready for property technology industry

Proptech Technologies

Currently heralded as being in the middle of the fourth Industrial Revolution—this is the era of automation and digital process. What are these selling processes that are changing the face of the world? The following are the key areas that are creating the most change. And why shouldn’t they impact the way we build, buy, and sell houses, homes, and commercial properties?

High-speed connectivity, mobile access technology, and cloud computing have opened up the opportunity for agents and vendors. Yet it’s the science that has opened the gateways for the prominent minds to create such new systems.

Artificial intelligence

AI is everywhere, and when it comes to inter-connectivity, it’s AI that’s going to enhance the experience. Your interaction with the software these ‘life upgrades’ bring will be made simpler and more straightforward, the smarter the systems become.

Automated processes provide faster, more efficient results. Computing platform robots perform roles 24/7 without breaks and delivered precisely when required, instead of becoming lost in a queue of consumers, each waiting their turn.

Big data

The data gathered by the connectivity of our devices, tools, and equipment, is used in the decisions involved with building, retail spaces, real estate tools, and systems. Big data is huge. It provides the information we use to build our new, streamlined solutions.

Leveraging big data to drive streamlined solutions in real estate
Harnessing the power of data in real estate decision-making.

Commercial real estate | Big Data

Internet of things

The Internet of Things is responsible for the way that our devices and appliances are slowly becoming interconnected, via the Internet. From now on, sensors in everything from your lighting, heating, white goods, cars, TVs, and more, create more data and control over the things we use each day. The data allows for better planning and production—the fingertip control of all of our devices, accounts, and operations, is a consumer dream-come-true.


Blockchain is best known as the system behind cryptocurrency. It’s an incredibly secure and almost immediate system that lends itself perfectly to the transfer of documents, agreements, contracts, and finances.

Blockchain technology transforms document transfer and financial systems
The power of blockchain. Securing and streamlining document and financial transactions.

Will blockchain will be an everyday occurance for real estate agent

Augmented and virtual reality

Interactive property viewings—available as walk-throughs for buildings or renovations still in the design process—have become commonplace, especially with architects and designers. Being able to view a property from thousands of miles away, delivers a quality of service to agents and vendors whose customers expect far more than a few photographs and a floor plan.

It’s also a great tool to get investors on board, having them witness the final product at the beginning of the process.

Interactive Viewings as a powerful tool for agents, vendors, and investors
The future of property viewing. Interactive walk-throughs redefine the customer experience.

Virtual property tours | Future for your rental income

Project management and property development software

The connection of a team of suppliers, constructors, investors, managers, and more, to all be on the same page as and when issues arise or positive actions happen, is easier than ever with digital management tools. The same goes for agents, vendors, buyers, and sellers, who can each update the progress of sales and negotiations, at any point, and from anywhere.

3D printing

Not only can 3D models be produced to the finest and most accurate detail, but specialist building components and parts are manufactured as one-offs, where production in such small numbers would once have created problems.

3D printing's impact on construction and production processes
Digital tools facilitating seamless communication and tracking.

Future smart homes? Start with 3D printing

Proptech hardware

It’s not solely the software that’s driving such colossal change. Technology is growing in every area of the industry, and the hardware available is ever-pushing boundaries. Constant advancement, not only in control and delivery but the design and development of new materials and practices, are all part of the Proptech movement.

  • Lighting, heating and home systems components and controls.

  • Monitoring energy consumption, tracking, maintenance, and repair.

  • Drone use for site detailing, monitoring, and planning.

  • Cranes connected to the Internet of Things provide data, improving onsite safety.

  • Automated housekeeping, cleaning tools and facilities.

  • Smart paving, roads, and footways.

  • Smart bricks that keep pace with climate changes and temperature control.

  • Energy-efficient self-cleaning glass panels and windows.

  • Energy use and eco-systems.

  • Development and creation of advanced building materials.

  • Provision of more abundant and lower-cost materials.

  • Transport and assembly.

Proptech Opportunities

As an investment opportunity, it’s worth understanding that the real estate market is the largest asset in the world.

The property industry contributes $3.5 trillion to the US GDP. $1.3 trillion of existing homes transact every year, which generates around $66 billion in commissions for real estate brokers.

With such extensive figures on the table, it’s easy to see why investors worldwide, would like a big slice of that particular cake. Whether they choose to invest in construction, the property market, or in creating more streamlined systems to manage an antiquated rental market—there’s a line of profit for innovation at every juncture.

The key area, however, that shouldn’t be overlooked, is the talent taking hold of poorly functioning areas of the industry, developing new methods, and delivering far superior operations.

Whatever technologies are available, it’s these hands that they’re in that are most important. Living in a generation of high-achievers, rule and record-breakers, change is coming, and for most, it’s for the better.

For those failing to engage, sadly, they’re heading to fall by the wayside. Unless of course, the smart-thinkers snap up those dying entities, and with their wisdom and new ideas, bring them back from the dead to garner the returns they deserve.

Adapting to thrive in a generation of high-achievers
Revitalizing the real estate landscape through smart-thinking and fresh ideas.

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