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A List Property as Property Owners. How to do it.

If you are the proud owner of a property name or the manager of a set of properties, you know full well that there are several ways to promote the property setup or properties in the travel industry. By multiplying the different distribution channels, it is then possible to attract many potential customers.

However, you are aware that broadcast channels have advantages and disadvantages as well as their own promotion system. These are concepts that must be taken into consideration.

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Why use platform and the mobile apps as a Property owner? A List Property

The company behind is unquestionably one of the most popular travel agencies in the world. It must be said that in the field, it is a real reference, because it has more than 25 years of experience. It is also a reliable service provider on which you will be able to rely in order to obtain greater visibility for your property. But to achieve such a reputation, Booking has been able to guarantee its users many advantages:

  • If an incident or problem occurs, the Booking platform remains accessible seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

  • When your ad has been validated by the site, it will appear directly in the main search engines like Google or Bing. In addition, the compatibility remains total with a search on mobile.

  • In order to filter your customers, you set up your own rental criteria and these are particularly powerful filters to ensure the sustainability of your residence.

  • Even for long-term use, you do not need to go through the contract box. In other words, it is a particularly convenient option to terminate Booking services at your convenience.

  • Unlike some travel agencies who do not hesitate to apply additional fees to travellers, this specificity will not be present on Booking.

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You should also know that practices instant booking and the cancellation policy, if you are new to A feature allowing travelers looking for an high season rental to book instantly. But on your side, the traveler does not wait for your approval, from the moment all the criteria are respected, the reservation will be effective immediately.

Without any intervention on your part, the reservation calendar with an easily update will be automatically updated. This is a certain flexibility, appreciated by some owners but not by others, preferring to consult the customer's profile before confirming or not the reservation.

If on your side you wish to move towards peace of mind on a reservation, do not hesitate to contact our UpperKey service . Indeed, we remain specialized in seasonal rentals and we will provide you with a team of experts who will be keen to partner help you with the administrative and marketing procedures.

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The extranet for owners is easy to use with straighforward registration and support.

Is it complex to use the platform?

Although the Booking platform has many features that can attract guests, be aware that its use remains extremely simple for potential guests. All you need to do is understand how it works.

How does the instant booking channel work?

As seen above, instant booking is not an option, but an obligation on the platform. From the moment potential guests is looking for a seasonal rental, they may very well come across your accommodation if it meets these criteria. After viewing your ad, the person has an automatic reservation. She doesn't need to wait for any confirmation from you.

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However, you will be able to refuse the tenant, but in this case you must bear the cancellation costs. Another element to take into consideration is the price difference between your accommodation and the new accommodation found by the client. The delta must imperatively be compensated in addition to the cancellation fees.

This is why it is absolutely essential to correctly configure the various filters to attract only the customers that will suit you. This will allow you to have a certain serenity and durability at the time of booking, but also to avoid incurring additional costs. Avoid also double bookings.

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How does the Booking site commission work? How much is it?

Unsurprisingly, sites specializing in the field apply a commission. For Booking, this invoicing does not concern the traveler, but only the owners. Its amount will be defined by a set of factors, including the place of residence. Expect a percentage between 10 and 15.

The good news is that the commission only applies when booking. When your ad is put online, there is not the slightest invoicing and if unfortunately your property does not meet with the expected success, you have not paid a penny.

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What is the extranet?

My owner Booking partner community account is a necessary first step in order to register on this platform. Indeed, if you want to get started,you will want to add information that will be requested from you in relation to your identity and in relation to the nature of the rented property. Once this various basic information has been transmitted, your Booking owner account must be validated by a specific team. This will ensure that the various information is not incorrect and then you will receive a confirmation email.

When your profile has been validated as well as the establishment concerned, you can use the login basic information used previously to access the extranet. Behind this term simply hides an administrator dashboard.

The connection interface can be done on your computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. A simple Internet connection is enough and the management of your activity is carried out 24 hours a day and seven days a week. From the extranet, you will consult your dashboard indicating the payment information, the prices of your establishment, its availabilities. with of course the opportunity to modify all this information.

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Booking owner connection: how does it work?

Now that you know how to create your owner Booking account, all you have to do is access it using the extranet.

Don't worry, the process is once again extremely simple by using the specific page .

You access it from your computer or your telephone and the connection is made by entering your user name via the email address indicated at the time of your registration. Regarding the password, it is obviously the element that you defined beforehand.

By default, the property on language will be the one you use on your browser, but you have the option to switch language from a long list of available ones..

Thank you for giving a try.

Validate your account

Don't worry when it's your first connection from a device, Booking has provided security for your owner account. In order to validate your authentication, three possibilities:

  • First, you receive an automatic call in the form of a phone call in order to receive a six-digit code. It will be this element that must be indicated on the extranet in order to validate your connection.

  • If you do not want to receive phone calls, sending an SMS remains perfectly valid. Once again you will need to enter this six-digit code on your extranet.

  • If you have the Pulse app, then the verification code can be sent from that app.

The lack of confirmation from you is not in itself problematic, if you want to make a connection later. However, if you absolutely want to access your Booking owner account from the extranet, you must enter the code indicated.

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