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Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an Airbnb Plus Host: Tips and Strategies

Airbnb has made it simpler than ever for visitors to look for a place to stay from Los Angeles to Sydney, whether at home or abroad, while iRenting and Proptech become more and more popular ways to rent out or locate a place to stay in. It works with hosts who advertise residences in cities, the countryside, and everything in between. The app has taken off and become quite popular as a means to stay in homes rented out by locals instead of generic hotels. No matter where they stay, guests will take advantage of Airbnb's ease and round-the-clock support.

Airbnb app icon with world map in the background
Discover the World with Airbnb: From Los Angeles to Sydney, Airbnb offers a wide range of unique and local stays for travelers worldwide.

What is special Airbnb listings for entire home or private room

Some tourists are still afraid to use Airbnb and book a home rather than a hotel, though. They might seek extra assurance that they will have everything they need during their stay or that the furnished rental will appear exactly as described in the advertising.

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Airbnb has introduced a new program, Airbnb Plus, to assist guests feel more at ease and to increase reservations for home owners who are considering short leases. Anyone with an Airbnb license number and an Airbnb registration number is qualified for Airbnb Plus, including Paris-based property management companies and residents of rural communities. Continue reading to learn more from the Upperkey.

Representing enhanced guest experience
Introducing Airbnb Plus: A new program by Airbnb to enhance guest experience and boost reservations for short-term rental hosts.

Airbnb Plus Description

A specific area of Airbnb is referred to as Airbnb Plus. Listings must adhere to high standards for design, features, and amenities in order to be included here. Additionally, any Airbnb Plus host must continuously deliver an outstanding experience for each visitor in addition to upholding a high star rating. Additionally, all this Airbnb properties must have simple self-check-in via a keypad or key lock box. The Airbnb Plus customer service team gives them priority assistance to deliver an even more deluxe experience.

Representing high standards
Welcome to Airbnb Plus: An exclusive area on Airbnb for listings that meet high standards in design, features, and amenities.

Plus Hosts, Plus Service, Plus Program | Airbnb Plus Program waiting for you

What Airbnb Plus Visitors Can Expect

Your guests will find it as simple as possible to utilize Airbnb. All they have to do is enter their desired location on the Airbnb website or mobile app. Any Airbnb Plus listings are then displayed on the results page with more prominence. There are various things that visitors might anticipate when they opt to view a special Airbnb property. First off, compared to standard listings, Airbnb Plus listings are anticipated to offer more information and more images of the home. Potential guests may quickly distinguish Airbnb Plus listings from the rest thanks to the "Plus" badge.

Showcasing its elevated status
Discover the Plus Badge: The 'Plus' badge distinguishes Airbnb Plus listings, indicating a higher standard of design and amenities.

Great reviews of superhost status | Plus Search is always better

How to List Your Property as Airbnb Plus for Hosts

Knowing how Airbnb Plus functions for users may encourage you as a host to advertise your property under this category to take advantage of the extra perks. Building greater trust with your guests and gaining more reservations for your hotel may be made much easier with more prominent listings in search results pages and a trust indicator in the shape of the extra badge.

Your property must adhere to all requirements in order to become an Airbnb Plus host. A specific set of amenities and a star rating of no less than 4.8 are two highly objective requirements that your resort must meet. Others, however, are more objective, such as the necessity of owning a home with great interior design and quality. If you're unsure whether your property will satisfy this condition, it would be a good idea to look at several Airbnb properties that are comparable to yours and, if necessary, do some redecorating.

Representing the requirements for Airbnb Plus
Striving for Excellence: Aim for a 4.8-star rating and specific amenities to qualify as an Airbnb Plus host.

Great interior design, new photos, all with personal touches is a must for a Plus

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no application process to join Airbnb Plus. Airbnb will ask you to join it if you meet the qualifications and they believe that your property is a good candidate once you have registered on Airbnb or are paying the Airbnb management fee for your new hospitality business. As long as the prerequisites are satisfied, all types of properties are eligible for Airbnb Plus. If your house is particularly clean, attractively constructed, allows self-check-in, and has a stellar reputation, you have a good chance of getting accepted. So what happens after you accept an Airbnb invitation?

Showcasing a seamless process
Join Airbnb Plus and elevate your property to a new level of excellence! No application process required.

Sign up for Airbnb Plus.

Once you accept an Airbnb invitation, you must accept a specific set of agreements and sign up for the Plus program. The agreement stipulates that you will only accept bookings for visitors to stay at your property through your own website or Airbnb. You must update your Airbnb calendar availability and remove your listing from other booking platforms. A non-refundable, one-time fee is additionally required to cover the price of the house inspection, report, and photoshoot that are necessary for all Plus properties.

Symbolizing acceptance of the Airbnb Plus program agreements
Embrace the Airbnb Plus program! Accept the agreements and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Find great rewievs and sweet interior design thanks to this program

Plan a Home Inspection

Once you accept Airbnb's offer, they will visit your house to see entire place and to make sure it complies with all Plus requirements and take expert images to highlight its greatest qualities. When getting ready for your inspection, consult the Airbnb Plus Home Checklist. You will be guided through each step you must take to ensure that your house is approved for the Plus program, including the amenities you must have, design advice, and upkeep standards.

Representing the inspection process
Ready for inspection! Airbnb experts will visit your home to ensure it meets all Plus requirements.

Plus will make great reviews and attention | will your place qualify ?

Someone from Airbnb will visit your house for the inspection and evaluate it using this checklist. If anything falls short of the need, you will have an opportunity to make the necessary changes, so don't panic if you don't meet every criterion. Since this is a very thorough examination that won't skip a beat, it's a good idea to engage in a professional deep clean for the property beforehand.

Change anything that's necessary

Following the inspection of your home, Airbnb will email you a property report detailing any improvements that must be performed before you can sign up for the Plus program. This can include information about what has to be fixed, cleaned, or what amenities you'll need to add in order to qualify. You can occasionally be asked to make adjustments to the layout or furnishings of your home. After making the necessary adjustments, send Airbnb pictures of the finished product. Your listing will be upgraded to an Airbnb Plus listing and you can start hosting guests if the adjustments are accepted.

Symbolizing feedback for Airbnb Plus qualification
Your property report is here! Airbnb provides valuable feedback for your home's Plus eligibility.

FAQs about Airbnb Plus

Here are some frequently asked queries that both hosts and guests have concerning these specialized listings now that you are more familiar with how Airbnb Plus functions for both sides.

Where is Airbnb Plus available?

Whether you are a guest or thinking about staying in an Airbnb property, Airbnb Plus is accessible in more than 100 locations worldwide, primarily in major cities. In many more cities, including New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Milan, Sydney, Melbourne, Austin, Cape Town, Rome, Shanghai, and many more, you may find Airbnb Plus rentals or apply to have your property listed on the Airbnb Plus list.

When will Airbnb Plus be available in my area?

Currently, not all areas can use Airbnb Plus. But every day, Airbnb adds more cities and regions to this program's global reach. You will be informed and invited to sign up if Airbnb plans to launch Plus in your area and you think your home would be a suitable fit.

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What Are the Fundamental Conditions for Airbnb Plus?

There are no unique prerequisites for visitors to use Airbnb Plus. All you need to make a reservation as a guest is a valid account in good standing and the approval of a Plus host. There are standards that hosts must adhere to in terms of hygiene, design, check-in, and amenities.

What do Users of Airbnb Plus Pay?

Most of the time, bookings by guests don't result in extra income for Airbnb Plus hosts. With a Plus badge, though, you could discover that you can boost your pricing a little because travelers are frequently ready to pay more for a place to stay if they are confident that it has adhered to strict criteria.

Symbolizing increased earnings for hosts
Boost your earnings with Airbnb Plus! Guests are willing to pay more for a premium stay.

Fast wifi, good checkout procedures, extra clean house | Plus criteria

When staying in an Airbnb Plus property, visitors must pay the nightly rate, a service charge, and any applicable local taxes. Additionally, you might charge visitors a fee for cleaning or a security deposit. Although most Plus hosts don't charge extra for their top-notch accommodations, the fact that your listing will be more noticeable on the results page and has a trust symbol like the Plus badge usually means that you can fill your calendar more quickly because guests are more likely to choose a Plus property over a regular one for the guaranteed exceptional experience.

Is only Superhosts eligible for Airbnb Plus?

While having the title of an Airbnb Superhost can increase your chances of receiving an invitation, it is not a requirement for participation in Plus. It is possible to join Plus without being a Superhost or to become a Superhost without joining Airbnb Plus because the Superhost program is based more on hosting skills than property characteristics.

Guests can view the best Airbnb-selected houses through the Airbnb Plus program. You'll have a better chance of getting accepted into this program if you meet the requirements for cleaning and upkeep, have a beautiful property, use self-check-in, have wonderful amenities, and have a good reputation.

Symbolizing an improved pricing strategy
Upgrade your pricing strategy! Airbnb Plus badge attracts guests willing to pay more.

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