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Maximise your rental income!

Maximize Your Returns with Short-Term Apartment Rentals: Essential Tips and Strategies

Of all real estate investments, Short term rental properties are an excellent investment! The monthly gain can be multiplied by renting a residence or an apartment through a combination of short medium -term and short-term vacation rentals. For the same period of occupancy, owners can receive double or even triple the standard monthly rent.

Unlock the potential and maximize your real estate returns
Short-term rentals doubling or tripling your monthly gains in real sstate investment.

Signing an agreement is always a must for better acknowledgement
Thrive in vacation rentals without the hassle of property management.

For All Vacation rental Property Owners | Many Property Managers

A profitable and ultra-flexible business, yet very restrictive! Vacation rentals property booking management service is no easy task. It commits your time to the search for new long term tenants and the residential property and maintenance issues. So, how can you prosper without having to worry about Short term rentals property management?

Who should you entrust with the short let management of your apartment?

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Several short let Airbnb property management solutions are available to landlords who want to start a Short term rental business. If you own a residence in a tourist region, a property long term lettings management company will take a close interest in your property. This company will ensure that you make a good turnover on your investment. It will also be the one who will take care of the reservations.

Let a professional property management company handle your Airbnb
Effortless property management for landlords.

Short term rental property management | Property managers

Short term rental management

Airbnb property management companies will also rent out its services in Short term rentals property management. However, it will allocate a significant cost to the professional management services of your residence due to maintenance and repair costs using a professional photography. You can also contact a Airbnb management companies to benefit from the same services.

You can count on them to publish regular announcements and ensure the maintenance of your apartment. Airbnb management services can be offered to you for remote Short term rentals. With all these options, you will be spared the constraints of rental management. Nevertheless, the associated charges can depreciate the profitability of your investment

 Let Professionals handle maintenance and marketing
Efficient Airbnb property management by unlocking convenience for short-term rentals.

Understanding the relationship between charges and investment returns in Airbnb management
Analyzing the impact of charges on investment returns in Airbnb management services.

Vacation rental property managers | lease agreement

Demanding and time consuming

It is, nonetheless, possible for you to take in hand the rental management of your apartment, but it remains a very demanding job. In addition, seasonal rental offers saturate the market. There is no guarantee that you will find a tenant. The periods of rental void period will, thus, distort the value of your monthly income.

Market saturation and tenant uncertainty. Factors affecting rental void periods and income stability.

Short term rental management | example

Short term apartment rentals: how to proceed?

The day to day management is an innovative formula reducing to nothing all the constraints of a Short term and long term rentals property management services. It allows you to build up an income without the inconveniences of a rental property management services. Moreover, it is the most comfortable option if you own several real estate assets and do not have the time to take care of them personally. This is what Upperkey best Airbnb management company offers its clients: a tailor-made Airbnb management service for investing in vacation rental properties without the constraints of management.

Exploring Upperkey's offerings for stress-free property management
Discover the comfort of day-to-day management with Upperkey.

Optimizing real estateinvestments
Exploring the benefits of day-to-day management services for short-term and long-term rentals.

Self manage or performance reports? | Great service

Top property management companies

In concrete terms, Upperkey will rent out your residence. To do so, it will sign a rental contract with you for a fixed term. Once the lease is signed, Upperkey will immediately pay you a deposit of up to six months’ rent. Through this contract, you grant us the seasonal rental of your property, so that we can make your investment profitable.

It is a Property letting management method where you will no longer have problems with rental void periods. Whether the rental property management software has found tenants for your apartments or not, its commitment is firm as soon as the contract is signed.

Exploring the benefits of seasonal rental contracts for property investments
Upperkey's concrete approach to renting out your residence.

Understanding the firm contractual assurance of rental property management
The benefits of a solid rental property management method.

High level management | Platforms like UpperKey

What are the Costs?

More efficient than a vacation rental property manager, the property managed by a company will supervise the maintenance and enhancement of your property. On average, these rental property management costs are estimated at 20 to 25% of the rent. However, the agency will cover maintenance and energy bills. Therefore, such a concept of Short term rentals property management can only be synonymous with a very advantageous investment.

The value of efficient rental property management services
Understanding the financial impact of rental property management costs.

Know how much cost for a rental property
The cost-effective choice comparing property management companies to vacation rental managers.

Additional expenses | Fixed Income generated

Valid reasons for delegating the management of short term rentals in London

Although a seasonal rental is more profitable than a long-term lease, you must have understood that rental property management is demanding.

Now you know how to delegate the management of short term rentals in London. Among them, the Property letting management expert has highlighted the advantages of lease-management. Indeed, this option in Short term rentals property management has real advantages.

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1- No more need to prospect

Attracting new clients is a full-time job. The work can be unsuccessful, despite your efforts in prospecting. With Upperkey, publishing ads and making more bookings is an integral part of the management of short term rentals in London. You can, therefore, be completely free of it.

Upperkey simplifies attracting new clients for short-term rentals
Embracing the convenience of Upperkey's all-inclusive management services.

Understanding and planning the schedule to make it manageable
Make the most of your Airbnb property with professional management.

Don`t worry about marketing and pricing strategy, prospects or guest screening

2- Great flexibility

With a rental property management company, you can personalize the lease by setting the seasonal rental schedule. A rental can be scheduled only for the periods when your apartment is available. This can be during the summer or when you are away from home. With rental property management, it is even possible to make your Airbnb property profitable before it is sold thanks to a fixed-term rental.

Tailor your rental schedule
Seasonal scheduling made easy with a property management company.

With effortless, peace of mind, and profitable investments
Profitability beyond peak seasons. Secure your investment with professional property management.

Short term property management | Less effort

3- A guaranteed rent and monthly rental income

Off-peak periods reduce turnover. However, by renting your property to a rental property management service company, your investment is profitable even if there is a rental void period.

4- Taking a full charge of rental property management

The rental management company takes care of the various logistical aspects of Short rentals. Indeed, its core business remains the concierge service. This way, you can free yourself from the constraints of apartment rental property management and move on to other occupations. It ensures the reception of the tenants, the inventory of fixtures, the laundry facilities, the professional cleaning laundry and cleaning cost, housekeeping services, house rules and the property maintenance.

5- Much Increased profitability of your property

It goes without saying that a seasonal rental is a lucrative investment compared to a classic lease and Airbnb offers. Moreover, by instructing a rental management firm, you will be able to test various more profitable options.

Besides, the possibility of re-letting your apartment by making a mix of a medium rentals and short term rental management will optimise the price of the rent offered to property owners by this rental management company. As a bonus, the rental conditions of your apartment are fixed before the signature of the contract. You will therefore have no unpleasant surprises throughout the duration of your lease.

How to benefit from a property rental management offer?

A Short term rental management Company , like Upperkey, has a digital platform, accessible anywhere. Thanks to ubérisation, geographical distance is eliminated. All subscription procedures are carried out online and you benefit from total transparency on the terms of the contract.

Instead of publishing ads on Airbnb, your request for a holiday rental will be studied. You will immediately get an estimate of the rent of your property. Depending on your geographical position, the value of your property and its investment possibilities, the rental property management company will determine the rent.

After the negotiations, the signature of the contract and the handing over of the keys, you will be able to charge the rent. Upperkey will then pay you the corresponding amount. This way, you won’t have to worry about occupancy. At the end of the lease, Upperkey may suggest that you renew the contract if you wish to continue your business. It’s a simple way to take advantage of Short term lets and free yourself from rental property management.

Discover the convenience and freedom of short-term letting with Upperkey

Stress free access to your rental management
Anywhere access, transparent Convenience. Embrace the digital revolution of short-term rental management with Upperkey

Property management system | comprehensive service

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