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Ultimate Guide: How Works for Property Owners

When you are a property manager or owner of real estate, you no doubt have multiple channels to promote your home and thus attract potential customers. In addition, each distribution channel has its own advantages and promotion system.

But know that with you will enjoy many advantages on a very intuitive booking platform for owners.

The advantages of using as an intuitive booking platform with many benefits for owners offers property managers and real estate owners numerous advantages for promoting their homes.

Put You House Rules Around The World. Use what is it?

This is a platform that was founded in Amsterdam in 1996. Today it is a global network with an excellent reputation. Indeed, it is possible to use the website in more than 40 languages and each week an average of 4.5 million reservations are made among the 29 million advertisements on the platform.

What are the advantages of the platform for a landlord? is an online travel agency specialist with over 25 years of experience in the field. Beyond the gain in visibility that you will obtain, you can rely on a reliable and serious service provider offering many advantages:

  • If you ever encounter the slightest anomaly with your hosts, it is possible to join the platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • You decide the rental criteria for your property yourself in order to screen potential guests. Thus, you protect your residence in the long term.

  • Directly from Yahoo, Bing or Google, your ad is displayed and reservations can be made without any hassle on mobile.

  • You don't need to sign any contract for a long-term commitment. As soon as you no longer want to use the booking services, you can cancel as you see fit.

  • No additional costs will be charged to travelers by the booking platform. An interesting specificity, because this is not the case for all online travel agencies.

  • Your offer can include other benefits like car rentals or loyalty program for visitors

A little clarification regarding instant booking . Indeed, it is a mandatory feature introduced by Indeed, as soon as a person makes the reservation of your accommodation for a seasonal rental, you do not need to approve the request, the reservation is made instantly. Consequently, the calendar is updated automatically and the reservation considered as recorded. Of course everything is also subject of established cancellation policy

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Channel manager for Property Owners

This is a peculiarity, because some owners prefer to have the freedom to confirm or not the reservation. If you need more flexibility, while having the peace of mind of a proper reservation, choose our UpperKey service. Indeed, our presence proved to be very useful in eliminating stress regarding seasonal rentals, while being supported by a team of experts in property management.

The advantages of choosing UpperKey's service for stress-free seasonal rentals with the support of property management experts
Enjoy the best of both worlds with UpperKey's flexible and stress-free property management service.

How does the booking platform work?

To maximize the performance of your ad on the site, it is important to master the many features of the platform.

The use of the instant booking channel

As explained above, instant booking is an obligation on the platform. So when someone is interested in your vacation rental, they have the option to book automatically and not wait for your confirmation. Even if you can refuse the potential tenant, be aware that you will automatically be charged cancellation fees (cancellation policies).

Non Refundable Errors

If the refused tenant finds another location more expensive than yours, you must, in addition to the cancellation fees, pay the difference between the new accommodation and yours.

To avoid receiving unwanted people, specify directly on the site the type of guests you wish to receive. This will save you additional costs if you ever decide to cancel a reservation.

The booking site commission. Service Fees

Many online classifieds sites charge a guest commission to the host. But be aware that for, it is only the owners who will be charged. Regarding the amount, it will vary depending on the reservation, but generally an amount between 10 and 15 percent. Different factors affect the percentage taken by the platform, including the location of your residence.

However, the creation of your advertisement remains entirely free and invoicing only begins from the first reservation.

Some additional details regarding the description of your ad

Different information is required by booking , otherwise your ad will be automatically refused. You must indicate the number of bathrooms, the number of bedrooms, the cancellation policy applied as well as the arrival and departure times.

At a minimum, you must indicate 10 services and 10 equipment on your residence and provide at least 10 high definition photos. In addition, you will be reminded of these different obligations anyway when you create your ad.

But beyond the obligations to be respected vis-à-vis the booking site, choose your keywords correctly to attract as many potential customers as possible. With a judicious choice of the words you use, you will benefit from better SEO and therefore better visibility.

Importance of providing accurate information and using relevant keywords to enhance SEO and visibility for potential customers
Optimize your booking ad with essential information and keywords for better visibility and attracting potential customers.

How do payments on booking work? Credit cards

If you decide to use the booking platform, the acceptance of online payments is done directly via the payment portal. You decide the rates you apply to your accommodation in relation to the number of nights, per stay and per traveler. Thus, you configure the pricing yourself according to the options, in a very intuitive way. You can use your credit card, bak transfer, virtual credit card or via external payment services like stripe account

How does the extranet work?

Booking: my owner account

First of all, it is necessary to create your booking account by correctly transmitting the various information to the platform. A specifically dedicated team will then ensure the veracity of the information you have provided. Following this, you will simply receive a confirmation email.

The steps involved in creating a booking account and receiving confirmation after verification
Creating a booking account involves providing accurate information and undergoing verification for confirmation.

Easy Booking Process, Early Birds and Additional Services

Once your establishment has been verified, you will be able to use the password and email you previously set up. With this information, you access your administrator dashboard. On booking, this table is called the extranet. An interface accessible seven days a week and 24 hours a day to manage your business as you see fit.

Indeed, you will be able to obtain payment information, check the availability and prices of your accommodation as well as update the information of your establishment.

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Booking: owner login

Once my owner booking account has been obtained, all you have to do is log on to the extranet. To do this, you will go to the page and enter the e-mail address in the "username" field. Then you enter your password and the connection is made automatically. If you have a preference on the language, do not hesitate to indicate it, which will greatly facilitate your navigation.

When this is your first time logging into the extranet on a new device, authentication will be required for security reasons.

You have three options:

  • Sending an SMS in the form of a six-digit code that you will enter on your new device.

  • A phone call in the form of an automatic call to give you a six-digit code.

  • Finally, a Pulse verification code. To use it, the Pulse application must be installed in order to retrieve your PIN code from the settings.

Without confirmation from you using the verification code, you will not be able to use the extranet booking.

Authentication is required for security reasons when logging in from a new device
Access your owner booking account through the extranet with easy login steps for enhanced security.

How to optimize your listing on

In order to improve your positioning on booking, it is imperative to stand out from the competition and be responsive.

Importance of standing out from the competition and being responsive to improve positioning on
Stand out and boost your positioning on by being responsive and competitive.

Listing Cross Check | Better Search Results

Every request should receive an immediate response

You have to see the booking platform as an instant booking channel. Therefore, when someone contacts you, respond as quickly as possible with accurate information. Automatic replies can also be prepared in order to save time. However, if this task seems too tedious, because you do not necessarily have a lot of time to write to the potential client, it is wise to choose our UpperKey site.

Indeed, we have a dedicated team that will take over to respond immediately to each request you receive.

For a time-saving solution, consider using UpperKey's dedicated team for immediate responses
Treat as an instant booking channel, responding promptly with accurate information.

Attract Guests with Better Gust Reviews

The need to transmit correct information

Even if the automatic answers seem, at first glance, a good solution, it is necessary to set up detailed information on your advertisement to avoid having recurring questions. To do this, you must put yourself in the shoes of the travelers and ask yourself what information will be useful.

By providing enough information, the potential customer will not waste time contacting you, because he will already have everything at his disposal.

The use of as many photographs as possible

When a traveler is looking for a seasonal rental, he needs to project himself into the house and see it from all angles. This involves the use of high definition photos and showing every corner of the residence. When equipment is present, reassure your customers with their photographs.

Importance of using high-quality photos to help travelers project themselves into the house and showcasing equipment to reassure potential customers
Attract seasonal renters with high-definition photos showcasing every corner of your residence and the available equipment

The greatest care on the equipment of the residence

When listing the services and amenities available for your vacation rental, be sure to list them all. Even if they are simple and common equipment, a doubt could arise in the customer if they are not mentioned. Do not hesitate to take a look at the competing advertisements to get a clear idea of what is expected.

But in general, the owner opinions on booking are unanimous, the platform remains very easy to use and profitable. An opportunity to seize to rent your property. is praised for its ease of use and profitability by owners
List all services and amenities for your vacation rental to provide clarity and attract potential customers.

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