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What Are Airbnb Property Owners’ Reviews of Airbnb?

Before knowing the Airbnb owner reviews, it is important to know how the company works. It was founded in 2008 and in the space of about fifteen years, it has managed to develop in 192 countries by claiming more than 1.5 million ads.

To date, its market valuation has reached $20 billion. Initially, Airbnb only offered short-term rentals with breakfast included in apartments, some with a family member in the huose for the check in. Their core target was made up of people unable to go to the hotel due to saturation.

Since then, Airbnb has grown by leaps and bounds, changing its business model to become much more profitable. In terms of vacation rental between individuals, it is quite simply the leading platform in its field and it is considered by hotels as the pet peeve.

Airbnb's ongoing impact on the travel and hospitality sector, revolutionizing the way people experience accommodations
Airbnb's ongoing impact on the hospitality sector.

What does Airbnb think from an Airbnb property owner about listing pricing?

For the owner, the opinions are largely favorable concerning the publication of an advertisement on Airbnb . This is explained by the absence of subscription, which means that placing an ad is totally free. There are therefore no costs to consider on this side.

Regarding the commission, it will be directly dependent on the formula chosen, including the proeprty management fees for the credit card. In addition, the commission remains variable depending on the location of the property.

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What is Airbnb's opinion on instant booking?

Airbnb recently introduced a new feature known as instant booking. The latter has caused a lot of talk, because it is a default option and when a tenant who could be like a family member is interested in a property, validation is done automatically.

In other words, the owner does not have to give his consent for the reservation to be effective. For the vacationer, the interest is immediately palpable, because he does not have to wait for the owner's response to make his reservation. The schedule is automatically updated and the reservation is considered acquired.

But many Airbnb owner reviews have spoken out against this automatic feature. Airbnb has therefore decided to find a happy medium by proposing to set the acceptance criterion before the arrival of travelers. However, the owner retains control with the possibility of canceling the reservation. Nevertheless, he must imperatively compensate the tenant and pay the difference with the new accommodation found.

This is why it is imperative to be particularly rigorous at the level of the listing and to select the various filters sparingly, under penalty of ending up with an undesirable tenant or of putting your hand in the wallet for the cancellation policy of the reservation.

Airbnb review: what are the main advantages for owners?

Airbnb has carried out numerous studies in order to take into consideration requests from owners. The platform is indeed concerned about the well-being of its customers, because it is about its notoriety.

This is not to question the reliability of the Airbnb site, because it will obviously be there, but rather to be attentive to changing trends and technological advances.

Among the recurring comments regarding Airbnb France guest reviews, you find:

  • An international reputation which is a guarantee of trust.

  • Excellent visibility on search engines to highlight your ad.

  • An extremely well-managed reservation system with very easy payments and dispute management.

  • A reference site and other booking sites for renting a few days in the largest cities.

  • A check in is systematically made on the clientele for both Airbnb property owners and tenants to limit scams.

  • A reputation system has been put in place for owners and holidaymakers to keep only the best.

  • An intelligent deposit leading to the non-collection of it until the end of the stay, unless the owner considers that there is a dispute.

How do I find an Airbnb host on Airbnb?

As potential guests, you may be looking for a way to connect with a host. For this, nothing could be simpler, because the Airbnb platform has a messaging service for guest communication. All you have to do is show your interest in the accommodation.

But be aware that for privacy and security reasons, you will not have immediate access to the phone number. Indeed, this information will only be communicated to you when you have confirmed the reservation.

Before booking, you are free to consult the ad and then get closer to the Airbnb host by sending him a message. For a precise answer, do not hesitate to indicate your date of travel as well as the number of travelers concerned.

Once you have booked your stay, you can always contact the professional host. Rest assured, the feature will still be active once your vacation rental is over by using your inbox to send a message.

If, on the other hand, the problem relates to a payment anomaly, you will have to go to the “resolution center” of the platform.

However, Airbnb remains attentive to spam messages and therefore you will be limited to 10 messages per hour or 25 messages per day.

Using Airbnb's resolution center for handling payment anomalies
Continued communication with hosts before and after your stay.

Is there an Airbnb forum for Airbnb individual hosts?

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the platform, it is best to contact customer service directly. Indeed, there are different ways to get in touch and this will allow you to get a professional response directly.

However, you might also be tempted to find an answer on a forum.

In this case, do not hesitate to visit You will find an active community there, as is the case on the forum Moreover, the latter has no less than 1,240,000 members.

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Is it worth renting out your accommodation on Airbnb?

If you want to make ends meet or take advantage of your empty accommodation, you can actually consider putting your accommodation on Airbnb . Let's say you're going on vacation, you don't feel like spending money on your other accommodation.

So while you're away, why not take advantage of your property, which will offset your next vacation rental.

By carrying out this operation, you can benefit from free holidays. Let's imagine that you are going to Italy for a week, this represents a budget of €500 for seven nights.

In the meantime, you decide to rent your property which will be empty during the same period with a similar price. As a result, you have no housing costs .

As a host, is it possible to avoid bad Airbnb guests?

You don't need to have Airbnb experience to do this with your own opinion on bad tenants. They are obviously to be avoided in all circumstances and some cases of extreme degradation can unfortunately occur, totally ruining your experience on Airbnb.

Rest assured, this type of situation remains extremely rare and the opinions on Airbnb are largely favorable. But to avoid an unfortunate situation, it is best to take care of the lead and protect yourself against this possibility.

First of all, do not hesitate to consult the latest reviews left by owners who have already rented their accommodation to travellers. Indeed, the platform has been designed so that owners can also consult guest reviews.

Beyond the reservation phase, do not hesitate to make additional checks by contacting the future tenant. Ask him what time he expects to arrive, if he is traveling alone etc. The objective remains to start the conversation in order to know who you are dealing with.

Finally, go to the “verified information” section on your Airbnb account to make sure that the future tenant has provided all the information requested. As a homeowner, you can require your tenant to complete the Airbnb Verified ID process on their Airbnb account.

Therefore, the potential tenant will not only have to provide their ID, but also a profile photo. This information will not be communicated directly to the owners, but to the platform which will once again act as an interface between the two parties.

What Are Guests' Opinions of Airbnb?

The Airbnb site welcomes many Airbnb hosts with a wide variety of properties that can be booked directly online.

For the tenant, it will be a question of having an eclectic offer consisting of individual rooms, apartments, houses, barges, castles or even guest rooms.

Pricing also remains varied and adapted to the location and configuration of the property. But what is certain is that Airbnb remains a key player in short-term rentals. It is a reliable site on which you can have absolute confidence.

This is also the case with our UpperKey concierge service , which also specializes in seasonal rentals. As an owner, you certainly want to entrust your keys to a trustworthy person. In such a case, the trust you place in us will not be undermined, because we want to offer you the best possible quality of service.

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