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What to Expect from An Airbnb Concierge Service

There are many advantages to Airbnb’ing over booking a hotel. When Airbnb guests arrive, they have an abundance of privacy in a real property, no waiting in queues for breakfast or dinner, no other guests in hallways, communal areas or using the facilities, and the biggest bonus—a real sense of home-from-home. At the same time, they do not get hotel-level concierge services.

But what about those things you take care of at home, where your hotel has a team of staff ready and waiting to pick up the slack? Homeowners trying to manage their own vacation rental, an Airbnb property or a small property portfolio may find it time consuming to provide tailored services and handle guest communication. Moreover, Building owners may not have the time to research the short let market to understand how to best price an Airbnb listing, nor understand how yield management works.

For hosts who do not have enough time to manage their short let are calling on expert concierge services to enjoy hassle-free hosting. Such partnerships ensure smooth guest communications with potential guests, while providing personalized recommendations to hosts on how to improve an Airbnb listing.

An Airbnb bedroom with orange linens.