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Comprehensive Review: Pros and Cons of Using Airbnb for Property Management

Updated: May 13

In recent years, Airbnb property investment has been booming, with the Airbnb short term vacation rental business launched in 2008. This system, developed in the United States, consists of renting one's AIrbnb property online for a period (short or long) to business travelers and leisure travelers from all over the world.

As an Airbnb host a short term rental having a vacation rental software and physical inventory is a great way and for the guest experience try to make an airbnb host checklist to help many guests feel a good night's rest.

Representing the growth of Airbnb property investment
Airbnb Property Investment: A Growing Trend.

As soon as you are organised in relation to your activity, particularly in relation to the entry and exit of the host's Airbnb premises, you can ask yourself how things work in terms of the Airbnb vacation rental inventory. From the moment you actually receive various visitors, you will be entrusting a furnished and equipped flat. It is quite normal that a report is made before and after.

What is an Airbnb inventory checklist of fixtures?

It is a document that summarises the description of the different rooms in your flat and its contents. In concrete terms, you will take each room and describe the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the materials, and also the equipment. All this will be written down in an Airbnb inventory checklist and you will check it each time the new occupant moves in. And what you need to know is that compared to Airbnb, the administrative support is quite light.

Taking notes while inspecting an Airbnb rental property
Organized Airbnb Management: Inventory Checklist.

As a general rule, once you make the reservation, you already have an Airbnb vacation rental inventory of fixtures model that is supposed to be complete, with a visual and photos to support it. They already allow you to know the state of the flat and the equipment before your arrival.

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Steps to take when checking in as Airbnb hosts or doing a self check

Regardless of the length of stay, the tenant is given a technical sheet. It contains an Airbnb short term rental inventory list of all the equipment and how it is kept. Together, you will tour the property for a check-in. All defects must be reported in great detail. The description will be scrupulous.

Symbolizing transparency and accountability
Technical Sheet: Documenting Equipment and Condition.

  • Explain the functioning of the exterior and interior

This includes the mailbox, energy and water meters, parking, front door opening, switches, radiators, heating, etc.

  • Make a complete tour of the different rooms

Living room, kitchen, shower, bedroom, cellar, one pillow per guest bed etc. It is advisable to note down the water consumption before you move in. This way you know how much the tenant has used when leaving the Airbnb premises.

Examining the parking space and testing the front door
Inspecting Exterior Elements: Mailbox and Meters.

  • Check all furniture

Don't forget that the furniture has an impact on the price. The more comfortable it is, the more likely it is that the price will go up. For the greatest experience make sure to include in your AIrbnb or airbnb host checklist inventory checklist that smart tv, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper storage unit, toilet paper soap, one towel per guest, toilet paper hand, alarm clock, disposable gloves, recommended quantities for basic items, fire extinguisher, wine glasses, first aid kit, bath towels, hand soap, toilet papaer soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, wi fi, body wash, pet friendly, certain other basic amenities and plastic free products to reduce waste, spray antibacterial hand sanitizer, eco friendly products like welcome pack, disposable paper towels, smartphone chargers, extra blankets per guest, extra amenities per guest, extra supplies per guest, well stocked kitchen utensils and basic cleaning supplies are available. Basic amenities, too. Together with the customer, identify any damage (breakage, scratches, burns, etc.). By doing this, you avoid conflicts or misunderstandings at the end of the stay. In addition, it reveals if there was damage before. We all know that your aim is to make your holidaymaker feel at home.

Making a success of your Airbnb exit inventory of fixtures

We are at the end of the stay. The tourist is about to leave your flat. This is the time to do a check-out. With the same document, you will make a new phisical inventory of the furniture and fittings. This is the same process as when you enter the Airbnb premises. You must ensure that the handover of the keys is done properly. It may happen that you are not present when the keys are handed over. This is why a key management company will be a useful service for you.

Furthermore, the Airbnb client is given time to remove any extra facilities (benches, desk, board, etc.). Remember, he only takes with him what he has brought.

Conducting a check-out inspection and handing over keys
Check-Out: Physical Inventory and Key Handover.

Is the inventory of fixtures necessary?

It's true that people rarely make an administrative document for the Airbnb inventory checklist of fixtures. Now, it's still advisable because from this document, you'll be able to make the difference between the arrival and the departure. And so it will allow you to see if there is any damage or anything missing and also to make a claim to Airbnb or the tenant.

Or, ideally, you should have a detailed content in relation to this as a visual support. So, your listing or your condition, the more you describe it, the better it will be. You will actually have an overview that is really accurate in relation to your accommodation.

As an Airbnb host, it is a guarantee against theft and an insurance in case of damage. When you do the inventory, you list everything in a vacation rental inventory list. The tenant can come in with an object, but under no circumstances should they leave with what is there. By doing this, you minimise the risk of theft. In addition, the insurance company will have no problem compensating you.

Holding a vacation rental inventory list
Minimizing Risk with Vacation Rental Inventory List.

What to do

When you decide to rent a room, for example, it is certain that you will receive people from all over. At this point, you may be more concerned about your facilities. On Airbnb, there is no lease contract to sign. If you want to avoid destruction and want to provide more convenience and efficiency focused requirements for a great experience, here are some simple tips:

  • Make a selection of the type of people to be accommodated

  • Remove all valuables

  • Don't hesitate to preserve personal items

  • Install only basic equipment

  • It may be best to opt for standard tenancy agreements, which are binding on both parties.

If your property suffers from a lack of visitors, however, you should think about strategies for finding tenants. By doing so, you will create traffic and increase your turnover.

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What does the law say about Airbnb short term rentals?

The issue of regulation is one to be taken seriously. When you register on the platform, you will specify whether it is a primary or secondary residence. Depending on this, you will be subject to the jurisdiction of the corresponding locality. Understand that there are some legal aspects that are not taken into detailed account by Airbnb to make guest comfortable and positively having a full guest experience.

Reading legal documents with an Airbnb logo
Regulation and Airbnb: A Serious Consideration.

In the short term, there are strict rules to follow, especially if you are in cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants. As a real estate investor, the ideal is to circumvent the rules without being punished. Of course, the methods used are legal. The hunt for Airbnb in these cities is intensified because the municipality wants to guarantee a homogeneous short term rental situation.

This is why you should understand how Airbnb works. Did you know that there is a limit of 120 nights/year for short stays in Paris? The same applies to most major cities such as London, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. The municipality will then issue you with a registration number. We recommend that you get in touch with a professional like UpperKey, who will explain to you how to rent without an Airbnb registration number.

Receiving a registration number from a municipality
Registering and Obtaining a Municipality Number.


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