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Can You Put Your Apartment on Airbnb? How to Rent?

With the advent of Airbnb, it is quite tempting today to provide a room or rental accommodation through this channel. However, in recent years Airbnb rental rules and conditions have undergone changes making the once easy and lucrative practice more regulated from the provincial to the municipal level. This results in a complexity at the level of the process. In doing so, it is essential to know more about how to do Airbnb and especially about all the conditions and rules before renting your apartment.

How are Airbnb apartments managed?

With the Airbnb platform, many questions arise. Indeed, we most often wonder if it is really profitable, what are the costs to be expected, how to rent a property on Airbnb , or quite simply how to do Airbnb. But as far as the rental of apartments via the platform is concerned, it can be interesting if the management does not know of any flaws.

Manage it in a right way

Indeed, the rental of apartments on Airbnb involves taking into account several aspects, including cleaning, announcements on the site in question, the provision of keys, the management of reservations, the management of possible disputes, etc

Earn extra money with professionals

So many parameters that you will have to consider to rent your house on Airbnb. This is the reason why many investors choose to seek the services of competent companies. They are therefore responsible for ensuring the proper management of the apartment. But note that there will of course be additional costs.

Idea of renting a house on the platform with the help of property management services
Renting your house on Airbnb involves numerous considerations, making professional property management an attractive option for many investors.

What are the regulations for putting your house on Airbnb?

With rental on Airbnb, we are talking about furnished tourist rental. In doing so, for both tenants and landlords, the rental period cannot exceed 90 days for the same person. This duration cannot exceed 120 days per year in certain cities like Paris. It is therefore important to inquire at your town hall for more information on the Airbnb rental conditions in your locality.

Legal requirements

With regard to the declaration of residence at the town hall, it should be noted that in general, it is not an obligation. On the other hand, in certain municipalities including Paris and Bordeaux, it is an Airbnb rental condition that must be fulfilled and at the end of which you are assigned a declaration number.

Local laws

The procedure therefore depends on the municipality of residence. For example, for municipalities such as Paris, Aix-en-Provence and many others, obtaining an authorization to change the use of housing is an obligation, added to the declaration of said housing at the town hall.

Long-term rental on Airbnb

On Airbnb, it is now possible for users to rent Airbnb for long stays instead of short term rentals or medium lets, ranging from several weeks to several months; due to the health crisis which has led to the drop in the number of tourists in the cities. To find out how to rent in Airbnb with long-term rental on the platform, you will find on a dedicated page of the site advice on how to do it easily. However, a rental agreement is what is needed if it is a long-term rental. In addition to this, be sure to update the description of the ad on the site to clearly indicate that you are looking for residents for longer stays.

Apartment rental on Airbnb in Paris

In the city of Paris, it is not allowed to rent your house on Airbnb as you want. Indeed, in order to avoid abuse, measures are taken for rentals of furnished tourist accommodation. In accordance with the regulations, Airbnb legality , a declaration at the town hall is required, giving the right to the registration number which must be transmitted to the digital platform responsible for publishing your ad. Moreover, it should be noted that no announcement is made on the platform without the registration number being transmitted, otherwise you will be prosecuted.

In the city of Paris, it is authorized for both main and secondary residences to short term rentals on Airbnb, i.e. less than 120 days per year. You will find more information on this issue on the town hall's website.

The regulations for short-term rentals in the city
Short-term rentals on Airbnb in Paris require registration with the town hall to comply with regulations.

Is it possible for a tenant to put his house in Airbnb? First step

You are a tenant, and according to your schedule you know that for a few days or weeks, your apartment, private room or a spare room will be free. It would then be appropriate to sublet your apartment via Airbnb. A student, for example, is able to rent his house on Airbnb. However, to do so it is imperative to collect the opinion, if not ask for the authorization of its owner or lessor. This is a requirement of Airbnb legality. Remember also of liability insurance

Lease agreement

Once this condition is met, you will be subject to the same regulations as all other owners registered on the site. Also, it should be noted that the site (public service) specifies that the price of the sublease rent is free as well as the duration of the sublease in accordance with the limit of the main lease.

You are a tenant and you want to rent out your apartment on Airbnb , but you don't know how to talk about it with your landlord. On this subject, Airbnb has set up a dedicated page in which is listed a series of tips and recommendations with the aim of making it easier for you to convince the lessor by showing him the merits of this subletting that you plan to make.

Lease agreement conditions

As soon as you obtain his agreement, although the price of the sublease rent is free, it should be specified that it cannot exceed the amount that you pay yourself to your lessor, Airbnb rental condition obliges.

Is renting on Airbnb profitable?

Profitability is what interests all investors. And on the Airbnb platform, this factor is closely linked to the location of the property for rent. Moreover, according to a study, it results that it is possible for a lessor to have around 35% additional net income with a long-term rental in the city of Paris. So, between classic rental and Airbnb, what to choose?

Extra income from rental property

At first glance, renting your house on Airbnb can be advantageous insofar as it is possible to set higher rates per night than for a classic rental, although this is still not enough. To therefore offer the appropriate rate per night, the calculation of its potential income must be well done.

What are the advantages for owners in tourist towns?

Listing on airbnb

Today, in the field of real estate, it is very trendy to invest in a property and then put it up for Airbnb rental later. For information, the earnings or potential income are rather interesting and this is more so in large cities. Moreover, in accordance with the study mentioned above and conducted in the city of Paris, renting a property on Airbnb turns out to be 3.5 times more profitable compared to conventional rental. Quite advantageous for investors.

Indeed, mainly in certain districts, just 10 days of renting an apartment via Airbnb is more profitable than an old-fashioned rental over a period of one month.

Tips for putting your house on Airbnb

Airbnb website, airbnb account

In order to maximize your chances and above all not to break the rules, it is essential to consider several things before posting your ad on the platform and doing Airbnb. To start, you have to choose the best times to put your house on Airbnb .

Natural lighting and nice design

Making the rental profitable is your priority, so you have to favor the most favorable periods, taking into account your availability. In addition to this, we must not lose sight of the care to be given to the announcement on the site. Indeed, to put a property for rent on Airbnb , write your ad well by attaching bright photos of the property in question.

First things - ads

To stand out on the platform, it is advisable to seek to highlight the advantages of the apartment, for example the proximity to tourist sites.

Airbnb rentals description

In addition, it is also necessary to think of the establishment of an internal regulation of your apartment. This allows you to avoid all forms of unpleasant surprises once your house is rented out. In the rules, make a description of all the parts and equipment that can be used. You can also mention if the accommodation is smoking or not and if you accept pets in the apartment, now is the time to say it. Arrival and departure times are also to be specified.

However, one should not exaggerate in establishing the rules. Instead, take steps to make things easier for you, for example by condemning the coins for which you wish to keep strictly personal use, without forgetting to keep your valuables in a safe place.

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost

The best Airbnb hosts can eventually become Airbnb Superhosts, allowing them to benefit from a special status and badge on their listings. Potential Airbnb guests searching for the best experience will gravitate towards hosts with Superhost status as they are guaranteed an exceptional guest experience.

Free account - a superhost

To become a Superhost, you must maintain an elevated level of Airbnb guest reviews, adhere to strict cleaning standards and go above and beyond the typical Airbnb experience. You can learn more about how to create the best experience for your Airbnb guests here. For more luxirous properties, Airbnb hosts can even become a part of the “Airbnb Plus” programme.

Airbnb Superhosts maintain high guest reviews, cleanliness standards, and exceptional experiences for guests
Achieving Superhost status on Airbnb requires exceptional guest reviews and exceeding expectations.

Other important things to do to rent Airbnb

Knowing how to rent with Airbnb implies that you are aware of the fact that you should avoid inflating prices. Moreover on this subject, Airbnb has a tool for the evaluation of the amount that you propose taking into account several parameters including the location, the season or the surface. You can also think about creating a neutral space, in order to put potential tenants at ease.

Keep in mind your guests safety

In addition to this, to provide additional safety to the occupants, you can provide a first aid kit which should be easy to find in the apartment. This is also one of the recommendations of the site when you choose to do Airbnb.

Emergency contact for your neighbours

Around your apartment, you have neighbors, so it would be ideal to warn them before putting your house on Airbnb. Notifying the neighborhood is beneficial both for the neighbors and for you. With regard mainly to potential tenants, it is also important to check the profiles before concluding an agreement.

What if you want to rent out your apartment on Airbnb but you don’t have time to manage it?

If you want to benefit from the many advantages of renting on Airbnb without wasting your time managing reservations, cleaning, maintenance and other responsibilities, you can use an Airbnb concierge service. The Airbnb concierge service in Paris has become in high demand in recent years. For a quality Airbnb concierge service in Paris, you have to call on UpperKey, which takes care of everything, while ensuring you a guaranteed rent.

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