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Top Tips for Finding Tenants for Your Vacation Rental: A Comprehensive Guide

How to find a good tenants and quality tenants

Thanks to businesses like Airbnb, which have developed to convert short-term rental properties into a more feasible new hospitality business choice, the proptech and iRenting industries are expanding. One of the most crucial topics to help you get started is how to find tenants, regardless of whether you have a full property and rent out several rooms to different guests, a small apartment that may be rented to one guest at a time, or a spare room in your home that you can host guests in.

Top tips on finding a good tenant

Thanks to a variety of short-term let listing services and marketplaces that are made to link hosts and landlords with visitors and tenants, finding tenants for your short-term rental is now simpler than ever. Here are some recommendations from UpperKey to get you started if you want to turn your extra space or other property into a successful business.

Turning extra space into a short-term rental business
urn your extra space into a successful short-term rental business with these UpperKey recommendations.

Sign up for Airbnb

Rental listing

On Airbnb, which has grown to be one of the biggest and most well-known online markets for connecting property hosts with potential guests, you can quickly register and list your property for free. Airbnb offers you the chance to achieve Superhost or Airbnb Plus status by fulfilling certain requirements, which puts your listing in front of more guests and helps you get more bookings. Airbnb charges a 10 percent commission on every booking that you make and can help you grow your home rental business. Depending on where you live, you might need to obtain an Airbnb license number and adhere to other legal regulations prior to using the platform to interact with possible visitors and tenants for the short-term rentals in your house.

Depending on your location, you may need an Airbnb license number and must follow legal regulations before hosting guests
Utilize Airbnb's platform to interact with potential visitors and tenants, offering short-term rentals in your property.

Think about other rental websites

Along with Airbnb, landlords and hosts may also use a variety of other short-term rental websites, such as, which are well-liked by people looking for a place to stay for a short- or long-term stay for travel or business.

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Provide long-term leases

A long-term lease is what? Long-term lets run for a month or more as opposed to short-term rentals, which are often for a few days or up to a few weeks. These rentals are more commonly utilized by those who plan to remain longer in the area, are traveling between locations, or need to stay there for business. It reffers to tenants such as students or those who claim housing benefits.

Landlords and hosts have the option of renting out their properties for a short period of time, a lengthy period of time, or both.

Offering both short and long-term rental options can cater to a wider range of potential tenants and maximize the utilization of their property
Landlords and property hosts have the flexibility to rent out their properties for short or long periods, depending on their preferences and the demands of the rental market.

How to find a good tenant these days for your vacant property | Tenant who pay rent

Word-of-mouth promotion

Word-of-mouth advertising might be your best friend if you have recently set up a property for short-term rents and want to start with locating your first tenants. If you know of anyone looking for a short-term rental property in your region, ask your family, friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances to keep you in mind.

First impressions

Remember that there is only one chance to make a good first impression. As word-of-mouth advertising is frequently one of the most reliable methods to learn about anything new, many individuals are still more inclined to choose an alternative that they were told about by a friend or relative than something that they stumbled across online. This can be an amazing approach to get started.

Social Media Use

Given that there are billions of users of social media today, it should come as no surprise that this could be one of the finest ways to begin finding renters for your rental property. For instance, the Marketplace part of Facebook allows you to market your property and promote it for nearby short-term rentals.

Overall, leveraging the power of social media for rental property promotion can significantly increase the visibility of the property and attract potential renters from diverse backgrounds
By utilizing Facebook Marketplace, landlords can reach a large audience of potential renters in their local area.

Before long term rental credit check is a no brainer | tenant referencing, prospective tenant

Find tenants online

If you want to attract visitors from different regions of the nation or even the world, you can also specify which places you want your property to appear for users. Additionally, promoting your item on Facebook and other social media platforms will help it reach more potential travelers. You can also encourage your friends and followers to spread the word about it even further. Last but not least, think about creating specific social media profiles and pages for your rental where visitors can find out more about it, ask questions, and link to your website or listing on a booking site.

Provide discounts

Offering a discount might be a great strategy to attract more renters if you're promoting your house for short-term rentals on websites like Airbnb and because houses with discounts and special offers frequently appear higher on search results pages.

Pay the rent and save money

Additionally, the allure of money off their reservation and the opportunity to save money on their stay will frequently entice more prospective visitors and tenants to click through to your listing, thus increasing your probability of receiving more bookings.

Request reviews from guests

Your future as a host or landlord of short-term rental properties can be made or broken by the reviews that your first few tenants post. When you initially start out, it may be more difficult to get renters if your property has no reviews because, quite understandably, people are more interested in renting out places that they can read reviews on to have a better picture of what it could be like to stay there.

Send all the information

Consider asking for a review directly and making it simple by sending an email with a link that visitors can quickly click through to and leave their opinions, in addition to giving your tenants and visitors a fantastic experience to encourage them to write a nice review.

Highlight the importance of tenant feedback
Encouraging visitors to leave reviews with a clickable link.

Professional letting agents can help you with finding prospective tenant | letting agents

Create a Perfect Listing

Online property reservations are becoming the most popular option for visitors and tenants to book a short-term rental home for either business or leisure purposes, thanks to iRenting. The guest will typically just have the listing to go on when determining whether or not this is the correct property for them.

Things you need to know

By giving as much information as you can and giving a thorough tour of the home, you can increase the number of tenants you attract by taking the time to improve your ad. Additionally, the more transparent and straightforward your listing is, the less likely it is that you will get negative feedback from visitors who weren't prepared for what they received upon arrival.

High quality photos

Having your property professionally photographed wit natural light is a fantastic idea. Include pictures of the neighborhood and give as much information as you can, not only about the services offered on the property but also about the things that guests can do nearby.

Cooperate With Local Companies

Working with other neighborhood businesses can frequently be advantageous for landlords and hosts looking to attract additional tenants and visitors. Consider collaborating with nearby restaurants or attractions, for instance, to promote each other's businesses by providing discounts to visitors and vice versa. Consider asking a neighboring pub, for instance, if they would be willing to give customers a deal or a free drink in exchange for you posting flyers about their establishment around the house.

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Purchase a trust symbol

The success of any online business depends frequently on the presence of trust signals, and this is also true for the iRenting sector. Various trust symbols can persuade visitors and tenants to pick your short-term rental above the competition when they are seeking for a short-term rental to book.

Get more potential tenants

Obtaining Superhost status on Airbnb is one of the greatest methods to do this. This not only guarantees that your listing will be among the first to be displayed, but it also demonstrates to potential visitors that you offer a superior experience. You need a 4.8 star rating or higher, a quick response time, and few cancellations to become and keep your Superhost title. Along with this, additional trust indicators like a TripAdvisor rating can likewise give your visitors greater assurance to book your property when looking elsewhere.

Become an Airbnb Superhost for added trust
Superhost status on Airbnb, with a high rating and positive reviews.

Ensure a Wonderful Experience

It's crucial to concentrate on attracting new guests when renting out a piece of property or a room in your house on a short-term basis, but don't overlook guest retention too! You can take advantage of the fact that many tenants and visitors choose to stay somewhere familiar rather than trying somewhere new each time they visit a particular location by going above and beyond to satisfy your visitors.

Trust your landlord`s gut instinct

No matter how long or short the visitor's stay, being accessible, accommodating, and cordial will improve your chances of getting them to book again the next time they visit the region. Simple gestures like leaving welcome packages for guests, keeping the property well-stocked with necessities, and providing extra phone chargers can go a long way. A positive experience increases the likelihood that the tenant will recommend the property to anyone they know who is looking for housing, even if they do not return and stay with you again.

Build a rental history

Building up your guest and renter base can be challenging whether you are renting a room, an apartment, or a full house. To gain your first tenants and establish a strong reputation that will help you secure more future bookings, keep in mind these suggestions.

Symbolizing the beginning of a successful rental venture
Tips to attract your first tenants for your rental property.

Find good tenants with us | good tenants for your airbnb | Prospective tnant

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