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Your Apartment Building Concierge. How Useful And Valuable It Can Be?

If you are searching for a new home or apartment, there are many factors to consider. Or, perhaps you are an investor looking for a new property to invest in and are wondering which factors your potential future tenants are going to be the most interested in having. Location is one of the most critical factors to consider and some other important aspects include the floor plan, layout, and features.

A concierge service is another feature that may not always be at the top of your list but is always worth considering. According to The UpperKey, here are some reasons why choosing a modern apartment with a concierge service is a good idea.

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Finding Your Dream Home? Consider These Important Factors for Your New Apartment!

How Useful Can Be an Apartment Concierge | Concierge Service

What is a Concierge?

A concierge is a caretaker for a building. They act as a receptionist, greeter, assistant, team leader, information point, and an extra pair of eyes for the building security.

The role is very varied and for most people who work in this role, no two days are the same. A concierge is often necessary for a building to be able to operate at top level, as they are somebody with the skills needed to cover a range of different roles within the development.

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Apartment building concierge benefits

There are many benefits of hiring a concierge to work at the front desk and entrance of the building, which mainly relate to security, customer convenience, and business.

Residential development

For developers, a concierge can be a good way to help them make as much money as possible from a project since it looks good, adds more luxury to the apartments, and can be an additional selling point to entice buyers or tenants. It justifies asking more for the property and can help an apartment building be more competitive.

Emphasizing the financial benefits of a concierge service
Upscale Living: Why Developers Are Opting for Concierge Services in Their Projects.

What Does a Concierge Do?

Concierge services are nothing new. While there is a traditional concierge role that you might find in top hotels, where these professionals are responsible for tasks such as opening doors and helping with heavy luggage, the role of a concierge in an apartment building is quite different.

Apartment concierges

In the media, concierge services are often downplayed, and the value of a concierge in a residential setting is not very well known. However, a concierge is one of the greatest assets for an apartment building when it comes to improving the satisfaction of the residents. They make sure that all residents’ needs are attended to and are responsible for making sure that the entire building is operating efficiently.

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Beyond Luxury: The True Value of a Concierge in Residential Settings.

Apartment buildings with concierges are more and more popular | Busy Lives Solutions

Residents satisfaction

The concierge may be responsible for working as a porter, arranging taxi cab transport for residents, preventing unauthorised entry to the building, assisting new residents with finding their way around the building, organising and overseeing maintenance work in both individual apartments and communal areas, and helping with organisation of community events. Concierge services should be considered as a personal assistant to the building's residents. This doesn't necessarily mean you are at their beck and call to fetch food or dry cleaning.

Concierge staff will also often take deliveries for residents, manage hundreds of parcels every week, and provide residents with peace of mind that they will get what they ordered even if they are not at home.

Get Expert Insight

What can a concierge do for you?

The main job of a concierge is to have a good knowledge of the local community and its residents. This makes it easier for the concierge to connect residents with the entertainment and services they are looking for that best meet their needs.

Personalized services

Many tenants like to be able to ask somebody who knows the area and what they are looking for when it comes to restaurant choices or theater reservations or other things to do. It can be a great way for people to find hidden gems or get suggestions for places that they may not have always considered when looking on their own.

Enhancing the tenant living experience
Elevating Tenant Living: The Perks of Having a Knowledgeable Concierge at Your Service.

Dinner reservation needed? No problem. Concierge staff is for resident satisfaction

Save Time

An apartment concierge can be very useful for tenants when it comes to saving time on the things that they need to do. You can ask a concierge to carry out a range of different simple tasks for you including calling a taxi or making dinner reservations for you at a local restaurant. And the best part is that there is no need to research and book the services that you need as you can even ask the concierge to recommend somewhere local and then call up and make the reservation for you if you like.

Feel safer, save time

With a concierge, you have a community professional on hand who can not only help you find the best places to go, things to see, and things to do in your area, but they will also make arrangements on your behalf, which can save a lot of hassle and stress, especially if you are pressed for time. They can also help tenants who are new to the area or are heading to somewhere that they are not familiar with by providing the right public transport directions.

With a concierge, tenants no longer have to sweat the small stuff and have more time to enjoy their luxury apartment and community.

Enabling them to enjoy their community
Discover and Enjoy: How a Concierge Unlocks the Best of Your Local Community.

24 Hour Access

What does an apartment concierge do?

Another great reason to consider investing in an apartment with a concierge service or moving into an apartment that offers a concierge is that somebody will likely be on hand twenty-four hours a day.

Illustration of a concierge assisting residents in an apartment building, offering services and benefits
Discover the role of an apartment concierge and the valuable services they provide to residents.

Community events or individual help | Communal areas

Individual units help

This is great for tenants as they can rely on there being somebody to offer help and assistance no matter when they need it. Whether you are looking for the closest cinema for a midnight showing or need help with ordering a taxi or finding the right public transport to an evening event, a concierge will be available to help.

More Security

What is a concierge service in an apartment?

A concierge acts as a central point of help and assistance for all tenants in an apartment building. One of the main functions of the concierge is to control the entry and exit at the building doors.

This makes these apartments highly desirable for tenants who are concerned about security and want the building that they live in to be as secure as possible. A concierge can help prevent any unwanted entries to the building and control who has access to the building at all times, including guests, contractors, suppliers, and neighbours.

Suspicious activity checking

When you have a concierge who is trained in security, you can rely on them to notice potential security issues and breaches before they happen, as they will be vigilant and aware. A trained and knowledgeable concierge will be confident when it comes to diffusing any security issues and ensuring that residents are affected as little as possible. They can also act as a porter and go through a routine that involves checking the building, checking fire doors and alarms, making sure that intercoms are working correctly, and monitoring building CCTV.

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Better Maintenance

It’s important to know the status of all the different areas of the building at all times in order to maintain perfect condition and security for a community of rental apartments with various services and spaces.

Local area maintanance

This can be a difficult task for the residents to do on their own, which is where a professional concierge will come in. They will maintain excellent control over each space and ensure that all the facilities offered in the apartment building are maintained well, tidy, and clean, to provide all residents with a completely satisfactory experience.

How Common is a Concierge Service?

Many build to rent and other types of rental apartment accommodation come with premium costs that residents are often happy to pay because they know that their needs will be taken care of. These days, people are leading busier lives than ever before and when they are not at working, they have things to do and places to be. If they aren’t around to do things like oversee maintenance work or accept parcel deliveries, it’s important that they have somebody that they trust in the building to do these things on their behalf.

Apartment buildings development

More and more developments are beginning to understand this, which is why in the UK, concierge services are becoming more commonplace. Having a concierge service in an apartment building sends the message to any potential residents that this is a luxurious place to live with help available whenever it is needed. A concierge service also makes it easier for residents to report any problems with the building that they might be having since the concierge provides a trusted, recognisable face that residents might feel more comfortable approaching about any complaints or issues that they may be having at home.

Resident satisfaction

As standard, buildings with a concierge tend to offer a twelve-hour service, although a 24-hour service is often provided by the very top developments. The National Build to Rent report 2021 found that having a concierge can help apartment buildings attract a star rating of 4.8% higher, which could be the main factor when it comes to retaining current residents and attracting new people to move in.

A concierge adds a touch of luxury to apartments.

Not only do they provide a service that can make life easier for the residents in various ways, but they can also improve the safety and security of the building.

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