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What to do if you want a good Flat in London without a Guarantor?

London - how to find a perfect property to rent?

London is a popular destination for tourists, but it’s also a great place to live. There are many work opportunities that you can find with your hard work, a great transport infrastructure, and multi-ethnic neighbourhoods where people from all over the world can find a happy home. We have prepared some advice for how to find the perfect place to call home. This can be applied to young people, a couple living together (marriage or civil partnership), single tenants and more.

Bustling cityscape reveals a large building
A guide for every resident, from young professionals to couples and singles

Flat in London | Are Real Estate Agents worth trying?

Flat in London

Once you have decided to relocate to London, finding suitable accommodation will likely be high on your to-do list. In this blog post, we are going to look at everything expats need to know about renting a flat in London befeore you will start looking for a rental property and talk to private landlords. Sometimes you may need a guarantor or pay rent in advance.

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A comprehensive guide for expats seeking accommodation.

Real Estate Agents in London

Who is the rent guarantor

A rent guarantor service may help. A guarantor is someone who co sign the guarantor agreement and can agrees to pay the rent if you do not pay it. He is usually needed whan you want start a guarantor to rent some property with a poor credit history. The rent guarantor for rent London agrees to pay all your rent arrears to property owner. It is usually parent or close relative because you may have a poor credit history. Most private landlords will check their prospective tenant. Credit checks are also common activity when renting privately especially for the first time.

Rental fees agreed upon by the real estate owner and the buyer
Exploring the role of rent guarantor services in London's rental market.

Pay the rent | good credit history

Where to Live in London for Expats

If you have a job already lined up, this will probably dictate where you live in London, although it’s worth pointing out that most neighbourhoods are easily accessible by public transport, so don’t feel like you need to find a new home to where you work hard every day.

Public transport in London - making rent easier

London has one of the largest public transport networks in world. No matter if you are UK resident or a foreigner. Even if you are first time in the city it should be easy for you to go from point A to point B. London public transport system contains: Busses, London Underground, Dockland Light Railway, Riverboat services, Trams, Bicycles, Taxis and much more. This makes renting a property much more accessbile.

Extensive public transport for passengers
Seamlessly connecting the city for all residents and visitors.

Property Rent - Public transport

Private rental costs - it is not cheap

Private rental costs for London properties are higher than any other city in the UK. London is not the most expensive city in the world in terms of rent, but it isn’t cheap. The recent pandemic caused rental values in London to decline sharply, as many tenants moved out of the city, but the most popular areas are still expensive. In addition, the overall market is also showing signs of recovery as foreign investors mov

e back in.

Data published by Savills indicates rental prices surged by 2.9% in September, with prime locations seeing rises of 3.6%. The most popular areas have enjoyed rental price rises of 6-7%. In addition, flats are now in short supply, so demand is pushing rental prices back up once again. You probably will have to hurry to find your new house in a good price. It is a real flat hunting.

Bull or Bear Market
London's rental costs soar above the rest.

How to rent | Can I afford to pay rent

Long, mid or short term rental?

Before you start looking for a flat to rent in London, it is worth mentioning to carefully think about your budget and commuting time. Before checking how to rent a property you should consider the period of time you wold like to stay in one place (time renting range). You can choose between long, mid or short term rentals. Long term rentals are the best in order of pricing and stability. Short and mid ones (form three months / 6 months to nine months) are more flexible. Property rent time should be really thought ou


Where Is the Best Neighbourhood to Stay in London?

Before you start looking for a flat to rent in London, think carefully about your budget and commuting time. The closer you are to the centre of the city, the more expensive properties will be. Rental properties that fall within Zones 1 and 2 on the Underground network are more expensive and demand will be higher. Once you get farther out, rental prices are cheaper, but commuting time is longer. It can take more than an hour to travel in from Zone 6 during rush hour, so bear this in mind with narrowing down your search areas.

A best rental apartment for you to stay.
Finding your perfect London rental for balancing budget, location, and commute.

Housing benefit / universal credit ?

Renting a Flat in London – Most Popular Areas

North London

Camden is a more bohemian part of London, with quiet leafy streets of terraced houses. There are lots of hip bars and restaurants, music venues, and boutiques. Camden Market is famous for vintage fashion, and if you enjoy cycling, there are plenty of cycle paths in the area. This area is more popular with younger expats and creatives.

Hampstead is a good choice if your budget is higher. One benefit of renting in Hampstead is its proximity to several good schools, which makes it a popular area for affluent families. Hampstead Heath is nearby, so you have easy access to wide-open spaces for dog walking and exercise. Central London is a short commute, but this is reflected in the above-average rental prices.

Experience the Bohemian vibe
Upscale living with education and nature.

Where to rent - depends on financial situation

South London

Wimbledon is very multicultural and popular with expats and there is a variety of housing options to suit all budgets.

Clapham is popular with younger expats due to the vibrant entertainment options in the area. Clapham Junction railway station provides easy access to Central London and the south of England. There are also plenty of green spaces in Clapham, so it is suitable for families.

East London

Stratford property prices are cheaper because it’s further out of central London, but the area has had a major revamp in recent years and it’s popular with expats.

Leyton is also cheaper than other areas, so it’s another good option if you are on a tight budget and you should have no problem finding a furnished apartment for rent in London.

Expats working in the media industry will love Hoxton and Shoreditch, thanks to the hip, cosmopolitan vibe. There is plenty of charm in this neighbourhood, as well as coffee shops and trendy eateries.

West London

Wealthy expats tend to gravitate to the affluent areas of West London, including Knightsbridge, South Kensington, and Chelsea. Rental prices here are higher than in all other areas, but if you want a luxurious flat in an exclusive area, this is the best neighbourhood in London for expats with a large budget for housing.

Fulham is popular with families and there are some lovely Victorian properties available. Commute times are relatively low and there are some excellent international schools nearby.

Notting Hill is another popular, bohemian area worth checking out. Flats tend to be smaller here, but there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and green spaces on offer, as well as the Portobello Road Market.

If you are looking to rent a property in London further out, look at properties in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith.

Once you have decided where to start looking for properties, there are a few more things to think about. Firstly, are you planning on living in London short term or long term?

London Furnished Apartment Rental for Foreigners

Short-term lets are used for property rentals of up to six months. These are popular with expats on a temporary contract or if you want to settle temporarily while searching for an area you like. It is usually easy to rent an apartment for three months in London. Short-term lets usually come fully furnished, which is perfect if all your furniture is currently in a shipping container. This type of rental also includes utility costs in many cases, so it’s easier to budget for a person staying for a short period.

International students - University guarantor service schemes

You`re probably wondering if British citizenship is a must have. Short-term lets are used for property rentals of up to six months. These are popular with expats on a temporary contract or if you want to settle temporarily while. If you are international student it might be hard to find UK guarantor service to rent anything. If international student halls are not an option find out if your university offers some rent guarantor service scheme and check college offers. They might help you with all the issues including tenancy agreement and tell you all legal obligations.

Convenient and flexible for people with tight budget
Embracing the benefits of short-term lets for temporary living.

Property retnals for students

Long Term Leases - safety and protection

Rentals for six months and longer are classed as long-term leases and are typically shorthold tenancies, which offer protection to you and the landlord. These rentals are usually unfurnished, but you can also opt for a furnished flat for rent in London if you choose. The downside of signing a long-term lease is that you will be charged if you need to move out early. It’s important to make sure the lease contains a break clause in the event your circumstances change before the lease expires. If you are unsure, it is best to receive some counselling and advice from an attorney before signing any agreements.

Knowing it for stability and protection
Navigating long-term leases for extended tenancies.

Credit check | Monthly Rent in London


Landlords normally ask for a deposit. Deposits are now capped and can be no more than the equivalent of five weeks rent. However, this only applies to properties where the annual rent is £50,000 or less, so it might not be applicable to people renting high-end flats in more affluent areas.

The security deposit is designed to protect landlords in the event a property is damaged. Deposits must be placed in a registered deposit protection scheme. This prevents the landlord from holding on to a tenant’s deposit for no reason and creates trust between the two parties. The deposit is usually returned after a thorough inspection of the property by the landlord at the term of the tenancy as agreed in the contract. In the case of non compliance with the rental tenancy agreement, the tenant could face an obligation to pay additional costs.

Protecting landlords and building trust
The importance of security deposits in rental agreements

Deposit, council tax, other costs | Let your estate agent take care of it

Secure your flat hunting - deposit for estate agent

You may also be asked to pay a holding deposit to secure a property. If you are asked to pay rent in advance, the letting agent or landlord should stop marketing the flat to other tenants immediately. Any money paid over as a deposit will then be deducted from your deposit or first month’s rent. However, if you change your mind about renting the flat, you will forfeit the deposit.

References for finding Flat in London

It is customary for letting agents and landlords to ask for references and run credit checks before they offer expats a tenancy agreement. If you are relocating to London from overseas, this might be a sticking point in the rent guarantor application process. You may be asked to produce a bank statement and employer’s reference as well as a passport for identification purposes.

Some letting agents and landlords may ask for a rent guarantor, and if you can’t supply suitable references, you will struggle to find a rental in London without find a guarantor. Expats moving to the UK after receiving a job offer from a UK employer shouldn’t have too many difficulties, as their employer will supply references and may act as a uk guarantor.

Rent a property in London without a Work Contract - is it possible?

If you are moving to London to find work, be a digital nomad in London, rent a secondary home in London, and perhaps be closer to family member and loved ones, consider asking a relative or friend to act as a guarantor.

Budget for Letting Agent Fees

Letting agents are a quick and easy way to way to find a suitable rental property in London. They work with many landlords and can help you with the paperwork needed to finalise a tenancy agreement. It’s sensible to approach a few letting agents to see what properties they have available. Let them know what budget you are working with and verify they are used to dealing with expats.

Make sure your budget allows for the fees associated with renting a property in London. As well as a holding deposit and rental deposit, there might be other fees such as an inventory check and a fee for processing references during application process. Check all the paperwork you receive so you know what you’ll be charged at the beginning and end of the tenancy and what you responsibilities are as a tenant.

Checking your budget if sufficient
Financial planning for renting in London. Understanding fees, deposits, and tenant responsibilities.

Flat in London | Estate Agent fees

Always work with a reputable agent when searching for rental properties in London. Be wary of dealing with landlords direct, via email and text message, as this is how scammers operate.

If you ever wondered how to rent a property without any guarantor service you can find all your answers here. Contact us today.

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