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What are the Airbnb Welcome Products to Use to Put Your Guests in the Best Conditions?

The Airbnb welcome kit remains essential for your guests to be fully satisfied with their stay, but also to collect positive comments. When they go to live an incredible experience, your tenants will be likely to share their positive experience with those around them. To achieve such a result, it is recommended to use the Airbnb welcome booklet. As soon as they arrive, they will be impressed, but do not hesitate to accompany it with a welcome basket.

Usefulness and function of the welcome booklet

It is a very valuable document that will save you time and promote communication with your guests. In this booklet, all the information necessary for the proper functioning of the accommodation will be present, but also indications in relation to the activities nearby, that is to say in the district or the city.

If you are looking for an example of an Airbnb welcome booklet, you will find many on the Internet. But it is important to understand its usefulness so that you are able to write it on your own. Don't forget to include your Wi-Fi credentials, the address of the best bars and restaurants nearby, remember the rules of the property and of course incorporate the emergency numbers.

Make your guests feel welcome in your space with a few quick preparations

The Airbnb welcome booklet template in Word remains a first possibility. In this case, you print it to hand deliver it to your tenants or send it to you by email. In this way, you bring a professional touch, particularly appreciable which will contribute to the improvement of the reputation of your property. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to build customer loyalty.

The attention remains particularly appreciable and there is a good chance that this gesture will be accompanied by a thank you in the positive comment you will receive.

What are the essential elements to include in the welcome booklet?

It all starts with a welcome page where you express your thanks to the guests for choosing your accommodation. Then, take the opportunity to recall the tourist attractions in your neighborhood or not far from your accommodation. These can be historical monuments, museums, green spaces, etc.

Dedicate another page to the best addresses such as restaurants, shops, bars or cafes. If you are a regular at these places, do not forget to indicate the best cocktails or the best dishes. Your personal touch will once again be welcomed.

Nearby transportation is probably obvious to you, but put yourself in your tenants' shoes. They don't want to waste time and so if you have a tram, bus or metro station, slip in a map of potential routes. This makes it easy for travelers to plan their trips based on the information you provide.

It is very useful to indicate the contact details of certain security and health services such as the gendarmerie, the police, the fire brigade or the nearest hospital.

Dedicate an entire page to basic Airbnb amenities. In particular by incorporating the Wi-Fi code, instructions on the operation of your devices, the digicode code or any other specificity.

If you have decided to set up internal rules, specify the rules to be respected. No parties, you refuse the presence of animals or you do not want your tenants to smoke in your property.

If you ever see other useful recommendations, the welcome booklet will be the ideal document to remind you of them.

The digital version of the welcome booklet

Now you understand the importance of such a document. But to avoid printing a copy with each new arrival, there remains the solution of digitization. A particularly simple solution to set up, especially since you are addressing an audience that uses their phone or a computer for reservations.

You take exactly the same information as on a physical booklet, but you build your file in Word. When you need to make some changes, a few clicks will be more than enough. To go even further, offer the booklet using a QR code. A simple scan from the mobile phone will allow direct access to the document.

No need to be an IT professional to set it up, just use the right tools and a few minutes will be enough to have all the necessary access. On the other hand, take all the time you have to write it correctly. Every detail will be important and when you are precise, your guests will appreciate the gesture.

You can create a digitized version of a welcome booklet for your guests to help them discover the territory.

Accompany your welcome booklet with a welcome basket

No matter the time of year, a welcome basket will enhance your accommodation and your reputation. So why not compose it according to the season. For example, when tenants arrive at Christmas time, incorporate candy canes or chocolates.

Certainly, you see this gesture as an initial expense. In your opinion, why do many hotels provide complementary accessories such as body cream, soaps and shampoos? Quite simply to promote the comfort and well-being of the client. So apply the exact same strategy using similar products. Often, guests forget this kind of product and they will appreciate your gesture when they find them in your welcome basket.

But the basket can also be made with non-perishable food. Treats specific to a shop in your neighborhood, cookies or even organic chocolate. In fact, you will be spoiled for choice among the products available. But it is important to include your personal touch to differentiate yourself from the competition. So if you're a tea lover, incorporate a selection of the flavors you enjoy.

Do not forget the incorporation of accessories

You take care of the welcome booklet and the welcome basket. But for satisfaction to be at the rendezvous, it is possible to provide additional equipment. A universal charger, an umbrella, a hair dryer, etc.

To avoid any confusion, position its objects directly with the welcome basket and the welcome booklet with an additional note indicating that these objects are available during the stay.

To put the odds on your side to receive a positive comment, play on the comfort of your accommodation by installing bathrobes, plaids or a soft carpet in front of the sofa. Essential gestures that will not leave tenants indifferent.

The little attention that will make the difference thanks to a concierge service

If you are not present near your accommodation, it will be difficult for you to set up a welcome basket. However, it is useless to give up these small services that will make the difference. Reach out to a fully-serviced concierge like UpperKey to gain positive reviews on the Airbnb platform as well as multiple bookings.

The services of a concierge are very useful for an overall management of the accommodation according to your needs. All the professionalism of the agency will be directly perceptible in these services with the objective of the well-being of the guests and the development of your additional income as an Airbnb host.


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