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About Rules of Procedure and How to Insert an Announcemnt in Airb&b

2022 Airbnb inc House Rules are a must whether you rent your entire place year-round or only for a few weekends and start hosting. Indeed, as an Airbnb host, it is imperative to have internal regulations, to define what you authorize. If this is the first time you have to write these rules of procedure, we will guide you step by step on good practices so you can get started right away.

Symbolizing the importance of setting house rules
Setting House Rules for Airbnb Hosts: A Comprehensive Guide for a Successful Experience.

The rules to follow when writing the Airbnb rules of procedure

First of all, be aware that there are very specific regulations concerning the vacation rental of a property on This remains dependent on the city in which the accommodation is located, as the regulations in Dublin will not be the same as in Paris .

Regarding the rules of procedure, it is a different regulation compared to the terms of vacation rental. It allows Airbnb many hosts to professionally indicate what potential guests are allowed to do. In the opposite case, that is to say when the guests are in violation, specific sanctions are then provided for.

Before writing this document, you must think further by defining the type of clientele you want to attract. Are they grandparents, professionals or families with children?

Symbolizing the need to navigate specific regulations and tailor house rules
Navigating Specific Regulations and Tailoring House Rules for Airbnb Hosts.

What are the golden rules for creating an Airbnb House Rules?

The Airbnb internal regulations must be done by setting out simple rules, without playing on words and without complications.

In addition, it is necessary to be extremely precise, otherwise the rules of procedure may be subject to misinterpretation. This is why it is imperative to be explicit.

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Don't forget to regularly consult the rules of procedure on, as they evolve over time according to the needs of the platform and according to the evolution of external regulations.

Symbolizing the importance of staying informed about evolving rules
Stay Informed: Regularly Review's Rules and Regulations.

What are the essential rules for a short-term rental?

Once you have registered on , you are looking to rent your property by defining specific rules. You wear the hat of Airbnb host and it is necessary to establish and share your internal regulations. Thanks to this document, your guests will know exactly what behaviors to adopt.

In your announcement, it is important that this list is present and do not forget to include it in your welcome booklet at home to make more bookings or an instant book.

Among the exhaustive questions, specify if pets are accepted, if guests can take a shower without time limit, if it is better to avoid noise or if tenants are allowed to smoke?

More and more Airbnb accommodations are adopting an eco-responsible behavior. If you want your guests to be on the same wavelength, it is important to specify this in the rules of procedure. For example by carrying out selective sorting. Systematically, be precise, because otherwise you will find yourself in an ambiguous situation and the guests risk breaking the rules, without thinking of harm.

Symbolizing the importance of clear and comprehensive house rules
Clear and Comprehensive House Rules for a Harmonious Airbnb Experience.

Focus on simplicity

It is not a question of drawing up a simple prohibition list, because the guests are likely to see it as a constraint. Don't forget either that some travelers are not necessarily comfortable with French. It is therefore necessary to use simple words in order to define specific rules.

Without being demanding, do not hesitate to set up a house manual by speaking in a positive way and not in a constrained way.

How to write an Airbnb rules of procedure according to your guests?

If you want your guests to have the best possible stay and therefore receive great reviews, you need to think about the type of travelers. For example, if you advise to throw away the waste, do not hesitate to set up different labels according to the bins.

The rules should be both explicit and simple in the form of a reminder for your guests. Rather than plastering all the walls of your home, choose an appropriate location, as is the case at the entrance to the home. In the form of a house manual, you will not frighten your guests and any confusion will then be avoided.

Symbolizing the importance of clear house rules
Optimizing Guest Experience: Simple and Explicit House Rules for Great Reviews.

How to avoid damage?

In an internal rules, you do not want to end up with breakage or damage to your accommodation this time, the reflection concerns the resolution of the problems, that is to say to deduce from the deposit the costs related to the degradation or ask for a refund.

However, you don't have to turn against your guests when it comes to a single item. Even if you had a bad experience with a guest during an Airbnb stay, that doesn't mean you should change your house rules. This can perfectly happen, even with conscientious travelers.

To avoid this type of problem, do not hesitate to contact long-term Airbnb rental professionals. Just set your sights on a concierge service like UpperKey. Indeed, you will benefit from the technical skills of a dedicated team capable of dealing with all the technical, tax and administrative aspects of your rental.

This is a real relief for you, because you don't have to worry about establishing Airbnb house rules. The UpperKey concierge will be at your service and you can fully delegate the management of the property.

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Effortless Problem Resolution with UpperKey: Delegate Your Airbnb Management.

What terms are useful in an Airbnb House Rules?

Depending on the accommodation, you will not find the same rules of procedure. It must therefore be defined according to your lifestyle and your preferences. Among the proposals to keep in mind in your content, here is an example of Airbnb's rules of procedure:

  • Think about respecting the neighborhood, this notion remains particularly important if you have a property in joint ownership.

  • If you don't want Airbnb guests to smoke in your apartment or house, make that clear in the house rules.

  • Bring all the necessary information regarding the maximum capacity of your accommodation. In the event of cancellation, have you provided for the reimbursement of reservations or not.

  • Another particularly important concept is the establishment of an Internet charter to avoid prosecution in the event of illegal downloads. In France, it is the holder of the Internet connection who will be held responsible. However, the only exception concerns the implementation of an Internet charter against bad practices. For you, it may be simple contact details, but it will make all the difference in case of illegal downloads. It is the French legislation that automatically applies and not the Airbnb regulations.

Symbolizing the importance of tailoring rules to your preferences
Tailored House Rules for Your Airbnb Property: Key Considerations.

How do I add House Rules to my Airbnb listing?

Regarding the procedure for publishing your rules of procedure in your Airbnb listing, it remains extremely simple. Feel free to use bullet points! It is also a similar operation even if you decide to go through another rental platform. First, you must go to “but advertises on”. or on your own website.

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This will allow you to directly manage the parameters of this one by focusing on the reservation parameters. Click on “modify” and insert your rules of procedure directly. Remember to read it again and when you see that it corresponds perfectly to your request, you just have to save the changes made.

Once this process has been completed, the rules of procedure will be automatically published in your ad. This helps to set the record straight from the start and ensure that travelers are aligned with your values.

In addition, if you send a welcome message once you have booked your accommodation on, remember to remind your guests that the house rules must be respected.

To avoid the slightest disappointment, it is always better to bet on upstream communication, rather than looking for solutions once the problem has appeared.

Symbolizing the importance of setting house rules and effective communication
Seamless Airbnb Management: Setting House Rules and Effective Communication.


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