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What are the Solutions for Key Collection for Airbnb Guests?

Many Airbnb hosts have concerns about handing over keys to guests. The ideal solution remains to meet them in order to discuss, to offer them a personalized visit and of course to ensure the deposit of keys. However, you are not necessarily available or close to your vacation rental. Rest assured, there are other solutions to discover immediately.

Set up an Airbnb key box

Airbnb lockboxes or key boxes are very simple to set up and very useful. In this way, you secure your keyring by authorizing access only to the people you define. Once set up, your guest receives the lockbox codes. To open it, he will use the information that you will send him and he will collect the keys to your accommodation. In addition, there is an Airbnb model of connected key box allowing management with the application.

Explore alternative solutions to ensure a smooth key exchange
Meeting guests in person might not always be feasible.

However, security breaches are always possible, especially if you systematically keep the same code. Regarding the possibility of setting up a smartbox, their use is limited only to entire buildings or a house. Moreover, the device is quite expensive.

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Bet on tranquility with the UpperKey Concierge

If you do not have the time or the will to take care of the reception of the guests, then entrust this work directly to a concierge like UpperKey. Seasonal rental management is intended to be particularly complete by managing the handing over of the keys, but also the reception of tenants, the management of the household, any repairs and all communication.

This is an ideal solution, because the handing over of the keys is carried out in complete safety. Of course, the service remains chargeable and a percentage will be deducted from the income you generate. But it is a way to offer additional quality, without the slightest concern about management and security issues. Thus, you benefit from a better reputation, especially since the UpperKey concierge also takes care of the management of your ads, more particularly the description and the photos. Ideal for obtaining the best possible investment, without the slightest effort on your part.

The doormat or flowerpot solution

It is common to leave the bunch of keys under the doormat or in a flowerpot near your entrance. In theory, it is a simple solution to set up and it does not seem complex for the guests. On your side, the planning remains non-existent, you have nothing to pay and to plan.

The major flaw of the flowerpot or doormat is its low level of security. Undesirable people could fall on the precious sesame and thus open your accommodation without the slightest difficulty. In addition, there is no break-in and therefore you are not covered by your insurance company. Some guests may not appreciate this solution of looking for the key. This is why we recommend that you switch to another method.

A person you know near the accommodation

If you have family or friends near your seasonal rental, you could ask them for the handing over of the keys. Same scenario if you have maintenance staff with enough knowledge of your property.

Unfortunately, drawbacks remain. The staff you employ may not be available when your Airbnb tenants arrive. Even if you agree on an hour in advance, there are always latecomers. Interpersonal skills are also necessary to welcome guests in the best way.

So if you feel that you do not have this kind of people in your entourage in Paris, the handing over of the keys must be done by an intermediary, that is to say by a concierge.

Reliability and availability of staff for key handover
Employed staff may not always be available or punctual, leading to key handover challenges.

Do you know the Nuki smart lock?

It is a door lock for Airbnb hosts, with the particularity of not having keys. In other words, it is a smart lock that is part of the latest technological advances in home automation. The lock is Wi-Fi compatible and works through the use of a mobile phone. To lock or unlock the front door, the guest will use a voice command or a click.

Remote configuration options are still possible, but it all depends on the model of your smart lock. The device is placed on the cylinder of your current lock, on the inside of the door. Then you attach the power supply by scrupulously following the manufacturer's instructions.

At this point, you have just proceeded with the installation of the smart lock. The control is carried out remotely thanks to a specific application that you have set up on your mobile phone.

Thus, there is no need to be on site to hand over the keys to your seasonal tenants. Contactless check-in remains increasingly popular and is a professional way to manage your rental, without having to use a traditional safe or key box.

The solution remains interesting, especially when guests do not want to walk around with your bunch of keys in their bag or in their pocket. The risk of losing keys is also a reality and such a situation risks jeopardizing their vacation.

Why is UpperKey still the best solution for key collection?

UpperKey makes your life much easier in managing your vacation rental. The delivery and collection of keys are entirely managed by a dedicated service. So you entrust the keys to our agency and we take care of everything. That is to say to find you seasonal tenants, but also to offer them a welcome in line with their expectations. We are present when the keys are handed over and we go around the accommodation to explain all the specificities of it.

When the guests leave, we make an exit inventory and we collect the trousseau.

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