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The Ultimate Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Finding a long-term rental or short-term rental for visitors is now easier than ever thanks to iRent. A long-term lease is what? This is a term used to describe property owners who rent out their homes or other properties to tenants for a longer amount of time—typically a few weeks or months—including apartments, entire homes, or rooms inside existing homes.

For many landlords, it is worthwhile to pay the Airbnb management fee in order to obtain an Airbnb license number and launch their new hospitality venture. Airbnb offers travelers the opportunity to stay in local homes rather than traditional hotels, and it has quickly become one of the most popular ways to book accommodations.

The right cleaning checklist will help you guarantee guest satisfaction and improve your eligibility for programs like Airbnb Superhost or VRBO Premium by putting you in a better position to receive positive reviews. If you want to get an Airbnb registration number and start renting out your property on this site, or have already started, the right cleaning checklist will help you do so. An immaculate VRBO rental or Airbnb listing will make your guests pleased and satisfied, increase your likelihood of having repeat visitors, and raise your star rating. Check out UpperKey's check list for cleaning a short term rental.

blank sheet of paper surrounded by cleaning supplies (gloves, srpay bottles, microfiber cloths)
With this cleaning checklist for Airbnb, your property will be left immaculate.

The Cleaning Staff

All Airbnb guests expect their accommodations to be clean, whether you do it yourself or hire expert cleaners. Because of this, cleanliness is one of the most crucial requirements that hosts must fulfill in order for their listings to satisfy the high visitor expectations. The first step to successfully cleaning your short-term rental is to assemble a cleaning crew and have everything ready. Currently, a simple cleaning of the property is not sufficient since guests want the assurance that their host is going above and beyond to protect the space from the COVID19 epidemic.

Steps in a Cleaning Strategy

The cleanliness of the residence is usually mentioned in reviews of Airbnb rentals and VRBO rental comments. When switching between visitors, every cleaning checklist should include the following essential cleaning services:

· Remove anything that previous visitors have left behind by walking around the property.

· Take out, clean, and replace the linens and towels.

· Dishes and kitchenware should be cleaned and stored.

· Clear out the kitchen appliances, including the stove, toaster, microwave, and oven.

· Clean the furniture and wipe down any surfaces that may have dirt, dust, or stains.

· Mop any hard floors and vacuum any carpets and rugs.

· Clean and sanitize the toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs completely.

· Clean all the surfaces that people often contact, such as light switches, doorknobs, and worktops.

· Restock any essentials including soap, hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, coffee, tea, kitchen paper, toilet paper, and trash bags.

· Remove the trash, then put new bags in each container.

· Check the house and make the last adjustments.

Along with doing this between each visitor, you should also hire a professional Airbnb cleaner to deep clean your home at least once a year. It's also a good idea to move furniture more frequently and access areas that might not be as accessible, such as behind and underneath beds, wardrobes, sofas, and other furniture. Additionally, any textiles outside towels and bedding, such curtains, should be washed.

Supplies for Cleaning Your Vacation Rental Property

Make sure you have all the cleaning equipment you'll need before beginning to prepare your second house for the next visitor. If you are renting out the house on a long-term basis and visitors are fully self-catering, you might wish to put cleaning supplies in a cupboard inside the home so that they can use them as necessary.

On the other hand, you might be able to discover cleaners that bring their own materials if you choose to hire a cleaning crew to take care of your Airbnb. Some of the fundamentals you'll require are as follows:

· An effective vacuum for hard floors and carpets

· a steam cleaner or mop

· removing brush

· Microfiber towels

· cleanser for glass surfaces

· universal cleaner

· Wood polish and cleaner

· Bathroom and kitchen cleaner

· Bleach

· if a dishwasher is included, dishwasher soap

· Shower foam cleanser

· bathroom brush

· Cleansing brush

· Brillo pads or scouring pads

· Sponge and detergent

· equipment for cleaning clothes

Keep in mind that each rental is unique, so you might discover that you need to include additional goods or that you don't need some on this list.

person wearing rubber glove cleaning shower grout with a sponge
Start by equipping yourself with the right tools for cleaning your short term rental.

Steps for Cleaning Airbnb Properties

The visitor experience will be improved the cleaner your Homeaway property is. Using the property room by room, experts advise doing the following:


The kitchen is the heart of any rental home, and having one over a hotel room is one of the primary factors in why more people choose to rent an Airbnb property. Because of this, it's crucial to make sure the kitchen is spotless, useful, and cozy. When cleaning the kitchen, it's important to bear the following in mind:

· Don't leave any food behind.

· Replace the bag with a new one after emptying the trashcan.

· Clean the stove, oven, and other cooking appliances.

· All surfaces, cabinet and cupboard doors, and kitchenware should be cleaned and sanitized.

sanitized vents and hoods

· Clean the fridge's interior and exterior.

· Clean the drain and the sink, and if necessary, unclog it.

· Vacuum or sweep the floor.

· Clean the floor with a mop or steam.

· Clean the windows.

Family Room

Another crucial space in any vacation rental home is the living room, where visitors congregate to socialize and unwind. To provide the best visitor experience, all living areas should be orderly, accessible, and clean.

Following are some guidelines to follow when getting the living room ready for visitors:

· Clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces and objects, such as light switches and TV remote controls.

· Polish wooden furniture and clean all surfaces.

· Sofas, cushions, and their undersides should all be vacuumed.

· Vacuum all rugs and carpets.

· Wash the windows.

· Clean the coving and skirting boards.

· Eliminate all cobwebs and dust.


One of the greatest ways to ensure that guests have a clean and comfortable place to sleep during their stay at your VRBO property is to ensure that they have both. Your visitors will sleep soundly each night if the bedroom is kept tidy. When getting ready for bed, some essential tasks include:

· Change to fresh, wrinkle-free sheets after removing the current ones.

· Dust and clean each surface.

· Wash the windows.

· Empty the room's garbage cans and replace them with new bags.

· Clean doorknobs, light switches, TV remote controls, and other spots that get a lot of touch.

· Clean the carpets thoroughly, paying special attention to the areas beneath the bed and other furniture.

· Polish and clean any wooden furniture.

· Keep closets and drawers tidy.

woven basket with folder bath towels inside next to a glass jar with wooden clothes pins
Bins and organizers for things like towels can help keep a home tidy.


The bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in the house to get right when it comes to cleaning because no guest would appreciate staying in a dirty property. Follow these steps to ensure that your bathroom satisfies all of Airbnb's cleanliness requirements:

· Showers, tubs, and sinks should be cleaned with bleach or a foamy bathroom cleanser.

· tile and grout cleaning

· Use a specialized cleanser to remove any mildew or mold stains.

· Sparkling faucets and mirrors

· Wash the windows.

· Clear the plugs of any hair or obstructions.

· Clean and sanitize the bathroom thoroughly.

· Clean the floor with a mop

· Towels, bathmats, and other bathroom fabrics should be washed and replaced.

Additional Airbnb Cleaning Requirements to Think About

There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the best results and adhere to all of Airbnb's guest standards, whether you choose to handle all the cleaning yourself or hire a team of expert cleaners to do it for you.

· To minimize problems like pilling, shrinking, and color bleeds, invest in high-quality furniture and textiles. These items will be cleansed and cleaned in between each visitor.

· Purchase multiple sets of towels, blankets, and bedding. Three are usually sufficient because one will be in use, the other will be washed, and one will be left over.

· One visitor does not require daily deep cleaning of your home from top to bottom. The cost of this service is additional for visitors.

· White bed linens and towels are a wonderful option because they frequently look better and can be readily cleaned with bleach to eliminate any stains.

· Keep cleaning supplies on hand and provide the necessities for visitors. To avoid unauthorized access, more specialized cleaning supplies should be secured away. Make sure to store cleaning supplies securely.

· Regularly check the property to make sure cleanliness requirements are being followed.

· Make sure the cleaning and washing services you hire for your Airbnb can function well together.

· Think about adding regulations to your property, such as no dogs, no smoking, asking visitors not to bring food into the bedroom, and requesting visitors to take off their shoes while inside, to make it easier to clean.

A tidy Airbnb is necessary to meet organizational standards and satisfy visitors.