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Complete Guide to Extranet: Mastering Your Account for Success

What is Booking Extranet? 

The Booking Extranet is a specialized online platform designed for accommodation providers to manage their listings on Essentially, it serves as a control panel where owners or property managers can access and modify their property information, rates, availability, and other critical details. Let’s find out more how does booking work

By logging into the portal, users can:

  • update their property's profile

  • respond to guest reviews

  • access reservation details

As well as utilize various tools provided by to optimize their visibility and performance on the platform. This system is vital for accommodation providers to effectively manage their presence and operations on one of the world's leading online travel agencies.

Logging in 

Navigate to the Site: Type  into the address bar and press enter. This will take you directly to the extranet login page. extranet login page

Existing Users:

  • Enter Credentials: In the login fields, input your username and password that were created when your property was first registered on

  • Remember Me Option: For convenience, you may choose to tick the 'Remember me' box for future logins. However, for security reasons, it's advised not to use this on shared or public computers.

  • Click ‘Login’: After entering your details, click on the ‘Login’ button to access your extranet dashboard.

Troubleshooting Login Issues:

  • Forgot Password: If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link. You'll be prompted to enter your registered email to receive password reset instructions.

  • Login Errors: If you encounter errors or issues while trying to log in, double-check that your username and password are correct. Ensure your internet connection is stable.

Registering as a New User:

  • Access Registration Page: On the extranet login page, look for an option that says ‘Create your partner account’. Click on this to begin the registration process.

  • Enter Property Details: You will be required to provide details about your property, such as name, address, type of property (e.g., hotel, B&B, vacation rental), and contact information.

  • Create Login Credentials:

  • Username: You will need to provide an email address or create a username. This will be your identity for future logins.

  • Password: Choose a strong password that meets's security criteria.

  • Verification Process: Some verification steps might be necessary to confirm the authenticity of your property. This could include phone verification or submitting documents.

  • Accept Terms and Conditions: Read and agree to the terms and conditions to complete the registration process.

  • Confirmation: Once you have completed all the steps, will typically send a confirmation email. You may need to click on a link in this email to activate your account.


Creating and Managing Your Property Listing

Creating your listing

On the property registration page, you will see an option to start listing your property. Click on the “Get Started” or similar button to initiate the process.

Select Your Property Type:

  • You will be prompted to select the type of property you want to list (e.g., hotel, apartment, house, bed and breakfast).

  • Click on the appropriate category that best describes your property.

Enter Basic Property Information:

  • Fill in the initial form with basic details such as the name of your property, its address, and the number of properties you’re looking to list (if you have more than one).

  • After filling in the details, click on the “Continue” or "Next" button to proceed.

Adding Property Information

Once your listing is created, navigate to the ‘Property’ tab on the Extranet dashboard. Then select ‘Property Details’ or a similar option to begin updating your information.

Booking extranet property tab

Upload High-Quality Photos:

  • Use the photo management tool to upload new images.

  • Ensure photos are high-resolution, well-lit, and showcase different areas of your property.

  • Add captions to photos for clarity.

Add Amenities:

  • Tick all available amenities, including WiFi, smart tv, kitchen, shampoo etc.

  • Regularly check and update this list to reflect any new additions or changes.

Review Facilities & Services:

  • List all available facilities, it is crucial to select the ‘Top Facilities’, those usually include a swimming pool, bar, terrace, air conditioning and so on. 

  • Hint: Make sure all the facilities are ticked either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, not selecting anything can result in an error and none of the facilities would be shown.


  • Edit the following policies: reservations and cancellations, children policies,  guest information collection.

  • Set house rules and add cleaning fees.

  • Any incurring booking fees

Edit Descriptions:

  • Descriptions are added automatically. Update the text to accurately describe your property, highlighting unique features and amenities.

  • Ensure that the information is up-to-date, clear, and attractive to potential guests. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, submit the text by clicking ‘request a change in the “view your descriptions” menu.

Room and Rate Management

Manage Room Types:

  • In the ‘Rates & Availability’ section, you can add or edit room types.

  • Ensure each room type is clearly defined, with accurate descriptions and corresponding photos.

Booking extranet rate tab

Set Pricing:

  • Use the pricing tools to set rates for different room types.

  • Consider using flexible pricing strategies that can change based on demand, season, or booking patterns.

Special Offers and Packages:

  • Create attractive packages or special offers to entice guests.

  • These could include bundled services, discounts for longer stays, or special amenities.

Calendar Management

Access Your Calendar:

  • Navigate to the ‘Calendar’ or ‘Availability’ tab in the Extranet.

  • This calendar displays your property’s current booking status.

Update Availability:

  • Regularly update your calendar to reflect real-time availability.

  • Block off rooms that are not available for booking due to maintenance or other reasons.

Avoid Overbooking:

  • Sync your calendar with other platforms if you are listed on multiple booking sites.

  • Regularly check and adjust availability to prevent overbooking.

Last-Minute Bookings:

  • Open up rooms for last-minute bookings if applicable.

  • Adjust pricing strategically for these short-notice slots to maximize occupancy.

Guest Feedback:

  • Use guest feedback to identify areas for improvement in your listing. Navigate to “Guest Reviews” tab.

  • Regularly update your listing to reflect changes made based on guest suggestions.

Financial Transactions

Invoice and Payments

Managing your financial transactions on the extranet is crucial for efficient business operations. In the ‘Finance’ tab, you have access to all your invoices and payment records. This section allows you to view detailed breakdowns of what you owe or are owed, including commissions to The platform often handles payments from guests and forwards them to you, minus their commission. It's important to regularly check this section to stay updated on your financial status, confirm payments are processed correctly, and address any discrepancies quickly. Additionally, the system provides options for handling commission payments to, ensuring that you can easily fulfill your financial obligations to the platform.

Financial Reports

The extranet also offers comprehensive financial reporting tools that are instrumental in understanding the financial health of your property. These reports provide insights into your earnings, seasonal trends, and booking patterns. By analyzing this data, you can gain a clearer picture of your revenue streams and identify periods of high and low demand. This information is vital for strategic planning, helping you to make data-driven decisions regarding pricing, special offers, and budget allocation. Regularly reviewing these financial reports can help you optimize your pricing strategy and improve your property's profitability.

Financial Reports
Extranet aids financial insight, optimizing pricing and boosting property profitability.

Responding to Reviews

Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are a key factor in the online reputation and success of your property. The extranet provides a dedicated section for monitoring and responding to these reviews. Engaging with guest feedback is essential; it not only shows that you value guest opinions but also helps to improve your service. Positive reviews can significantly boost your property’s appeal, while constructively addressing negative reviews can mitigate their impact. Prompt and thoughtful responses to guest reviews demonstrate excellent customer service, enhancing your property’s reputation and potentially attracting more bookings.

Utilizing Analytics and Reports

Performance Insights’s extranet offers valuable analytics tools that provide deep insights into your property’s performance. These tools analyze data related to bookings, guest demographics, and market trends. By understanding these metrics, you can identify what attracts guests to your property, peak booking times, and guest preferences. This information is crucial for tailoring your services and marketing efforts to meet the needs and preferences of your target audience. Regularly reviewing these performance insights can lead to more effective operational and marketing strategies, improving your property’s performance on the platform.

Actionable Reports

The actionable reports available on the extranet are designed to help you make informed decisions about your property. These reports offer data-driven insights on various aspects such as pricing, guest satisfaction, and market positioning. Utilizing these reports allows you to adjust your pricing strategies dynamically, refine your marketing tactics, and enhance overall property management. They are an invaluable resource for keeping your business competitive and ensuring that you are adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the hospitality industry.

Writing a Report
Leveraging's analytics, gain insights for tailored marketing and enhanced performance.

Seeking Support

Help Center’s extranet includes an extensive Help Center, designed to assist you with a wide range of queries and issues you might encounter. This resource is packed with articles, FAQs, and step-by-step guides covering various aspects of using the platform, from basic navigation to more complex operational questions. The Help Center is your first stop for troubleshooting, offering immediate assistance and practical solutions to ensure smooth operation of your property on the platform.

Direct Support

For more specific or complex issues, the extranet provides options to contact’s support team. This direct support can be accessed through various channels available in the extranet, including email, phone, and sometimes live chat. The support team is equipped to handle a wide range of inquiries, from technical difficulties to advice on improving your property’s performance. This personalized support ensures that you can get expert assistance when needed, helping you to efficiently resolve any issues and optimize your use of the platform.

Mastering the extranet can significantly enhance your property’s online presence and operational efficiency. By regularly engaging with the platform, updating your property details, and utilizing the available tools and analytics, you can optimize your performance and guest satisfaction. Remember, the extranet is more than just a management tool; it's a gateway to reaching a global audience and maximizing your property's potential.



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