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Understanding Fees as an Owner

As with any rental site, there is a very specific pricing. Therefore, do not be surprised to see Booking fees as an owner.

Once these different criteria are understood, you will be able to refine your ad and not have any unpleasant surprises.

Property owners should understand fees in order to properly price their listing.

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Owners should understand how commissions work before listing their property.

How does commission work on

Understanding how Booking works remains absolutely essential, starting with the commission.

Indeed, a Booking percentage is automatically applied when you make a reservation through the platform. It includes both fixed pricing, which means that there are no additional costs for customers wishing to proceed with the rental of your property.

But the pricing is also intended to be simplified and particularly competitive, because it is a question of always attracting new customers. Finally, the Booking percentage remains variable depending on the country, your location and the type of establishment.

What are the elements impacting the costs for an owner?

The Booking fee is what is called a commission which is automatically applicable when:

· The stay ends, that is to say that the customer has been satisfied with the service and he will pay the appropriate price.

· The commission also applies for any non-refundable booking. This is a particularity to take into consideration, because if the customers have not stayed in your property, the commission applies.

· Same observation when a billing to the customer has been made on partially refundable or non-refundable reservations.

· Finally, the last scenario concerns customer billing after the free cancellation period.

This means that the commission does not apply automatically, but only in the cases mentioned above.

Therefore, there will be no Booking fees if you prefer to remove the cancellation fees or in the event of an invalid credit card, because in this case it is impossible to debit the customer.

How are monthly commission invoices calculated on

The monthly commission invoice issued by is based on the number of bookings that have been made in the previous month. Invoices are issued the first week of each month and relate only to departure dates for the previous month.

In other words, if you have a reservation on January 31 for a client who will leave your property on February 3, the reservation commission will apply to the billing for the month of March.

It is always possible to notify the platform of the no-show and to modify the dates. However, this must be done before the fifth of the following month.

To illustrate, let's take the case of a customer who stayed with you in June. You then have until July 5 to confirm the reservation for the invoice to be generated the following day.

To consult the monthly commission invoices, simply connect to your extranet and go to the “accounting” section then “invoices”. You define the year yourself and then you just have to see the statement of the corresponding invoice.

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Adding cleaning fees to your listing is a great way to cover cost.

How to add cleaning fees on

At any time, you have the opportunity to modify the service fees and in particular the cleaning fees.

To do this, it will be enough once again to connect to the extranet. You must click on “conditions” after selecting the establishment in question. From the new web page, you should have an "additional costs" section. Once you have spotted it, all you have to do is modify it and add a specific type of fee.

If it concerns cleaning, select the appropriate service using the drop-down menu. You indicate whether the cleaning costs are directly included in the accommodation, indicating of course the amount thereof. Don't forget to validate by clicking on "save", otherwise the changes you have made will unfortunately not be taken into account.

If the modification relates to already existing fees, it will be sufficient once again to select the type of service and modify the amount of the management fees. If, on the other hand, you wish to delete them, you have a button "delete the costs" which will allow you to carry out this operation.

How do commission invoices and VAT charges work for

Again, this type of fee will be directly dependent on your local tax laws. The commission will in any case be applicable in relation to the total cost of the reservations. By default, VAT is not applicable, but it can be introduced on your invoice when you request it. If this is not the case, do not forget to make a declaration to the tax authority concerned.

For more technical questions on the subject, it is imperative to seek advice from an accountant.

If you want to rent out your property seasonally and with peace of mind, you can also consider working with a concierge like UpperKey. This is a service that will reassure you both about the profitability of your accommodation and about the various administrative and tax issues.

The objective of the concierge service will be to offer you a service in total adequacy with your desires, while ensuring peace of mind.

Why are there service charges and commissions on

As you may have seen previously, service charges and commissions apply automatically on the platform. Admittedly, they remain variable according to different criteria, but they represent on average 15% of the rental price.

If such a practice has been put in place, it is to ensure a complete service to its users.

But that's not all, the platform must constantly invest in advertising and this generates significant costs. This is why service charges are applied in order to give maximum visibility to the various ads.

As part of the Booking platform, it enjoys visibility on a global scale. As soon as you make a request on a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo, Booking automatically appears in the first results. If this observation can be made, it is thanks to the excellent reputation that goes far beyond the borders of France.

How to optimize your advertisement in relation to the costs on

No matter what type of ad you have posted on the platform, you cannot escape commission fees. However, it is necessary to take them into consideration to optimize the visibility of your property. If, on the other hand, you don't want to worry about these various details, which are nevertheless essential, then delegate seasonal management to a specialized concierge like UpperKey.

The latter will take care of promoting your establishment and you will not have to worry about the various questions concerning the reception and departure of the tenant. From now on, you have all the cards in hand to make the best possible choice.

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