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Our company becomes your primary tenant and guarantees your rent.

One of our expert property managers will contact you to discuss your property's rent potential.

The 3 Best Reasons to Rent to a Company According to UpperKey

What are company lets?

By choosing to rent your property to a business instead of an individual, as owners, you can often attain a more secure and lucrative operation. Businesses looking for high-end rental properties to house employees, consultants or guests, over short, medium or long periods, will often provide rents and easier to manage by a property manager terms than their more-traditional counterparts. With a company let, it’s just a ripe business that takes responsibility for the rental property, the rent, its upkeep and care, as opposed to an individual. However, nothing is ever set in stone. Every landlord should take the utmost care to protect their property and income with a revenue management system and revenue management software. That means thorough research, expert legal advice, and watertight contracts.