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UpperKey's Tips for Giving Your Tenant Notice

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

As a landlord, it is sometimes necessary to give your tenant notice to end a tenancy. This process can be difficult and stressful if you don't know the proper steps to take. In this blog post, we will discuss the legal requirements for giving your tenant notice, the different types of notices that may be issued, and how to properly deliver the notice. By understanding the rules and regulations surrounding tenant notices, you can ensure that the notice process is done properly and without any legal repercussions.


Informing the tenant of the end of tenancy
End of Tenancy Letter Guide for London Landlords.

Tenants in London can be served with an end of tenancy letter by their landlord. There's a right and a wrong way to carry out proceedings, so here's a guide on how to choose the best route for your property. Giving Your Tenant Notice in London – Sample Letter from UpperKey. The standard amount of due notice that a landlord must deliver to their tenant is 2 months. If a tenant chooses not to vacate the property, this can lead to court action.

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The following sample includes all the required elements as approved by the National Landlords Association of the UK. If tenant or licensee does not leave the dwelling, the landlord must get an order for possession from the court before the tenant can lawfully be evicted. The landlord cannot apply for such an order before the tenancy ends. A tenant's tenancy resignation letter follows the same format in London as it would in the rest of the country. This time, however, it will be signed and dated by the tenant as opposed to the landlord. Ending a tenancy with no obviously problematic issues should be a simple process.


Representing the typical long-term property lease in France
French Long-Term Property Lease: Typical 3-Year Contract.

The French consider the security of a home a fundamental right for all tenants. A typical French long-term property lease will often operate for as long as a rolling 3-year contract. The minimum period of notice is 6 months for an unfurnished letting and 3 months for a furnished letting. The tenant must give 3 months' notice on unfurnished lettings and 1 month's notice for furnished lettings. Breaches include non-payment of rent or failing to register home insurance, which is mandatory for all French tenants.

Tenants are protected from eviction over the winter months. The letter from landlord to tenant should be managed by the huissier. It has to include specific aspects, including the relevant set of dates. The landlord's responsibility is to organise the final key handover, inventory check and condition report (état des lieux).


Representing the significance of official registration in Rome
Importance of Registering Lease Contracts in Rome.

There are 4 types of contract for a lease in Rome. How you end each one has similar guidelines and requires valid reasons for termination. Luxury apartments (di lusso), tourist apartments and public housing are exempt from a free market contract, but tenants must sign a convention contract. Terminating a lease contract must come in the form of a written and registered letter—or disdetta. Contract must be completed in triplicate, with a copy of the contract registered with the local Registry Office.

If a contract isn't registered officially it won't be legally enforceable. The information you would expect to find in a sample letter of termination of tenancy agreement by tenant. Eviction for rent arrears of infringement of contract is a lengthy process in Italy and can take up to 2 years. The legal system can be complicated and drawn-out in regard to Italian property.


Representing the need for legal representation in Brussels' lease termination process
Strict Rules for Landlords and Tenants in Brussels.

Landlords and tenants in Brussels have to comply with stringent rules and regulations. Notice periods are incredibly lengthy, and the procedure is strict. There can also be 'compensation' to pay, often quite substantial, by either party terminating a lease before its expiry date. The owner can end the lease at any time for personal occupation. They must provide the tenant with 6-months notice.

The compensation amount is 9-months rent when the tenancy is terminated at the end of the first 3-year term. It is covered by the 3-6-9 agreement. The standard lease is the most common for tenancies throughout Belgium. Written notice must be provided 6 months in advance of the lease's termination date. Legal representation is strongly advised when entering the process, as it could take a year for the decision to be enforced.

There is no specific legal format required for a tenancy resignation letter in Brussels. The required 3-months' notice must be served, in writing, preferably delivered by registered post. A competent Belgian lawyer will be able to supply copy, or a template or sample letter giving a tenant notice.


Representing the RTB managing disputes
Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) - Managing Landlord-Tenant Disputes.

Landlords must register almost all residential leases with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB). The RTB also manages any disputes arising from mismanaged tenancies or arguments between tenants and landlords. There are different procedures for each type of termination, and legislation for landlord and tenant to follow. If a tenant intends to continue the tenancy after the initial term has expired, they must inform the landlord within one to three months. A valid Notice of Termination must be in writing and must specify the date of service.

The notice must also include a valid reason for terminating the tenancy. The Residential Tenancies Board provides all of the following sample letters and notices from their Ending a Tenancy > Notices of Termination page. This resource centre should include any sample notice letter to a tenant requesting they move out of a Dublin property. There are samples of how to give tenants notice below. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) provides the following sample letters and notices on its Ending a Tenancy page. A tenant does not need to supply a reason for termination unless the termination is on account of a breach of the landlord's obligations, or the notice period is only 7 days.


Illustration representing the Private Residential Leases Act in Malta with the date '1st January 2020'
Private Residential Leases Act - New Regulations in Malta.

The new private residential leases act came into force on 1st January 2020. From now on, all rentals must be registered on the new government portal The tenant (lessee) may not withdraw from the contract within the first month of the lease. All private residential contracts must be registered with the Housing Authority. Lease agreements must be in writing and include a description of the property.

The lessor must carry out the registration within 10 days of the start of the contract, or the lessee may register the contract themselves. The Government Housing Authority has an adjudication panel that holds exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute not exceeding €5,000. The panel consists of a chairperson and between 2 and 4 professionals with knowledge and expertise in the property industry. There is abundance of information about the registration system (supplied in a selection of languages) available from the website.


Symbolizing their right to renew the lease
Tenant's Right to Renew Lease in Dubai.

Giving a tenant notice in Dubai works very differently from giving one in another country. The important thing to remember is to always follow the specific laws pertaining to the country in which you have to give such a notice. Tenants and landlords in Dubai are governed by tenancy rules that govern how tenants and landlords relate to each other. If the contract between the tenant and landlord expires, the tenant has the right to continue renting the home for a period equal to the lease or one year, depending on which of the two periods is the lesser. This is covered under Article 6 of Law No. 26 of 2007.

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The landlord cannot evict the tenant during this period, except for the reasons permitted by the RERA regulations. Illegal or immoral activities, using the property for a different purpose than it was acquired for. Eviction notices must be delivered by a public notary or sent by registered mail. The landlord wants relatives of the first-degree to live in the property


Symbolizing the rental contract duration in Portugal
Minimum One-Year Rental Contracts in Portugal.

Landlords are expected to maintain their rental properties, meaning you will have to cover maintenance costs. As well as this, you will also have to pay more stamp duty if you have more than one property. In 2020, a few changes were made to rental and tenant laws in Portugal which gave tenants more rights. Rental contracts must last for a minimum of one year. Tenants can terminate the contract if they get fired or can't work because of an injury.

They can also terminate it if a joint tenant passes away. Landlords also benefit from this as the longer the tenant stays, the lower tax they pay. There are several different letters that landlords can use while working with tenants. From a non-renewal of lease to a no longer rentable letter, here's how to send your tenant a notice to vacate their home in Hertfordshire if they've broken the terms of their lease. Thousands of people in Portugal rent out their properties each year.

It can take up to 31 months to remove a tenant from your property in Portugal. This is much longer than it would take to evict a tenant in the UK or Malta. Give your tenants notice in Lisbon much easier than you'd expect.


Representing the eviction process
Handing Over Property Management to Upper Key.

Thousands of people in Edinburgh rent out their properties each year. There are many reasons why you might want to ask a tenant to leave. However, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to evicting a tenant. Follow these steps to give your tenants legal notice to leave your property. In Edinburgh, landlords must give their tenants the right amount of time to vacate the property.

This is called a notice period - and it is much shorter than in other parts of the world. Here's our guide to help you decide how much notice you have to give your tenants. If your tenant refuses to leave, you must apply to issue an eviction notice or a section 21 notice. If you want to evict a tenant because they have violated the lease terms, you will need to send them a Section 8 notice. This will ensure that your tenant receives the paperwork.

Once you've evicted your tenant, you can decide what to do with your property. One option is to hand over control of your property to a company like Upper Key. These companies take care of everything for you, from choosing tenants to ensuring your property remains well-looked after.


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