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Maximise your rental income!

Understanding Airbnb Mobile Rentals: How They Work and Their Benefits

For the lessor, the mobility lease includes multiple advantages. But to maximize your income, it is advisable to orient yourself towards rental management when you are considering a medium-term rental.

Optimize income from medium-term rentals, highlighting the benefits of professional management services
Maximizing income through rental management.

What is the definition of the mobility lease?

It is neither more nor less than a rental contract with a limited duration. Established in 2018 under the impetus of the ELAN law, it makes it possible to respond to the many issues of the needs of tenants and the change in society. Indeed, many travelers and the millennial generation favor temporary rental, which implies updating rental procedures.

This is why the “Evolution of Housing and Digital Development” bill has been put in place. The first effects were visible on the advertisements of the Airbnb platform, indicating the possibility of carrying out a medium-term rental. As a lessor, this is an advantageous situation that you will discover by continuing to read the article.

What are the conditions for setting up a mobility lease?

By definition, the Airbnb mobility lease contract is temporary. Therefore, it is only intended for people wishing to book accommodation for an average duration. Its application remains possible throughout the territory, but it is imperative that the tenant can justify his situation at the time of signing the lease. That is to say, if he is following vocational training, an internship, higher education, if he is on an apprenticeship contract, on a professional transfer or voluntarily engaged in civic service.

It is also essential to consider the validity period of the mobility lease. It remains variable, but at least one month and at most 10 months. In addition, the mobility lease cannot be extended or renewed. Impossible to extend it on expiry as is the case with a traditional lease.

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Who is the Airbnb mobility lease for?

When the tenant is considered mobile, the mobility lease concerns him. For example, for professional reasons, the tenant is looking for temporary accommodation. This is the case when he is on transfer, on a temporary basis, if he is a seasonal worker or a professional on professional mobility.

The same applies to students in training, internships, apprenticeship contracts or engaged in civic service. The student or professional tenant must provide proof of their status when setting up the mobility lease.

What accommodation is covered by the mobility lease?

Whether it is an apartment or a house, it is imperative that the accommodation be considered decent and furnished. No distinction between a second or main residence for an owner. The only exception: HLMs, not affected by the mobility lease.

To accommodate tenants in the best conditions, the lessor must provide bedding with duvets, install curtains or shutters in the bedrooms, set up an oven and a hob, a refrigerator, a freezer and suitable crockery.

Added to this are all kitchen utensils, a table and chairs, working light fixtures, storage shelves and all housekeeping equipment. Finally, it is imperative that the accommodation is decent in terms of comfort with equipment in good condition.

What are the advantages of the mobility lease?

If you are looking for flexibility, the mobility lease remains essential. You determine the duration of the rental yourself and it will end when the tenant leaves. But it is imperative that the mobility lease does not exceed the ceiling set at 10 months. But in certain situations, renewal is still possible. For example, if the interim mission extends from 5 to 8 months. Indeed, the mobility lease does not exceed the legal framework of 10 months.

With the implementation of a mobility lease, tenants stay longer than traditional travellers. The property is their place of life and therefore the tenants will tend to take better care of the accommodation resulting in a drastic reduction in damage.

Emphasizing the tenants' longer-term commitment to the accommodation
Reduced property damage with the mobility lease.

The mobility lease on Airbnb also has the advantage of going beyond the limit set at 120 days per year. A limit imposed in large cities. Thus, you benefit from a higher rental return. Your only imperative will be to respect the minimum of 30 nights. But over a calendar year, you are within your rights to set up 2 leases for a period of 6 months.

Finally, the flexibility is also noticeable regarding the price of the rent. However, it is impossible to escape the rent control, a system put in place in large cities. When your property is located in a tense area, you must respect the price range of the prefectural decree. Unfortunately, the mobility lease is no exception to this rule.

How does UpperKey help you with your Airbnb listing with a mobility lease?

If you wish to set up a mobility lease, the UpperKey concierge remains essential. Your seasonal rental benefits from total management that will allow you to optimize your income. From the start with the publication of the ad, the optimization of the description and the photos. But also the reception of travelers, cleaning, maintenance and management of all disputes.

With the expertise of the UpperKey Concierge, you no longer have to worry about managing a mobility lease on Airbnb.

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