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Our company becomes your primary tenant and guarantees your rent.

One of our expert property managers will contact you to discuss your property's rent potential.

How Much Does Property Management Cost? What is the right manager?

A simple guide to property management costs and fees

Visit any short-term let or Airbnb property management company website, and the simplicity of their pricing looks too good to be true—but, is it?

Generally, the majority of these property management services present options in a 3-tier system.

The bottom end rate aims to help clients list properties and boost rentals. Their standard rate covers the more typical service, and a premium option will include an array of added extras.

But what do they include? There are many benefits to employing a dedicated property manager, but do they offer value for money? The following page shows how property owners are rewarded with a healthy return on their investment, and without having to do any of the hard work.</