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Property Management Costs - Everything Landlords Need to Know

A simple guide to property management fees and costs

Visit any short-term let or Airbnb property management company website, and the simplicity of their pricing looks too good to be true—but, is it?

Generally, the majority of these property management services present options in a 3-tier system.

The bottom end rate aims to help clients list properties and boost rentals. Their standard rate covers the more typical service, and a premium option will include an array of added extras.

What is property management comprised of?

But what do they include? There are many benefits to employing a dedicated property manager, but do they offer value for money? The following page shows how property owners are rewarded with a healthy return on their investment, and without having to do any of the hard work.

Locate the value of property management
Discover the benefits and returns of a dedicated property manager.

Hire a property manager - guide

What is property management?

A property management company takes over the running of your investment. They will include a wide range of management services from business to business. The bulk of the short-term let companies, however, will take over almost every aspect of leasing your property. Property management and rental property managers can offer you a wide range of activities with which they can cover your property.

What is typical monthly management fee and how much does it cost?

It is hard to answer with one simple word. A tenancy agreement can include many things like setup fee or flat fee. It is always good to talk to your property manager about the range of his responsibilities and set your property management fees.

Maintenance for your property
Customize your property management agreement for maximum value.

Maintenance fee | Property management fees

What does a property manager do?

Property manager is a person who will do everything for you. Of course, the scope of responsibilities is an individual matter, but most property management managers offer full service. How much do property managers do?

Property management includes:

  • Advertise and market the property

  • Oversee the upkeep and maintenance

  • Organise changeovers

  • Meet and greet guests

  • Take care of laundry

  • Cleaning

  • Make repairs

  • Carry out updates and more.

Try to imagine every aspect of running your property rental, and that’s what they do. Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Well, if you let us take care of your property for you—it is.

Guarantee for professional service
The comprehensive support you need. Discover the extent of their services.

Residential property managers

How much does a property manager cost?

What about property management fees and costs? A property management service can be a total cost from 12% to 25% of your rental rate.

You need to be on the ball to understand just what you’ll get for your chosen rate. Some companies will bump up a low rate with additional services. Others will offer an all-encompassing option and include everything you can think of.

Property Management Costs and Advantages

One significant advantage to utilizing a professional service is that they could help to increase the rental rate of your property. By managing its advertising over a multitude of platforms, and increasing the desire for guests to your property with professional imagery and presentation, they will charge more for each stay yet still keep it fully occupied year-round.

In such cases, the additional funds accrued can cover part or all of the management costs. You could be making the same profit but without doing any of the work.

Maximizing income for rental
Professional property management services to optimize occupancy and rates.

Property management agreement | paying

Do property management companies pay for repairs and any other associated costs?

Yes, more often than not, they’ll take care of the property as if it were their own. You’ll have to discuss your contract and its terms, but most reputable management outfits will include everything.

Here at UpperKey, we take care of every last detail, however small, and we guarantee to pay your monthly rent every month, whether there are tenants in the property or not.

The majority of managers take a cut from each booking. Choosing this type of option can leave you susceptible to an empty property and gaps in your rental income.

Handle repairs and associated costs
Trustworthy management that covers every detail and ensures guaranteed monthly rent.

Cost of property management

Considerations on the cost of property management

Of course, with rates that directly linked to rental prices and estimated rental income, how much you can charge for a stay, and subsequently pay a manager, will depend on a number of factors.

  • Is your property a house, a villa, an apartment or flat?

  • What sort of condition is it in? Premium apartments fetch premium rates.

  • City centre locations and those in high demand areas will achieve better returns than those in remote, less popular areas.

  • The level of service available. From all-in to more basic marketing or monthly rent collection options.

Hard earned money for rent will not be wasted
Find the perfect property management solution tailored to your property type, condition, location, and service level.
Collect rent

A few examples of what might constitute inclusive or additional fees

Set up fees

A one-off set up fee may be involved with some companies. Generally, where charged, it can cover an initial inspection, or handling a take-over where a high-street property manager is employed to manage a long-term tenancy.

Monthly management fees

As mentioned earlier, a property manager handling short-term lettings in tourism-centric apartments and houses will charge between 12–25%.

A high-street residential property manager’s fees could be as low as 10%, but the role typically covers a less-demanding array of property management services provided.

Maintenance fees

For short-term letting offering an all-in arrangement, all maintenance is included in the majority of cases.

For the long-term tenant/let manager, maintenances fees are often included as part of the management fee. The services won’t perhaps be as inclusive but may feature elements such as cleaning, property care and repair work. A fund is usually provided to cover such costs, or alternatively passed directly to the


New tenant/guest placement fees

With holiday or short-term apartment managements, your guest placement is included in the management service.

For long-term residential property management, having to replace a tenant isn’t something they’d expect to have to take care of on a regular monthly basis. The fee will include advertising, screening, tenant checks and deposit management.

Eviction fees

It’s unlikely you’ll have to evict a holiday guest or short-term booking tenant, but for long-term lets, it’s a real possibility. It’s not an easy job, so having a professional take care of business could be worth every penny.

Early termination fees

A management company managed by letting agents with little estate agent fees will want to recoup potential losses whenever a client breaks a contract. The most likely breach of contract occurs when clients need to come out of the agreement before reaching its full-term.

Monthly flat payment fee
Explore cost-effective solutions tailored to your non-residential facilities.
Monthly flat fee

How much does commercial property management cost?

Commercial property management cost and caters for a manager or management company being employed by letting agents to handle the tenancy and occupancy of an industrial unit, office block or other non-residential facility.

The principle is the same, and in the best practice very similar too. The rates too, aren’t so much different; depending on the services included, they should range from 4–5% to 12–15%.

Some managers will utilise a fixed fee, where others offer a revenue share or flat rate fee depending on the rent.

Guaranteed Rent Property Management

Guaranteed rents are also often an option for commercial properties. Sub-letting a business property gives the manager more scope in what they can achieve when renting out premises. Where a manager specialises in organising several short-term lets over an agreed term or has an available stream of high-paying clientele, they can charge higher rates, with the difference in what they charge to what they pay, being their profit.

Always read the small print

Sometimes a good deal is too good to be true. Yet, sometimes, it’s just a good deal. The only way to know for sure is to be scrupulous when you’re negotiating a contract.

Owners must always be sure that they understand what they’re signing up for, and what all the finer details mean.

We suggest choosing an established and transparent property management company to work with many letting agents, one who hold excellent reviews and testimonials—someone you can trust.

UpperKey is just that. We are a well-established high-end provider; proud of our premier property management service and the satisfaction we deliver to every one of our clients. We offer a system that protects rental property owners from spiralling costs that they might not be immediately aware of or taken into consideration. As added incentive, we offer guaranteed rents over the typical market rate, or a flat fee of 15% for those looking for shorter-term property management assistance.

Explore and secure guaranteed rents for your peace of mind
Choose a trusted and transparent property management company for a successful partnership.
Some tenancy agreements have credit checks

UpperKey – taking the problem out of your hands

We are the group of expierienced property managers.Every one of our clients that chooses UpperKey to manage their rental property can stop worrying about property management.

Not only do we guarantee your monthly rent, but we also match our guests to your property. We choose the most appropriate and high-quality tenants while maximising rents. We are taking care of every aspect. Everything for property owner.

All that and without any work involved for you—it’s the perfect solution for everyone. Do not wait to hire your own property manager.

Trusted company to streamline your rental property and eliminate your worries
Experience excellence in property management.
Proffesional property management company with letting agents with little letting agent fees


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