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Maximizing Airbnb Success: How and Why to Use Mobility Lease Agreements

After hesitating for a long time between long-term and short-term rentals, he has finally been seduced by the many arguments of the Airbnb platform. However, you still have a lot of doubts about how to rent. You have heard about the short-term furnished rental available on Airbnb. In fact, it is a device that was introduced in 2018 as part of the ELAN law.

But, there are specific rules regarding this type of rental, hence the importance of taking them into account in order not to find yourself in breach of the legislation.

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What you need to know about short-term renting an Airbnb property

Right now, you're in the mindset of getting the best possible return on Airbnb. Therefore, it's only fair that you take an interest in short-term leasing. Available since 2018, leasing promotes the evolution of housing and especially towards digital development. It should therefore be considered as a furnished rental contract that extends for a period of only between 1 and 10 months. Its objective remains systematically the same, i.e. to support access to housing for people who are mobile.

For more information on this subject, do not hesitate to go directly to the website of the Ministry of Housing.

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When can a short-term furnished rental be used?

You are looking for valuable advice on when to use a mobility lease. You should know that it is possible to use it both for a permanent residence and for a secondary residence. The aim is to have a temporary tenant. It is therefore possible to sign a tenancy agreement for a second home or a tenancy agreement for a student for 10 months.

In any case, do not forget to respect the term of a mobility lease. The minimum period is one month and the maximum period cannot exceed 10 months. It is possible to modify the duration of the rental contract by means of an amendment. But, in any case, this will not allow you to go beyond the previously announced period. It is therefore impossible to renew it.

When the mobility contract expires, you will have no choice but to look for a new tenant. Moreover, it is important to integrate the notion of mobility concerning the tenant. It is imperative to conclude this type of lease.

Therefore, pay attention to your specific conditions at the time of your application. Mobility is possible when a person is in vocational training, on a traineeship, on an apprenticeship contract, in higher education, in the event of a professional transfer, a temporary assignment or a voluntary commitment to civic service.

Thus, in the framework of a mobility contract, the accommodation made available to you constitutes your main residence. It is therefore important not to confuse tourist accommodation with the use of this type of tenancy.

The versatility of mobility leases for different types of residences
The guide to understanding mobility leases for temporary tenancy.

Why trust UpperKey with the application for a mobility lease on Airbnb?

By now, you're familiar with the many steps involved in applying for a mobility lease on Airbnb. But you need some extra help, and that certainly comes in the form of UpperKey Concierge.

Not only will you be supported in the operation of the platform and the various potential costs, but you will benefit from a complete management of any type of rental. Forget about wasting time creating an advert, welcoming travellers or checking them out. Of course, UpperKey's concierge will be at your disposal to set up a mobility rental. At the beginning, a selection will be made to determine the best tenants and the amount of rent.

When the tenant is looking for answers to a dispute or a simple question, you will not waste any time and UpperKey Concierge will take care of everything. It is an especially practical turnkey service to avoid the various hassles of renting.

What documents must be included in a mobility rental contract?

When you wish to conclude a mobility lease contract, i.e. between the landlord and the tenant, a number of documents need to be submitted. First of all, an extract from the co-ownership regulations. Of course, if your accommodation does not belong to a co-ownership, it is not necessary to submit it.

Do not forget to attach all the technical diagnoses to the file. These include, among others, the lead exposure risk report or the energy efficiency assessment. Finally, attach the annex to the decree of 26 August 1987 and draw up an inventory of your belongings when the tenant moves in.

When the tenant moves out, he will also carry out an inventory on departure. In the meantime, he will carry out a detailed inventory of the furnishings.

These are additional limitations to the use of a mobility lease. If you are not comfortable with these various formalities, do not forget to entrust this service to UpperKey Concierge.

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What are the rents for a mobility lease on Airbnb?

Don't worry about the law on rent control, as this is a specificity of the rental contract. Consequently, the landlord defines the amount of the rent himself. If the tenant accepts this amount, he must respect it for the entire duration of the contract. As for the rent review, it will traditionally take place at the time of the change of tenant.

But don't forget that the rent review may involve certain limitations, particularly if the accommodation is located in a tense area. This is the case in certain communes on the Côte d'Azur, but also in the Lyon and Paris regions.

Finally, you should be aware that mobility leasing does not require a deposit. In fact, it is forbidden. However, as the owner, there is nothing to prevent you from taking out rental default insurance or delegating the management of the rental to a professional. For your part, it is an excellent way of reassuring yourself by avoiding certain potential worries.

Signifying the tenant's agreement to respect the agreed-upon rent
Tenant acceptance and respecting the agreed rent.

The 120-day limit in the context of a mobility tenancy agreement

If the property is located in a city that is subject to the 120-day rental limit, you should be aware that it is possible to circumvent this restriction by opting for a mobility lease. First of all, make sure that the city in question is directly affected by the 120-day limit. If so, it is impossible to exceed this limit with a traditional lease.

This is particularly the case in the Paris region, but also in many tourist areas. However, if you opt for a mobility contract, you will be able to rent your home for longer.

How to make the most of mobility leasing on Airbnb?

Now you know the many advantages of mobility leasing. But to make the most of them, it is always important to be accompanied by recognised professionals. Don't worry about this, because all you have to do is turn to UpperKey Concierge. You'll find a solid shoulder with experts who will take care of concluding a mobility lease, while bringing you the information you need for the smooth running of the lease.


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