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Essential Guide to Writing a Lease Termination Letter in Zurich - Tips and Templates

Updated: May 10

In this article, we look at some of the details when it comes to terminating a lease agreement at a Property in Zurich. A tenant can end the rental by a simple letter, but the landlord must follow Swiss law and provide the correct form dictated by his canton.

We will show a sample of the form/letter giving a tenant notice (in Zurich) later in this account, and how a tenant should set up their rental resignation letter (in Zurich municipalities).

The owner or tenant of Zurich can terminate a tenancy. However, the correct procedure must be followed and all legal requirements must be met. The law tends to protect the rights of tenants, in particular against eviction without valid reason or through the correct channels.

Need to uphold tenant rights and follow proper legal procedures when terminating a lease agreement in Zurich
Swiss law and proper procedure for lease termination in Zurich.

Zurich's lease agreement

When it comes to renting a property in Zurich, each tenant will have to declare specific personal information about himself and any other tenant. This data must be covered in the application form.

As a rule, this is age, marital status, occupation, employer, salary, whether they have children or pets and their residency status. They will also have to demonstrate their ability to pay the rent.

A tenant can ask the landlord to make changes to the contract when they think the document could cause problems in the future, depending on their situation.

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The contract includes:

  • Monthly rent

  • Rental period

  • Notice periods

  • Payment date

  • Additional costs

  • Deposit amount

  • Redecoration Agreement

  • Conditions for rent increases

  • Inventory of items (where furnished)

  • Rules of the Chamber

  • Responsibilities for reparations

Each contract may be a fixed-term contract or a contract of indefinite duration. When the contract is of indefinite duration, the landlord must give 3 months' notice when requiring the tenant to leave the property and provide an acceptable reason.

Standard leases in Zurich are spread over a minimum period of one year.

Rental deposits

The landlord or their agent will order and hold a deposit of one to three months' rent.

Short-term leases

Rental properties can be difficult to buy in Switzerland due to the high-demand rental market. For this reason, there are other ways to find a home in the shorter term.

Subletting in Zurich

Seeing that most landlords are reluctant to commit to short-term rentals, subletting is legal and commonplace. For both landlords and tenants, this can regularly provide a simpler solution that suits all parties.

Terminating a lease agreement

The usual notice period for the end of a rental agreement in Zurich is 3 months. However, since each tenancy agreement is between the landlord and the tenant, it often happens that a more appropriate or appropriate period has been decided between them and described in the document.

Termination of rental by the tenant

A tenant must provide a letter of termination of house or apartment rental (in the municipalities of Zurich), delivered by registered mail or by hand, indicating the date of departure.

If the tenant is married or there is more than one tenant in the building, each party must be covered by the termination letter, and they must all add their signatures.

When a tenant has to terminate the rental agreement within the agreed rental period, he is always responsible and is obliged to pay the rent for the rest of the term.

However, if a tenant has to leave the property during the rental period, they have the option of proposing a replacement tenant to the landlord, who can take over their residence. If the replacement tenant is acceptable to the landlord, they will continue under the same rules and regulations set out in the original contract. The original tenant is no longer bound by the rental rules.

Rental termination by the landlord

In cases where the landlord terminates the contract, giving tenants a letter of notice to Zurich is not legally acceptable. They must notify their tenants using the corresponding form available from the Swiss government. Each landlord must provide a complete copy of the form, provided by their township and municipality, and, if applicable, the tenant, to provide reasons for termination.

Letter/form for cancellation of rental contract (in Zurich)

Instead of an example of a notice letter for a tenant invited to move to Zurich, the following is an example of a typical form provided by a Swiss canton.

For all landlords and landlords who need more information on how to give tenants a notice letter/form in Zurich, we always advise you to seek the appropriate legal advice.

Example of a form/letter giving notice to the tenant in Zurich

Application for expulsion

Property address:

Names and addresses of all owners, tenants and their representatives

Legal request:

The tenant is required [exact description of the rental property, in particular the type (residential or commercial premises, cellar, garage) and the number of rooms, floor, address] immediately leave and properly hand over to the owner, under the Order of Coverage in case of injunction.

The [district/city of insertion] should be investigated, at the request of the defendant to enforce the defendant's obligation.

I claim compensation from the parties: Yes /No (not for proceedings before the arbitration board)

The respondent must be sentenced [exact description of the rental property, in particular the type (residential or commercial premises, basement, screed, garage) and the number of rooms, floor, address] immediately leave and properly hand over to the applicant.

The [district/city insert] should be ordered to render the judgment at the plaintiff's application for enforcement.

Gross current rent per month:

Rent: Fr. per month per year

Disputed amount: (not necessary for the proceedings before the arbitration commission) Fr.

Reason: Please note the respective checklists for information on the reasons for your request.

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Example of a letter of termination of the rental agreement by the tenant

The following is a typical tenancy termination letter from the tenant to the landlord. It must be delivered by registered mail or by hand within the notice period dictated in the contract.



Zip code


Name of Directorate


Zip code


Location: Zurich, [date]

CONCERNED: Termination of the lease

To Whom It May Concern:

I hereby inform you to terminate the rental agreement for the date [insert date]

Can you kindly confirm the acceptance of the termination on the date indicated?

If termination is not accepted by the date indicated, I will ask you to provide an appropriate date and the reasons why.

While waiting for your answer, kind greetings.

[Tenant's signature]


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