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Understanding Online Deposits: A Complete Guide for Property Owners and Renters

Updated: May 10

In terms of seasonal rentals, the online deposit remains essential to protect you as an owner. Indeed, you sign a contract with the temporary tenant as well as an internal regulation. But without the deposit of the deposit, this protection remains insufficient. As a result, you might encounter an awkward situation. To remedy this problem, the Airbnb platform has decided to introduce an optional deposit. It's up to you to make the decision and in this article we give you valuable advice.

The importance of online deposits in protecting owners in seasonal rentals
The online deposit is crucial for protecting owners in seasonal rentals, providing an additional layer of security.

Some additional information on the Airbnb deposit

The online deposit of vacation rental by the Airbnb platform is a way to protect yourself against dishonest tenants. Therefore, you add this option in the announcement of your property whether it is a holiday cottage, an apartment or a house. Once again, we remind you that the deposit remains optional and it remains totally different from the guarantee of the Airbnb host.

When your guests book a single stay, they will not be charged the amount of the deposit. But two days before the start of the rental, the means of payment that was used for the reservation receives a deposit authorization. As a result, when guests have caused damage, they will have no choice but to pay the predefined amount in advance. To claim the Airbnb deposit, you are invited to file a complaint by contacting the Airbnb resolution center.

To claim it, you have 14 days once the stay is over. Sufficient time to check if the tenants have not caused problems or damage. Once the 14 day period has expired, you have no other way of recovering the deposit. If the traveler thinks he made a mistake and agrees to pay the deposit, you will receive that precious amount within five to seven working days.

The guest may very well not respond to your request and if you do not have a favorable response within 72 hours, you must contact the Airbnb platform for contact in order to proceed with the dispute resolution.

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Discovering the Swikly deposit

If you are looking for a solution for to protect your rentals, while simplifying your reservations, you could perfectly consider the Swikly deposit service. First of all, you will appreciate the automation process for your requests with very easy to use tools and applications. Of course, banking security is at the rendezvous with totally secure means of payment thanks to banking partners.

All your deposits are secured on time for only a few hours or for several months. In addition, the credit card limit will not be reduced when you request a deposit. If you are looking to obtain Swikly reviews, you will observe that the majority of users are satisfied with the service, because it is a very effective solution.

Swikly: how does it work?

The Swikly solution is intended only for seasonal rental professionals, but also for outdoor accommodation specialists, vehicle rental companies and equipment rental companies. As a result, you are not only concerned by this service if you are an owner looking for a solution to make your home profitable.

Indeed, you have an interesting possibility for the protection of your rented property, without the many constraints that you must certainly know with checks, transfers, cash or credit card imprints.

Service provided by UpperKey Concierge in managing online deposits for seasonal rentals
UpperKey Concierge provides a comprehensive service, including managing online deposits for seasonal rentals.

As part of a seasonal rental, you are freed from all traditional practices. To understand how it works, you should know that a swik is automatically created from a bank imprint when the customer fills out a secure form. Moreover, the solution can then be used for a few hours or, on the contrary, for several months. The amounts are of course secure, with no impact on the limit of the credit card used. For your part, you just need to issue a request for a deposit in relation to the seasonal rental.

Then, it will be completely secure in a few clicks and in a few minutes. To request a collection, you will also find a most appreciable ergonomics. If you use management software, Swikly integrates very easily. As a result, you no longer have any difficulty in easily managing your deposits online.

If you are not comfortable with these formalities and its tools, do not hesitate to trust a concierge as UpperKey. You benefit from a complete service, offering you great simplicity. So you don't have to worry about the online deposit, because the UpperKey Concierge takes care of everything.


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