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Airbnb Management London

If you own a holiday apartment or second home—depending on how often the guest stay there is—it could be failing to live up to its true potential as an investment property, especially if it is located in one of the top traditional holiday destinations like Paris or London that also have a hot real estate market.

So many second holiday homes (or third, fourth and fifth) sit empty for too long when with the right tenants and day to day management, they could be creating a substantial income for their owners, developers or many homeowners through a combination of short and monthly stays. With careful planning, property owners will see their income increase, thanks to a high demand for short term rentals in the United Kingdom.

However, flexible letting a house or apartment can be incredibly hard work. If you don’t live nearby, or have vacation rental properties in multiple cities, carrying out the necessary work is practically impossible, and that makes the whole process financially ineffective. This is where partnering with property managers become enticing and the property management company specializes in guest communication.