Airbnb Management Services

If you own a holiday apartment or second home—depending on how often you stay there—it could be failing to live up to its true potential as an investment.

So many second homes (or third, fourth and fifth) sit empty for too long when with the right tenants and management, they could be creating a substantial income for their owners.

However, letting a house or apartment can be incredibly hard work. If you don’t live nearby, carrying out the necessary work is practically impossible, and that makes the whole process financially ineffective.

What is Airbnb Management?

Right now, the term Airbnb management has turned into a blanket description for agencies that property-manage holiday lettings, short and mid-term lets, over a vast range of platforms, for their owners. The fact that it’s piggybacked the couch surfing turned short-term let giant’s popularity, only adds clout for those involved.

What the term does, is make it easier for their customers to understand their product.

So, what do those property owners get from the mass of Airbnb management companies on the market today?

Guest Check-in and Support

First impressions count, so when your guests arrive, your management service will be there to greet them. Many services provide 24/7 check-ins. Some offer 24/7 advice and information to cover their guests’ issues and requests.

Marketing and Presentation

Your Airbnb management service will take over your marketing completely. They’ll make sure your property always looks its best, often undertaking the work that it needs to make the difference between a well-presented let and an exceptional let. Then they’ll make sure they get the best out of its prime appearance throughout the market.

Your apartment will then feature on all the platforms it needs to be to fill your letting calendar for as many weeks of the year as you need.

Professional Photographers and Copywriters

By employing professional photographers and copywriters, not only will your property look amazing, but it will also sound amazing—no more low-quality phone pictures or average sounding descriptions, just a professional high-quality presentation.

Your property will carry the look and feel of the most high-profile professional hotels and apartments.

Linen and Cleaning Services and Housekeepers

You’re providing a service that is going to be openly reviewed on every platform, so you need every inch and every area of your visitor’s experience to be impeccable. That includes the cleanliness and laundry in your property.

Property Checks

Your property will receive regular checks. Every new check-in needs to be immaculate, so any breakages, damage, faulty accessories or essentials need sorting before your guests arrive. More often than not, your management service will organize and pay for the work without you having to lift a finger.

Valuation Tools

To maximize profits, your service will calculate your premium rate at various points during the year. Let’s face it, both you and your management service want that—you, to recoup their costs, and them, because they work on a percentage of your booking income.

They’re experts in the field, and often won’t just recoup their fees for you, but acquire a far higher income than you ever could.

Personalized Dashboards and Client Portals

With so much competition, and the world operating online more than ever, you’d be hard-pushed to find a property service that didn’t give you access to how they’re doing. You’ll want to see how many bookings you have, when they’re going to take place, and how much of a return you’re going to make.

All of these things are managed online with a simple login and a list of options. How handy is that?

How does Airbnb Property Management Work?

  1. They market your property on multiple sites. Despite what the name suggests, your service will utilize a range of different platforms, including Airbnb, HomeAway, com, Tripadvisor, Expedia, SpotAHome, Homelike, and more.

  2. Manage listings, photography and rates. They make all the big decisions on your behalf: they organize marketing, bookings, check-ins, changeovers, laundry, and cleaning.

  3. Check-in and key exchange. Some offer a key-box entry system where guests can check themselves in, yet many provide a personal check-in service.

  4. Organize housekeeping services – cleaning and laundry. Your property will be spotless for each new guest. Linen and towels, and whatever else suggested, are provided at arrival, with options for replacements written into the arrangement.

  5. Property maintenance and repairs – design and decoration. If there’s an emergency, you won’t be called in to sort the matter out. That’s another area that your management service takes care of.

  6. They take a percentage of your booking fee. There was always going to be a ‘but’. That said, considering the work that goes into managing your property, it’s not all that big a ‘but’. Working on a percentage is great if your property stands empty during the quiet times of year—as you won’t necessarily pay for the service during those times—but you won’t be earning anything either.

Why Use Airbnb Management?

The list of services we’ve chatted about should give you a good idea of all the things you can stop worrying about. In fact, all you really have to worry about is if the company you choose is reliable, dependable, and as good as their claims. If so? Great news. Sit back and watch the money roll in. If not? Well, that’s where doing your research in advance should help you to make sure you don’t end up in that position.

  • Airbnb management companies save you time and effort. Without having to carry out the mundane day-to-day parts of managing a short-term let, your time becomes your own. You won’t be tired, confused, or stretched too far by all the different roles managing a property involves.

  • It frees up your time to do the things you’d rather be doing. Whether that’s working or something more pleasurable. Take advantage of the free time you’ll accrue instead of performing check-ins, cleaning or laundry—you could be doing something far more productive, like taking a trip of your own.

  • Maximize and increase your income despite their management costs. As experts in the field, they maximize the seasonal rates, attract more bookings and increase your yearly turnover by enough to cover their costs and leave you with higher income.

Why UpperKey is Different from Airbnb Property Services

With UpperKey, you get everything you’d expect from an Airbnb property management service—and more.

The main difference is: we become your tenants—full time—and pay a guaranteed rent, every month, whether you’ve got guests or not.

That’s right. We have a portfolio of clients ready and waiting for the right property, so we don’t need to work on a percentage of your booking fees. We’re so confident we can provide the occupancy you need, we guarantee to pay you a fixed and generous rent, every month, without fail.

Earn rent even when your property is empty

Take a look around our website, and you’ll see the exceptional quality of service we deliver, the superb testimonials we earn, and how pleased our clients are with every step of our process.

With your guaranteed income, you can make plans you might not have been able to budget for if you were waiting to see what kind of income you’d make over a specific term, or through peak or off-peak periods.

What is Airbnb Concierge?

If you’re not around to check your guests in, who is? Who’s going to make sure your apartment is cleaned and presented to the high standards your guests are expecting?

Having a concierge service takes care of all of those items and more.

Airbnb Management in London

We get a lot of clients who need management services in London, and we’re happy to oblige. There are also a lot of possible investors who, with the right service, are happy to invest in the UK capital over some of Europe’s alternative cities.

Airbnb management in Paris

Since the introduction of Airbnb, the ease of finding tenants has affected the rental markets of many of Europe’s capital cities. Paris is only one, and with a list of new legislation to combat the effects this is having on the Parisian culture, there’s a lot more to contend with than you would expect at first glance.

Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb Management Service Fees

How each management service operates and charges typically looks the same on the outset, but are they? From low to high rates to fixed fees—which are the best for you and your apartment? And what are the pros and cons of signing up to each service?

Taking the plunge—safely, and with the right service for you

Without a doubt, you could boost your income and your free time by taking advantage of an Airbnb management service. It’s certainly worth considering for property owners who haven’t taken the plunge yet, or have and realize just how much more work it turned out to be than they expected.

If you want all the advantages that come with a management service and a very generous guaranteed income, then there’s only one service that offers that as standard.

Give us a call today, and let us walk you through how much better off you could be with us looking after you and your property.