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How Do I Change the Use of a Property?

When you need to change the use of a commercial space, it is important to take the right administrative steps. Don't worry, if you are not comfortable with the procedure, we will give you additional information.

When changing the purpose of your commercial space, you need to understand the procedure.

Understanding the purpose of a property

Whether you wish to rent to a company or an individual, it is imperative to take into consideration a set of rules. First of all, let's look at the distinction between the destination and the use. These are different legal expressions and it is therefore important to integrate them, even if the confusion remains easy.

Indeed, it will be perfectly possible for you to modify the destination or the use of a building. However, it is absolutely necessary to take into consideration a legal regulation.

First of all, the use, that is to say whether it is a commercial or residential use. This depends directly on the Building Code for municipalities with more than 200,000 people.

The destination of a building specifies the reason for which it was built. This time, the term refers to the Code de l'urbanisme. But a change of destination of a building is still possible even if its primary use concerns a commercial activity.

In which cases should a change of destination and a change of use be applied?

The change of use is only an administrative procedure and it is perfectly legal. It is a rule that must be respected in the same way as when you make a traditional rental. However, there are two distinct cases.

That is to say, your property is used as a dwelling and you wish to change its use to a commercial use. In other words, you are converting a dwelling into commercial premises.

The second possibility concerns a property used for commercial purposes and you wish to change its use to residential. In other words, you convert a commercial property into a dwelling.

In this case, it is imperative that the change of use be submitted to the town planning authorities and obviously approved by the relevant departments.

How to change the use of a commercial premises to residential use ?

Whether it is for a short or long term rental, it is imperative to take the right steps and to change the use of the commercial premises to residential use.

But this can also be the case if you have an office that you wish to transform into commercial premises. Beforehand, you have to apply for a change of use of your property to the town planning department. Then, a specific document will be issued directly by the municipality of your town.

In total, there are nine types of destination: agricultural exploitation, housing, craft industry, hotel accommodation, warehouses, trade, industries, offices and public service equipment. Therefore, any change of activity requires a change of destination.

Any change of the purpose of your space requires declarationd and paperwork.

The right steps to take for the change of use of a commercial space

In order to carry out a rental in the rules of the art, it is interesting to take an interest in the work to be done. Thus, the change of destination of a commercial premises is carried out on the form of a request taking the form of a simple preliminary declaration if the work concerns only a light refreshment of the interior or a simple installation.

Otherwise, you must opt for a building permit when you carry out work that involves an area of more than 20 m² of floor and that changes are made to the facade or the internal structures of the building.

So, in order to carry out the change of use of your commercial premises, you have no other choice than to turn to the town planning department. Nevertheless, it is possible to carry out this procedure in a dematerialized way via the website in question. To make sure you fill in the right forms, don't hesitate to call the relevant department. But you can also visit the premises and check the opening hours beforehand.

Then, your request for authorization is made to the town hall. You file your prior declaration or your building permit depending on the nature of the work. It takes at least one month before the change of use is taken into account.

Why change the use of a commercial property when it is a seasonal rental ?

If you are the owner of a commercial property, this property can become a profitable investment for seasonal rental. Therefore, you put your property for rent on specialized platforms like Airbnb.

This is an undeniable advantage, as you retain the commerciality of the building. In addition, the 120-day limit per year does not apply to commercial premises in large cities, as is the case in the French capital.

As a bonus, you will benefit from a nightly rate that will be much more important compared to a traditional rental. Plus, rentals are paid well in advance, so you won't end up with unpaid rent.

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As far as the layout of your property is concerned, there are certain rules to respect for seasonal rentals, especially for furnished rentals. Once again, these are notions to integrate that you do not necessarily master. That's why it's a good idea to work with a specialized agency, as is the case with UpperKey.

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