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Conciergerie Airbnb Fully Serviced: Why and How?

You are planning to rent out your property on Airbnb and you may be considering working with a concierge. Indeed, you need a reliable and trustworthy partner on whom you can rely in order to manage the various related services in a 100% quick response time for your Airbnb account making your fully equipped entire rental unit a 5 stars top priority for potential guests on the Airbnb website or App. Airbnb management will be simplified, because you are dealing with real professionals with a perfect knowledge of the environment.

The benefits of working with a concierge for Airbnb management
Perfect knowledge of the environment. Experts in local Airbnb management.

How do you find the best concierge?

Don't jump into a collaboration with the first concierge you can find for Airbnb, You might get issues like trouble checking, so explore other options. In fact, you should always take the time to think about it, and if that time is a luxury, turn directly to UpperKey, a local partner. The concierge is a true benchmark, as you, an individuale host, get absolutely outstanding service with tailored support for your Airbnb account. From the start, you will be charmed by the reinforced communication in order to put you at ease and in good hands, but also to obtain very precise answers to your questions.

Concerning the price of the Airbnb concierge service, it remains totally coherent and you have an à la carte service or a complete service, so it won't be time consuming. In the end, you define yourself the collaboration you wish with UpperKey. But to find out all the details, don't hesitate to approach the specialists immediately. Not only you will get more information, but also various arrangements that are possible.

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What are the benefits of going through a concierge company?

An Airbnb management company remains particularly beneficial on many points. Indeed, you will be able to make your investment project more profitable by maintaining an absolutely remarkable quality of service, essential for travellers.

First of all, you will observe a particularly practical side concerning the management service. Your Airbnb short-term or long-term rental will be fully managed by the Airbnb concierge (to add dates for prices, the cleaning fee, a check availability time, getting protection from host cancellations) and you don't have to worry about different fees or different steps. No need to worry about creating your ad, managing tenant requests, cleaning up after tenants and ensuring the delivery of keys.

With a luxury concierge service, you have a real expertise with a professional who knows his job perfectly. All the arrangements will be made to ensure the reception of the travelers and on your side you will receive positive comments.

As soon as you have the slightest question, you will get a precise answer. This can be for example about your income declaration, a legislative question or about your profitability.

How does a concierge service allow you to have a better income?

Certainly, an Airbnb concierge can be seen as a great way to outsource logistics to seasoned individuals. But it is also an opportunity to get the best possible return on your property. This time, you will be dealing with real experts who will provide you with precise advice to maximize your income. So, the income generated by your rental will allow you to make up for the concierge's commissions.

It will be possible for you to set higher prices and have a better occupancy rate. The savvy advice also allows you to improve the quality of the accommodation to meet a wider demand from seasonal renters. For example, converting a traditional couch into a sofa bed for an extra bed. This way, you can charge more per night.

The potential for higher prices and occupancy rates with expert strategies from the Airbnb concierge
Enhanced accommodation for seasonal renters.

But this is just one of many tips and in any case the price of the night should be adapted to your accommodation. Moreover, the dates of reservation are of utmost importance and it will be possible for you to rent more expensive during certain periods of the year. This is the case if you have an apartment in Biarritz which will be more expensive during the period July-August. But if you have a property near Cannes, you probably know that rentals soar during the festival period.

What is the use of a concierge?

At first glance, seasonal rentals seem particularly attractive. Indeed, you have a very easy management from the platform. But in reality, the constraints appear as you go along, whether in relation to the regulations in force, the time needed for regular monitoring, or to respond to travelers' requests.

Moreover, you are a bit lost on how to write the ad, on how to put the best pictures as well as the time needed to clean the place between 2 reservations. You have to spend your time to welcome travelers properly by answering all their questions.

Even if you don't feel like doing it, it's an obligation on your part, because you have to provide the best possible service in order to obtain a certain profitability. So to avoid these various hassles, there is a very simple solution by choosing the best concierge service. Moreover, many companies have developed in recent years and they offer a full management of your property or a partial management. In fact, you define your needs in advance and the concierge service will adapt without any problem.

For example, UpperKey Concierge Services will be able to relieve you of the various expenses you may have to deal with when renting out your property on a short-term basis. At your service, the professionals will provide you with real expertise.

One or more tasks will be managed directly by the agency, such as handing over the keys, managing the housekeeping, doing check in, telling the house rules, reminding the cancellation policy or providing a more comprehensive service. For more information, don't hesitate to contact the UpperKey agency, which has an excellent reputation and customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The importance of clearly defined and transparent pricing for concierge services
Fixed costs consideration, logistics and cleaning expenses.

What is the price of a concierge?

To be honest, the pricing of the concierge will be directly dependent on several factors. It is a commission in relation to the nature of the services. So the price will not be the same for a simple operation or for a total management. But it will be necessary to consider an average between 10 and 25 percent in relation to the various profits that you could generate on your seasonal rental, that can be increased with a higher occupancy rate.

Fixed costs may also be present related to logistics or cleaning costs. In any case, the pricing should be clearly defined from the beginning and be established in all transparency.

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So, don't hesitate to get as much information as possible, but above all see the many benefits to avoid managing seasonal travelers. If you don't know which way to go at the moment, you can trust UpperKey Concierge. They will be at your side to provide you with a service without the slightest defect, to ensure a tailor-made accompaniment and systematically with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.


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