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All About Airbnb Concierge Services

You own a property and you want to rent it out on a seasonal basis. Naturally, you turn to specialized platforms like But you will quickly see that the management remains particularly heavy, hence the need to find a concrete solution by choosing an Airbnb concierge. This way, you are relieved of the various obligations and you know that the temporary occupants will benefit from a tailor-made service. However, if you want to know how to find the best concierge company, you will have to make your choice based on objective criteria.

While Airbnb facilitates rental, there are still a lot of aspects to manage.

Learn about the services of a luxury Airbnb concierge

You have many questions about how to rent your property on the Airbnb platform. That's when concierge services come into play. First, it's worth looking into the different local regulations. For example, if you want to do your rental in a major French city like Paris, many rules apply like declaring your accommodation to the city hall.

But beyond that, an Airbnb concierge will provide you with a lot of information regarding the management of your property. Thus, you are reassured, because your seasonal rental will be carried out according to the legislation in force. Therefore, you don't have to worry about paying fines or receiving penalties.

When an Airbnb management company encourages communication with your customers.

In order to facilitate Airbnb management, you need to have a successful customer experience. This requires particularly careful communication by being able to respond to the many messages you may receive. This is an absolutely essential activity and if your property is successful, you're going to have to spend a lot of time on it.

If you want to take care of this time-consuming phase, no problem by choosing a 24/7 concierge service. The latter will provide total assistance to your seasonal tenants who can count on the most efficient assistance. This is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction and to increase your chances of getting good reviews.

As you probably know, social proof is still a determining factor today. If you have been able to accumulate a lot of positive reviews, you have a much better chance of re-letting your property in the best conditions.

Good communication with the client can ensure a good experience and possibly, their return.

Optimizing your income with careful selection

It is perfectly understandable that you have a busy schedule and therefore prefer to have an Airbnb rental management with a professional agency so that it optimizes your income. It all starts with screening potential guests so that you don't have annoying tenants during your stay.

There are always disreputable travelers and in this case you could have many worries regarding a degradation of your property. The Airbnb concierge's first mission will be to filter out these undesirable travelers and therefore it is a way to optimize your income.

But that's not all, your rental property will be displayed with a very competitive rate compared to the local market. As a result, your income will be well and truly present, without fear of suffering the consequences if you set too high a rate.

The Airbnb concierge service should be seen as a business that operates in a similar way to a property management company. The rental pricing will be adjusted anyway based on supply and demand, but also based on local reality.

In order for your income to be at its highest, it is imperative to have a maximum occupancy rate.

In order to be aware of this, a detailed report will be provided to you on a monthly or quarterly basis. This information is particularly useful and you do not need to be a seasoned accountant to understand it. Moreover, depending on the results obtained, a new strategy can also be used. Some adjustments can be particularly wise like adding an extra bed to make the nightly price more important.

The usefulness of a concierge service for cleaning

You may know this, but housekeeping is a big part of the platform. You certainly don't want to rent out your property without cleaning it. Yet, it is imperative to perform it every time a rental has just ended. If you have the time and of course the desire, nothing prevents you from carrying out the cleaning by yourself.

If not, you can rely on an Airbnb concierge partner who will do a thorough cleaning. After each guest's visit, everything will be put back in order with a deep disinfection work.

But an Airbnb concierge cleaning service goes even further by performing various maintenance and repair jobs. It could be that during a tenant's stay, an electrical appliance is damaged, an outlet or a shutter that doesn't close. The janitorial service will quickly find a solution and proceed to repair the malfunction that may have been found.

What is the best concierge service?

This is a very legitimate question, because now that you know its usefulness, you certainly want to take advantage of its many benefits. UpperKey Concierge is a true reference in this regard.

It is an absolutely comprehensive service and the agency's philosophy is to provide the best possible support to its clients. So whether you own a primary residence or a second home to be rented out on Airbnb, you can sign up with your eyes closed.

Moreover, the price of the Airbnb concierge service is particularly competitive. You define yourself the services you need, as it is possible to delegate the property management completely or to have only certain services that may interest you. The easiest way is to discuss it as soon as possible in order to know the different arrangements to be made and to know the pricing.

But in any case, you should know that the quality of service will be the major concern of the UpperKey agency.

UpperKey has the experience necessary to create a good experience for both the landlords and the tenants.

What criteria should you consider when choosing an Airbnb concierge service?

Before you go looking for the best concierge service, start by focusing on your need. Do you want an a la carte or all-inclusive service? To be honest, these are two distinct possibilities depending on your schedule and level of involvement. If you want to delegate property management entirely, it is best to choose an all-inclusive service. If not, you should opt for an à la carte service.

But in any case, don't think you're saving money by choosing only certain services and managing the description of your ad, the photographs and the reception of visitors yourself. It is a profession in its own right and the slightest mistake could cost you dearly.

Therefore, the concierge will take over with the objective of satisfying all potential customers. It is an excellent opportunity to generate additional income, without having to worry about the various tax and administrative procedures. Finally, if you have any question, you can directly ask your privileged interlocutor.

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