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Maximise your rental income!

Maximize Your Vacation Rental Experience with Concierge Services

On your side, you have taken the step of becoming an airbnb owner and putting your property in seasonal rental. An excellent initiative on your part, but you are now looking for a solution to maximize your income. In this context, why not choose a seasonal concierge agency, because the agency has the necessary experience to help you develop your income.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand what services are offered and to orient yourself only towards a concierge service that you can trust.

Look for an agency with a proven track record and positive testimonials from other clients
Trust and reliability are essential when choosing a seasonal concierge agency.

A few more details about concierge services.

Before choosing a physical concierge or a telephone concierge, it is necessary to look at its definition. Even if you are in the business of vacation rentals, you should know that this activity requires time. You must be available to answer the numerous messages you will receive, but also for the handing-over of the keys and the departure of the tenants. Don't forget to add to this the need to clean the house to welcome the future tenants in the best conditions.

In addition, you may live far from your seasonal rental and therefore you do not want to multiply the return trips. In order to free yourself from these various constraints, you can contact a concierge service. The agency will be able to perfectly manage your seasonal rental with more or less complete packages according to your needs. The easiest way is to choose an à la carte service if you have time to manage your rental partially or a complete service if you wish to delegate totally.

With the right partner, an Airbnb investment will pay off very quickly.

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Delegate check-in and check-out to your concierge

Checking out and checking in travelers are particularly important missions, as they either take place independently or in a presidential capacity. In both cases, it is important to manage this step properly, hence the importance of handing over your keys directly to the concierge. A person will physically go to the property to welcome the travelers and explain to them how the equipment works. This is a guarantee of quality for the tenant who will not fail to underline it in his positive comment.

The reception of the customers also requires the presentation of the internal rules of the apartment or the house, the general presentation of the property as well as an inventory of fixtures to make sure that there is not the least dysfunction. But in some cases, the presence of a connected lock or a code avoids going on site. But it is also necessary to reach the various instructions directly by mail or via a specialized application.

Ensuring they are aware of all guidelines and policies during their stay.
Providing excellent check-in experiences can lead to positive guest reviews, ultimately enhancing the property's reputation and attracting more bookings.

Once again, the objective remains the same, that is to provide the best possible welcome to the tenant. The same approach is also taken when the traveler leaves by checking the general condition of the property and taking into consideration his remarks.

Does a concierge manage the cleaning of an rental?

Cleaning is an essential part of renting on Of course, you can perfectly manage this part on your own, but if you don't feel like it or if you don't have enough time, the concierge will be happy to take care of it. To do this, you must look for a concierge service in Paris or in the city corresponding to your property.

It is not a question of a superficial cleaning, but well and truly to take care of the linen and the general cleaning.

Concerning the pricing of such a practice, it will depend on the surface of the property. For example, for a studio of less than 30 square meters, the cleaning costs are generally 55 €. Between 30 and 50 square meters, a budget of 65 € will be necessary and finally 75 € for a surface between 50 and 69 square meters. The easiest way is to contact the concierge to find out more about the costs involved.

Is it possible to benefit from a complete management of my Airbnb property?

For many owners, rental management is a real headache. But rest assured, it is possible to delegate this operation entirely to a concierge service. In this way, the professional will take care of the complete creation of your ad, taking care to add a precise description and high quality photos.

As for the price of the night, it will be systematically adjusted according to the period of the year. In order for the traveler to be satisfied, it is also necessary to ensure a very good communication and to select them carefully. Then, the handing over of the keys will take place with the reception of the traveler.

Upon departure, the concierge is also present to ensure that there is no degradation and that satisfaction is maintained. In addition to the previous management, the concierge will take care of the laundry and various cleaning tasks. If the slightest incident occurs, the event will be reported to the owner anyway.

With this efficient management, you can be sure that your property will be kept in excellent condition and will be perfectly functional.

In any case, a proper concierge service will offer you an à la carte pricing based on the services you need. But you can also opt for a complete management in order to relieve you of the various worries of the rental management.

Is it possible to benefit from additional services?

Some concierge services go far beyond rental management by offering enriching experiences for travelers. This is called cross-selling and we recommend that you contact the concierge company you've chosen to learn more about it.

But the least we can say is that the additional services will leave an unforgettable memory to your travelers. An excellent opportunity to get high marks on the booking site.

Some of the concierge services include extra cleaning, the possibility of serving breakfast. For a family with small children, the rental of childcare equipment is an excellent opportunity. In addition, there is the possibility to reserve a restaurant or a place for a special event.

Making it convenient for families with small children to travel comfortably
Additional services such as breakfast arrangements can leave an unforgettable memory for travelers and enhance their overall experience.

But that's not all, the concierge can also manage the delivery of groceries before the travelers arrive on site. As you can see, the missions are diverse and varied, but the goal remains the same, to provide the best possible service to your tenants.

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How did UpperKey manage to establish itself as an Airbnb concierge?

How about taking advantage of the UpperKey concierge experience? Indeed, you will benefit from a privileged interlocutor who will take care of the total or partial management of your property.

Not only do you no longer have to worry about managing your tenants, but you will receive your income monthly. Plus, you can be sure that your property remains in the best possible condition. UpperKey sets itself apart from the competition by being especially responsive to your every need. Our knowledge of the market is also excellent, whether in Paris or in other French cities.

So to take advantage of a vacation rental management service with the best quality-price ratio, contact UpperKey directly.


Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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