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Why Become An Airbnb Owner?

Today, Airbnb is an essential platform in seasonal rentals. It allows you to obtain very attractive occupancy rates and of course high returns. As a host, you also benefit from compensation in the event of damage by the tenant. But above all, if your property benefits from a very good geographical location, you are sure to supplement your income.

Airbnb is a very attractive platform for seasonal rentals.

How to register on the platform as an owner?

If you want to manage on Airbnb, it is imperative to start with a registration. Don't worry, it's an extremely simple step and all you have to do is let yourself be guided through an ergonomic interface. In this way, you will be able to create your profile by making a description and adding your photo.

Then, it will be imperative to create a specific space, that is to say an owner space so that you can add your goods to be rented. However, certain precautions must be observed for success to be achieved. Only use professional photos, because the visuals are a determining factor for the visitor to proceed with the reservation. Do not forget to also translate your ad into several languages, because if you live in a tourist town, there will not only be French people likely to be interested.

The minimum remains to have your ad translated into English. Do not forget to specify your rental conditions by being particularly strict, to avoid incurring penalties if you ever cancel the reservation. Finally, indicate precisely all the equipment that your accommodation has, because this is always a competitive advantage.

How does the platform work as an owner?

Once you have created your ad, you will need to manage it from your account. See this as an owner space allowing you to add new photos, modify the description of your ad or act on reservations. The first element to know is based on availability and this is a function that will be directly managed by the Airbnb calendar. You define the opening and closing dates of the rental yourself. In addition, it will be directly from this tab that you will be able to act on the prices of the night.

The Airbnb platform has many tools that can help you with your rental.

Another thing to consider is your inbox. It is from this that you will communicate with other travelers by sending, for example, a pre-approval that they can of course accept or refuse. Be aware that Airbnb service fees will automatically apply, but rest assured the amount remains perfectly reasonable, as it will be only 3% on the value of the rentals made.

What are the tips for optimizing your ad as an owner?

Do not see an Airbnb property as simply furnished. You must think above all about comfort and define your accommodation with a certain personality. If you have introduced a hair dryer, a kettle or a coffee machine, these are elements that are important in tourism.

The quality of the property is therefore essential for the comfort of travelers to be well and truly at the rendezvous. But if you hope for interesting income, it is essential to dwell on the attractiveness of your ad.

To do this, buy a property in a tourist area when you have the opportunity. This is the case for an Airbnb rental in Paris, but be aware that other cities are also attractive such as Biarritz, Cannes, Bordeaux, Toulouse or Lyon.

If the acquisition has already been made, you must obtain professional photos and write a proper advertisement to maximize your chances of booking. Of course, it is always tempting to take the photographs on your own, but be aware that you do not have the same equipment and the same professionalism as a photographer. The same goes for writing an ad, because it is a significant investment in terms of time.

As an owner, be careful about comments

From your dashboard, you will discover the comments that have been left by travelers. Considered the sinews of war, because the higher your rating, the more bookings you will get. Comments are based on several criteria, in particular the accuracy of your ad. The latter must imperatively reflect the reality of the accommodation. Another essential element is cleanliness. Travelers do not want to discover unsanitary accommodation.

Communication is also essential in order to respond favorably to requests from your travellers. Following this, the reception is important and in this case, it is better not to be late.

An Airbnb review will also focus on the location of your property and the value for money. If you are meticulous about these different elements, you will get a better score resulting in an increase in your profitability.

Your reviews can be influenced by various details, such as cleanliness.

What is Superhost status on

Your goal will be to gain Superhost status on the platform. To do so, you must meet the following criteria:

• Have an overall assessment of at least 4.8.

• Your response rate must not drop below 90%, which means you must respond within 24 hours.

• Each year, you welcome at least 10 groups of travellers.

• Finally, the last criterion is never to cancel a reservation, unless you find yourself in a case of force majeure.

It's in your best interest to get the Superhost badge because you'll be identified as a serious host. This is also an important criterion for many travelers who do not wish to obtain the slightest disappointment.

What is the point of going through an Airbnb concierge service when you are an owner?

Listing a property for seasonal rental on the platform remains within everyone's reach. But you certainly want to be calm, avoid complications and obtain the best profitability. In this case, the concierge really takes on its full

meaning and you can now request additional information from Upperkey.

Indeed, it is a particularly meticulous company with the desire to support its customers. By entrusting your seasonal rental property to Upperkey, you no longer have any concerns and everything will be managed directly by the agency. At the end of each month, you receive your income in relation to your occupancy rate and in relation to the price defined for each night.

This is a particularly useful and practical service to optimize your time and income as an Airb and b owner. So if you do not yet know the UpperKey concierge, do not hesitate to contact them.