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All About Paris Rental Property Management

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The daily management of a Paris rental cannot be improvised, otherwise you will accumulate unfavorable notices and the Paris rental of your property will be more complex. However, you have the possibility of delegating to a concierge who will be perfectly capable of ensuring the property management of vacation furnished apartments. Not only will you be able to optimize your return, but you will also have peace of mind because you will not waste time managing the tenant.

The benefits of delegating property management to a professional for optimal returns and peace of mind
Efficient property management with Paris vacation rental concierge.

The constraints of a Paris property management during seasonal rentals

First of all, you must know that the management of a property requires time and management costs e.g. during water damage, stolen security deposit, lost rent receipt... However, you can perfectly free yourself from this constraint by turning to a concierge service. This way, you will have more free time and you can concentrate on your main activities.

But that's not all, managing a vacation furnished apartment can sometimes be complex if you live far from your main residence. It is also a complex situation when you have to manage a large property portfolio for seasonal furnished apartments. If you are not very available, and if you wish to obtain a personalized accompaniment, it is imperative to delegate and to choose a real estate agency specialized in the seasonal home management.

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How to save time in the seasonal rental management Paris?

The Paris rental management will give you a great advantage, because you save time and energy. You no longer have to worry about the day-to-day management of the property, which consists of publishing an advertisement, managing reservations, reception, cleaning and tax returns. As far as the City of Paris is concerned, it is imperative to scrupulously follow the regulations in force, which also implies a certain administrative follow-up.

A real estate agency specialized in Paris rental management will provide you with the benefit of its expertise by providing you with a maximum of details and by accompanying you.

Advantages of using a specialized real estate agency for Paris rental management
The need to carefully monitor various administrative aspects in Paris rental management.

A seasonal Paris rental real estate agency that offers you peace of mind

By using property management services from a property management company in Paris, you do not have to worry about collecting your income. Indeed, the advertisement of your property has been optimized and published on major platforms such as Airbnb. Everything has been done so that the Paris rental vacancy is minimal, without the need for individual management.

The managers of the seasonal Paris rental will make you benefit from their network and their knowledge by using particularly powerful communication tools. In this way, the price defined from the start will be respected and the Paris rental vacancy will be minimal. You don't have to fear that your property will not be rented, which would inevitably lead to a loss of profitability.

You will receive advice from experts who are used to dealing with similar situations. On your side, you could be lost in front of the numerous imperatives that a seasonal rental implies. With the right guidance, your Paris rental project will take shape with very accurate estimates on the nightly or weekly booking.

Why choose UpperKey for the financial management of a seasonal rental?

UpperKey Paris will provide you with many advantages mentioned above. Whether you are in Paris or in another city, you will have a customer service that is always at your disposal. Indeed, the communication remains essential and it is necessary to go in this direction. The administration of a seasonal Paris rental constitutes our core business and we have the will to answer precisely to your needs.

Providing excellent communication and precise attention to the landlord's needs
Your partner for hassle-free rental management.

Whenever you need to be reassured about a technical or administrative issue, we will of course be at your side. This is how our Airbnb Paris concierge service has built up an excellent reputation and it is up to you to contact our real estate agency to find out more.

How can seasonal home management help you develop your income?

When you have a furnished parisian apartment or a house in seasonal rental, it is possible to generate much more income compared to a classic rental. This can be done in tourist cities, but also in cities with very special events like Cannes.

By opting for an Airbnb home management, you are sure to make your real estate property profitable. But it is important to delegate to a seasoned professional who knows all the tricks of the seasonal rental business. Thanks to a work upstream, everything has been done so that the rental vacancy is minimal and the profitability maximum. Moreover, you do not have to fear unpaid rents, which is an undeniable advantage.

Is it possible for an owner to manage the seasonal rental himself ?

Of course, as the owner of your real estate property you can manage it yourself either a short- or long-term rental. But even if it is a short term rental, it implies different logistic means and time. Moreover, it is imperative that you live nearby to take care of the various daily tasks.

If this is the case, you can maintain your vacation rental and ensure the reception of the various new tenants. But beyond the necessary logistics, you need to take the time to manage the different ads. You must therefore take extra time to publish ads on adapted platforms such as Airbnb. An imperative to get maximum visibility. But don't forget to be reactive, because this is how you will put all the chances on your side to conclude a short-term rental.

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Also, take the time to read the negative as well as the positive reviews, because if you are not a specialist you could make some mistakes that will harm your profitability. For this reason, you have all the reasons to pass by a manager of seasonal rental in order to unload you of its various constraints.

So if you need or would like home management in Paris either you speak French or not, in another French city or anywhere in the world, don't hesitate to contact UpperKey. Moreover, a simple contact does not commit you to anything and in return you will receive all the information that will allow you to make the right decision.

Paris’s Arrondissements Municipaux — the Administrative Districts of Paris

As well as being named and numbered, the arrondissements are also considered by their location to the river Seine. Arrondissements 1 to 4 are set on the right or north bank, with the 5th to 7th on the left bank. 8 to 12 form a second arc on the right (north) bank and 13 to 15 complete the line-up on the left (south). The final four, 16 to 20, create the outer circle over the right side (north bank).

1st Ie Right bank Louvre

2nd IIe Right bank Bourse

3rd IIIe Right bank Temple

4th IVe Right bank Hôtel-de-Ville

5th Ve Left bank Panthéon

6th Vie Left bank Luxembourg

7th VIIe Left bank Palais-Bourbon

8th VIIIe Right bank Élysée

9th IXe Right bank Opéra

10th Xe Right bank Entrepôt

11th XIe Right bank Popincourt

12th XIIe Right bank Reuilly

13th XIIIe Left bank Gobelins

14th XIVe Left bank Observatoire

15th XVe Left bank Vaugirard

16th XVIe Right bank Passy

17th XVIIe Right bank Batignolles-Monceau

18th XVIIIe Right bank Butte-Montmartre

19th XIXe Right bank Buttes-Chaumont

20th XXe Right bank Ménilmontant


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