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Maximise your rental income!

Optimize Your Earnings: Expert International Property Management and Airbnb Services in Durban

Once you begin investing in rental properties, you begin to notice that it takes a lot more time and effort than you ever imagined possible. While there is the potential for excellent returns on your investments, ROI, there is also the possibility that money can be lost as well.

It’s really all about property management and keeping those rentals occupied. One or two vacant months can eat up an entire year’s ROI. With that said, it’s time to talk to you about what we at UpperKey can do to take those worries off your chest.

Furnished apartment open for rent in tourists and clients all over the city
Effective property management will ensure your return of investment in no time.

Introducing Upper Key Living Ltd.

This is where it tends to get a bit confusing when trying to find us online. Our company name is registered as Upper Key Living, Ltd. That’s our trade name. However, our domain name is registered as Also, we are registered to do business in several countries in Europe as well as in the United States.

You will find that we have UpperKey Headquarters in London, Paris and New York, but we manage properties in various locations such as Miami, Brussels, Zurich, Geneva, and Dublin. Of course, we manage rental properties in other cities throughout the UK, Europe and the United States as well, but this gives you an idea of the scope of expertise we are so proud of.

For just a moment, let’s go back to our name which can be a little confusing. When speaking of our licensed/registered company we are on the books as Upper Key Living, Ltd. However, our brand is UpperKey, one word without the space. Therefore, if you want to search for properties we manage or any aspect of the services we offer, it is best to just search for “UpperKey” and then the remainder of the search term. In other words, it is not two words. It is simply UpperKey.

High quality dining room open for clients from other cities
UpperKey Living as one of the top managements for rental properties throughout the UK, Europe and the United States

Long Term, Short Term and Airbnb Lettings

Not only do we handle long term and short term lettings in several countries, but we also have Airbnb concierge services as well. We handle everything from advertising properties for rent, vetting applicants, taking deposits and rents and then collecting rent every month throughout their contract. You will never need to deal with that again and as that is one of the biggest worries landlords around the globe share. When we manage properties for you, we also see to it that maintenance is kept up and that any repairs needing to be done are handled expertly and efficiently.

We have lettings that are furnished that are most suitable to short term or Airbnb lettings with concierge services, but sometimes corporate tenants sign a rental contract for a year because they are stationed at an international branch of their firm. Since they are not moving for the long term to new countries or cities beyond a year, there is no need to ship or buy their own furniture. While we do also handle properties that are unfurnished, those are usually the long-term tenants who want to bring their own furnishings and décor with them.

UpperKey property management blue banner

The Benefits of Letting UpperKey Manage Your Properties

As we mentioned above, one of the major benefits we can offer is that you will never need to worry about non-payment ever again. We guarantee that and when signing the initial contract with us there are actually two types of arrangements you can make. Either you can contract us to manage your property for you or you can rent your property to us.

It all begins with talking to us about what you are looking for. Once we’ve viewed your property we can talk terms. If you want guaranteed rent each and every month for up to three years, we can literally become your tenants and rent it from you for up to six months in advance. Or, if you would rather, you could contract us to manage the property for you which entails everything from finding tenants to collecting rents and even letting them go (evicting) them if the need arises.

A nice view in one of the spaces managed by UpperKey
UpperKey Management will never let you worry about non payments again.

Sharing Decades of Experience for Your Edification

One thing you will find extremely helpful is our onsite blog which offers information on everything from the legalities of letters of termination to and from tenants in various countries like Switzerland to the issues property managers, tenants and the property market may face during a global pandemic like Covid-19.

Whether you choose to contract us to find and sign tenants or to contract us to be your tenants for up to three years, we offer the benefit of our experience in the field of property management on more than one continent. UpperKey believes that everyone benefits from property that is managed well and once you see what you can gain by putting your rentals in the hands of seasoned property management experts, you will be able to enjoy the income without suffering the headaches.

UpperKey property management blue banner

Contacting Us for the Locations You Are Interested In

Also as mentioned above, we offer services in Europe, the UK and the United States. With that said, you can always contact us via to see if we have agents working in countries and cities you have property in. We will set up the earliest convenient appointment to meet with you and to view your property or properties.

This is especially helpful for new investors who are breaking into the property investment field. You have heard that there are fantastic profits to be made but may not have been warned about all the work involved in reaching the ROI you have in mind. You will learn that finding tenants entails a knowledge of marketing techniques to reach the audience you desire and that there are legalities involved in the termination of rental contracts during or at the lease’s end.

Even when you have but a single property to be let out, there is much to do in order to make a profit. Whether you are new to investment properties or a seasoned investor seeking expert property management, this is what UpperKey is all about and why we are the upper end of property management. We are the UpperKey.


Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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