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What to Look for in a 1 Month Apartment Rental in London

London is a hub for short-term tenants. Whether they are travelling for business purposes, or recreational ones, month long rentals are in high exigence. For anything longer than a couple of nights, using a hotel seems impractical. Not only will the cost soar through the budget, but it lacks the privacy and homely touches that one may miss when away for business purposes. That is where short-term lets come in handy, so if you are on the market for one month apartment rental in London, read on for some helpful tips and handy guidance.

Convenience and flexibility of short-term lets for stays in London
Helpful tips for one-month apartment rental. Making the right choice.

What Short-Term Let Apartments Are

Short-term lets, as defined here by UpperKey, are anything less than a six month contract. The primary reason people need this type of accommodation is owing to work reasons, such as travelling around for business. Other reasons are because of a breakup, needing temporary accommodation during a renovation project or emergency repairs, or a base camp for navigating a foreign travel excursion. Whatever the reason, short-term lets in London, for the purposes of this article, will focus on the timespan of one month.

Types of Short-Term Let on Offers

London has an eclectic range of housing from studio flats to big, old houses with multiple bedrooms. Whatever you need, London will have it. Verify that the space is not a shared space if that is something you care about and that it ticks all your criteria boxes. Whatever you want to find, there are bound to be a few dozen properties that sync up with your vision.

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The Price

London rental properties pop up all over the city. Not all of these will be 1 month rental London options, but there is a fair amount that will accommodate these types of contracts. City of London rent prices vary increasingly by area statistics, property type, and the size of the development. Yet, it is something to take note of as many people looking for short-term letting options will have a budget to stand by. In a capital city with a highly competitive and lacking housing market, expect to pay a premium. In high-traffic, adored touristy areas like Clapham Common and Westminster, you can expect to pay well over £1,000 for a month, sometimes ranging up to £20,000 for the higher-end buildings.

The Agreement

It is important, regardless of the length of the contract, for there to be an official and legally binding agreement drawn up and signed by both parties. This is the only way to protect yourself should a landlord be operating with less than honorable intentions. Sometimes, these listings are a scam, a way for fraudsters to manipulate people into forfeiting their money into a pipe dream, not a reality. When this happens, always report it to local law enforcement as it is taken extremely seriously, and they are better equipped to get your money back.

The safety and trust secured through legal rental agreements.
Securing your rental with legal agreements.

The Property Size

The size of the property will be one of the biggest factors in deciding the price, but everyone has a different requirement in this department. As mentioned above, there is everything from studio flats to small manor houses out there on the current short-term letting market. Tenants seeking this style of arrangement really are able to have their pick.

Cleanliness and General State of the Property

Always request and conduct a viewing before agreeing to anything to do with the property. You are under no obligation and legally culpable for any fees or remuneration until you sign on the dotted line and become a party to the tenancy contractual agreement. A viewing (or multiple) enables you to take a deeper exploration, verify the authenticity and ensure that there are no major red flags. Key things to look out for that will be a good indication as to whether the property is one to avoid are:

  • Mould and damp patches. Even in small quantities, these can be bad for your health and the air quality around you. They also mean the property is damaged and the landlord is not taking action, especially if they don’t mention it.

  • The quality of the beds and mattresses. Don’t be afraid to sit on them to try them out, as your comfort levels are important. You don’t want to sign off on a property only to find you can’t actually sleep in the bed.

The Location

London is, of course, a major global city. It has hundreds of boroughs and areas to pick from and explore. There are some places that are amazing to live in shown here by UpperKey, and other places that should be avoided at all costs. The reputation of any area is something to be researched before moving there. Where you stay on a one month basis will usually be dictated by travel considerations, school requirements, work agendas, or where has the best price on offer.

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Monthly furnished options London has to offer are the clear choice for short-term rentals. No one needs the stress of turning up to and having paid for the property regardless of why you need it to find a lack thereof of furniture. There has to be, at the very least, a bed and somewhere to sit. There are various rules and regulations around short-term lets, as explained here by Upper Key, and these are reflected in the landlord practices in the context of morality and legality. It is not uncommon for apartments in buildings that exist in affluent areas (Covent Garden, Battersea Rise) to have a concierge or serviced provisions in place for residents. Get to know what will be on offer and what you are expected to pay for the extra perks.

The last point to consider in the services category is how hands-on the short-term landlord actually is. There is no real way to know this other than arranging an initial meeting and allowing yourself to get a feel for the aura and intention. Ask them directly what their policy is when it comes to fixing repairs, given that the rental period will be unlike a traditional tenancy. Many landlords operating under this model of business may wait until the month has passed to carry out maintenance to prepare the space for the next tenant. Others choose to implement ongoing interventions as and when they are needed.

The importance of finding hands-on landlords who address maintenance in short-term rentals in London
Clarifying repair policies for short-term tenancies.


Do you need the rental to be near anything in particular? Some tenants seeking out this type of housing may find it useful to have a shop at the top of the road. Others may need to be right next to a bus stop to motivate them along in their morning commute. Perhaps there has to be an outside space nearby or even on location for outdoor exercise sessions. Regardless of the demand, there will be a property that ticks all the boxes even if that is done reasonably holistically.

When it comes to a 1 month rental, London has a great selection to pick from. The monthly furnished rentals London has to offer are truly unique and highly practical when it comes to finding a place to fit in with your criteria. Remember to consider the price carefully and compare it closely to all the choices on your list. As long as the location is where you need it, the amenities are up to standard and the landlord is reputable, London has a lot to offer.


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