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How to Find the Perfect Airbnb Long Term Stay for You

Booking a long-term Airbnb stay requires a different mindset during the search process than when looking for a shorter vacation. There are bound to be contextual necessities such as kitchen space and washer facilities that just don’t matter if you’re staying for a weekend as opposed to a month or longer. Longer stays Airbnb models are becoming more popular because they have the appeal of freeform living, minimised bills, lack of responsibility regarding assets, and flexibility to change the scenery whenever you like. If you are looking for a long-term Airbnb stay, read this guide to find out exactly what you need to know and how to go about it.

The concept of having a home on the road with all-inclusive features
The all-inclusive long-term Airbnb option.

So, What Exactly Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online platform where landlords in the non-traditional sense are able to rent out their homes while travelling or second homes for vacation places to stay. People sign up to the site, create a profile and search for a place to stay. This is then communicated with the host and the booking is either accepted or rejected. People leaned into this method heavily as it provided a fresh take on travelling and provided a level of comfort and autonomy that the traditional hospitality and hotel industry had yet to replicate. You can read more about the Airbnb origin story on Upper Key.

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Know How to Work the Search Filters

Search filters are going to be the most valuable tool, in the beginning, to ultimately create a short list of properties to check out. Knowing how to work them means understanding what criteria you won’t compromise on versus the things you will. For example, do you need two bathrooms, or will one be enough in reality? Would a king size bed really make that much of a difference as opposed to a queen sized one? Do you want outside space or is a local park down the road just as good?

Depending on how long you might be staying there, some things are relevant while others are not. Most search filters, especially the ones on the Airbnb site (https// long term lettings), are fairly intuitive, user friendly, and have a bunch of options to explore.

  • Price: This is entirely dictated by the area, size of the property, and host status.

  • Area: Where do you need to stay? Major cities have the most to offer in terms of long-term rentals, but there are some rural options.

  • Bedrooms: How many do you want?

  • Bathrooms: En-suite or master bathroom? One or two?

  • Pets/No Pets: Taking your pet along might be a dealbreaker.

  • Children/No Children: Some hosts have properties that are not family friendly.

These are six core areas that most people want to filter through to find the right property. Naturally, there are always other relevant filters and you can also sift through the map and make choices about location, local amenities, and distance to public transport if required.

Make a Shortlist to Refer Back to

After having decided what you are searching for, it is time to fine-tune this and shape it into a list of potential Airbnb long term rentals. To create the perfect shortlist, you need to follow a routine and adhere to a methodological approach.

What to Look For

Pay close attention to the following features to get a better overview of any property before it makes the final cut. Aim to have at least three, preferably five, properties to explore further.

The Pictures

How many pictures are there of the property? Most authentic owners with nothing to hide will allow as many images of their building as the site permits. A house with three images is never going to be as trustworthy as one with thirty or more. Pictures are a tell-tale sign of the condition, amenities, and proof of features. For example, if the host is claiming there are three bedrooms, check there are pictures of all three rooms so that when you show up, there are no surprises.

The honesty conveyed by images, revealing the condition and amenities
Decoding property condition and amenities.

The Reviews

What do the guests have to say? Is the host helpful? What are the ratings averaging out as? Obtain the answers to these three questions and never hesitate to dive as far back as you want to understand the whole story of a property. If you are going to be staying somewhere on a long-term basis, it is important to have all the facts and there is no better place to obtain these than through reading the experience through the eyes of other people.

The Amenities

On a basic level, you need somewhere to sleep, a place to eat, and a washroom. Most properties will have these things, but a long-term stay demands a little more than the fundamental checkpoints. Make sure there is at the very least a kitchen with a stove and storage such as a refrigerator so you can cook. Washing machines would also be helpful as it eliminates the need for searching out external laundry services.

Look at the Extra Fees

Upper Key tells you everything you need to know about rental agreements on Airbnb. Regardless, you have to understand the fees before you sign a contract. Extra fees do exist, and long-term rentals may mitigate these to some extent, but you will be liable for the payment of whatever you sign up for. Sometimes, it’s worth paying the cleaning fee so that is another thing off your plate.

Shop Around

After compiling a short list, it is time to shop around a little. Explore every viable option regardless of whether you love the first thing you see. Talk to the host, get to know the potential, and always request a viewing if that is an option available to you in terms of practicalities. Exploring all your options is a smart move that you shouldn’t shy away from. Vet your list, and vet it again. This is a big commitment and despite being able to move freely, it’s not practical to move immediately in any context.

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Does Airbnb Offer Monthly Rentals?

Yes, Airbnb monthly rentals are a popular model on the platform. You can sometimes find a discount if you book for a whole month or more. For the best Airbnb monthly rentals, check out the host on the site and sift through reviews to validate the legitimacy before signing up and handing over money.

What is the Longest You Can Stay in Airbnb Properties?

The total amount of time that you can stay in Airbnb properties depends entirely upon which country you are staying in. Upper Key explains that London is the only place in the world that is subject to a 90 day rental cap. In other places, terms are more lenient. Airbnb long term renting, just like domestic tenancies, will need a legally binding agreement between guest and host.

The importance of a mutually agreed-upon and legally binding contract for peaceful long-term Airbnb stays
Discovering the best Airbnb stays for your needs.

Do Airbnb 12 Month Lease Options Exist?

Yes, technically. Though the average acceptable term is 28 days, you can extend this multiple times and take the booking on a rolling basis as long as you pay, book the days, and communicate with the host.

Renting Airbnb for a month or more is a common practice. There is an attractive appeal to finding your feet in a new place and having all the comforts of a home without actually having any tenancy obligations tied into a domestic rental contract. The price is often better, furnishing is provided and you have no responsibilities outside of the usual house guest expectations as stipulated by your host.

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